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 #18328  by Emily Anderson
Emily watched Emerson's face as she contemplated the orchard and smiled. She nodded at the other woman's words, understanding without needing to be told. "Then that's where we shall get married," she confirmed, taking her love's hand and giving it a squeeze. As sour as her relationship with Julien had turned in the end, Emily knew it was still difficult to get over the man you had spent almost half of your life with, and who had fathered your children. Emily knew she'd be heartbroken to learn of Seb's passing, despite everything.

The young woman nodded and led them towards the gardens that Emily remembered so well. Emily beamed as she took in the breathtaking sight. "We could have a sunflower arch here, just at the start of the aisle, and oh, over here we could have a harpist playing." She spun around to face Emerson, the excitement evident on her face.
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Emerson watched in wonderment as her future wife's face started lighting up with ideas. Now that they seemed to agree on a venue Emerson felt more comfortable visualizing the details of the ceremony. "Are we putting a carpet for their aisle or no?" Emerson attempted to visualize both options, but she didn't quite have the talent Emily had.

Emerson turned towards the young woman. "I think we will take it. Could you provide us with the availabilities for this autumn?" She noticed the surprise in the young woman's face but was glad to see her control her feature. "Yes of course."

Emerson turned back to Emily. "We can't be the first ones to plan a wedding in such a short period of time."
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Emily's eyes lit up as she heard Emerson's words. This autumn.

It seemed so fast, and yet not fast at all. She had waited twenty long years to become Emerson's wife, and she wanted it to be here as soon as possible. She wrapped an arm around the brunette's waist and kissed her forehead softly. "Absolutely not - and most wedding planners don't have me," she joked, her eyes twinkling. If anybody could pull together a wedding in such a short space of time, it would be Emily Anderson.

"A carpet is actually a very good suggestion," she added, tilting her head this way and that as she imagined how it would look.
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"Oh wow, I am a wedding planner." Emerson bragged because of the one little suggestion she had made that had been approved by Emily, the great event organizer. She took Emily's head between her hands, brought her future wife's attention back to her.

"Hey," she kissed her lips. "You're okay? You are certain you love this place?" Emerson felt like she had been the one who had chosen this place, she needed to hear that Emily loved it as well.
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Emily returned the kiss. "I have never been more certain of anything - except the fact that I cannot wait to be your wife," she promised, smiling. If Emerson loved this place, then so did she, but it certainly helped that this was a venue Emily knew and loved well.