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 #18832  by Kristoph Meyer
It wasn't unsurprising that on Kristoph's arrival at the often popular inn, that his every need was taken care of. Including a table tucked away from the noise of the main part of the inn and the best service one could wish for.

Once settled, and Kristoph made a brief drinks order. The finest German Hot Chocolate any child or adult could wish for he focused on Hera and her question.

"I would say a mix of your two, adventurous and outgoing, a playful handful but at times just inquisitive and loving. She adores meeting new people, and animals of any shapes or sizes she's pretty fearless in that respects." as he spoke of Ylenia his face lit up, and he relaxed even more in Hera's presence.

"I miss her when she's not following me or my father around the market. It's hard to be separated but I see her as much as possible and it's good for her to be with her mother also, I couldn't deprive her of that even if I want more time with her."
 #18962  by Hera Cleary
Hera nodded to his words. In between, she spoke to the twins to see what they wanted in regards of snacks. Eventually, the two agreed on sharing a German sweet pastry. Apparently, the two wanted nothing but sweet things on their day out - more vegetables for dinner, Hera supposed.

She looked back to Kristophe with a small smile.

"She sounds lovely. But you're right - it's important that both parents have a part in raising her. But from personal experience, it's vital that both you and her mother are on the same page with rules and regulations, and ensure you aren't being pitted against each other in the future. Egan and I are having some struggles, but it's best to put those differences aside for the sake of our children."
 #19124  by Kristoph Meyer
"If only if everyone could be so amicable about it" Kristoph commented, taking a sip of his drink and another falling silent for a moment as he thought about his relationship with his former girlfriends family and his own. He pulled himself out of it for the sake of his guests and smiled at Hera.

"Families..." he said trailing off, "So..how long has it been since you parted ways with Egan?"
 #19242  by Hera Cleary
Hera pressed her lips together, thinking for a moment.

"Around a year or so, I would say. It feels like a lifetime ago. The divorce went through surprisingly quickly, quicker than I expected. I was so certain when I decided it, and then it felt like I had simply made a threat and it would be forgotten...and shortly after it was over. The marriage was done. I barely see him anymore; I wanted to try and reconnect for the sake of the twins. Even if just to be civil friends, but he has moved on rather quickly with a woman he...well he...spent a lot of time with her during a low point in my life. I don't think he had a relationship with her before we parted but now that they're together - it all seems a bit strange..."
 #19268  by Kristoph Meyer
Kris looked from the children to then settle fully on Hera, and he listened intently as she explained. A year had certainly passed quickly.

"Probably best not to dwell on what might have occurred, I know that is easier said than done, but focus on the now..." his hand gestured to the two children, "and you're doing a fantastic job. I can tell."
 #19375  by Hera Cleary
Hera nodded, and felt herself flush somewhat at Kristoph's words.

"Thank you, that means a lot. More than you know..." She trailed off. "Sometimes it's hard being alone as you never have someone around to reassure you of your actions; it's a lot about self-trust when it comes to parenting alone. But I'm sure you know this."

She lifted her cup of hot chocolate up, holding it out to him to clink.

"To focusing on the now."
 #19502  by Kristoph Meyer
Kris smiled warmly, "I do, I really do understand." Sure he had the close support of his parents, but in reality a lot of his time he was on his own. He wondered briefly if Ana felt like that now? But it wasn't a question he could ask.

He lifted up his cup and clinked it gently against Hera's, "to focusing on the now."

His smile grew, and then took a sip of the sweet drink and then glanced to the children. It was strange, but very much in a good way, how this fledgling friendship with Hera had developed, it was nice to know someone in a similar position. He knew his friends tried to get it, and they were supportive but they didn't understand the anxiety of being separated from your child, and the deep worry that at any minute you could be cut out of their life. Not that he thought that could happen but sometimes...anyway, he was meant to be focusing on the now.