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 #19137  by Viggo Olhouser
Viggo scratched the back of his neck. "How?" He asked her at a loss. Seeing Vera's glare he understood that he would have to figure this one on his own. He winced and started jogging to catch up with Isla.

"Hey," unable to look at her he kept his eyes on the uneven path before them. "Don't worry, we don't have to pretend. I will tell them I lied." He promised, wanting nothing more than to appease both of his friends.
 #19154  by Isla Fields
Not caring that Viggo, who was a whole head and a half taller than her, had to nearly jog to keep up with her furious strides, Isla didn't even look at the boy as he spoke. If Viggo told them that he had been lying, not only would they tease him for making up such a thing, their childish rumors would grow tenfold. Isla wanted to protect who friend, while incredibly stupid at times, had all the right intentions, and she also wanted to avoid being discussed any further by the boys of Camp Wandsworth.

Since when had Isla ever cared what people thought about her however? Usually her skin was inches thick, practically impenetrable, but this one thing had already gotten beneath it, and she just couldn't shake it.

She sighed, refusing to give in to this weaker side of herself, "Just leave it be, Viggo. You were just trying to help." Isla looked at him carefully and then turned back to look where she was going. The cottage Elsie rented for two weeks every summer was coming into view, and she quickened her pace.
 #19168  by Viggo Olhouser
"I was trying to help." He confirmed while glaring at Vera who returned it well.

He clapped his hands together, his thumbs twiddling as he tried to picture what the next few days might look like. If he was going to be Isla's fake boyfriend should he hold her hand or simply act as he normally would?
 #19169  by Vera Hadley
Apparently being told he would be Isla's fake boyfriend was too much to process while walking. Vera rolled her eyes, grabbed Viggo arm and dragged him towards the cottage. Great timing to tell him something so stupid seconds before they were about to be with Isla's... Person?
 #19211  by Isla Fields
Not paying much attention to her friends as they neared the cottage that housed Elsie, Isla slowed as she neared the front porch and then her movements became almost robotic as she came to a stop at the front door. Her mouth was suddenly parched and her palms were beginning to sweat.

Perhaps this dinner had been a bad idea.

Not able to lift her hand to knock, Isla simply stared at the glass panel that greeted her.
 #19216  by Vera Hadley
Leaving Viggo to wait down the stairs leading up the porch she joined Isla atop the stairs. Vera couldn't say what she wanted to say, that Elsie would make her feel better, so instead of saying words she knew would only make her friend even more uncomfortable, she knocked on the cottage door.

When her hand was back to her side, she brushed it against Isla's and offered a reassuring smile.
 #19223  by Elsie Crane
The security charms she had put around the perimeter of the cottage alerted her to her guests long before the knock sounded at her door. She didn't move from the lounger however until at least two seconds after the last 'tap, tap', and then she was up and moving, crossing through the small but beautiful holiday home only stopping when she was an inch away from the door. Three shadows stared back at her through the glass.

"Hello," She greeted the trio, moving her gaze from Vera, to Isla, to Viggo and then back to Isla. Her gaze lingered on the small blonde and her frozen figure before she pushed open the door wider and waved her guests in. "Come in. Make yourselves at home."
 #19225  by Vera Hadley
"Hi, Elsie. It's nice to see you." Vera gave the woman a polite smile and grabbed Viggo's hand. "Viggo, remember the view from the back deck?" Without allowing him a second to answer she started pulling him through the cottage. Isla would benefit from a second alone with Elsie.
 #19228  by Viggo Olhouser
As Vera started pulling him away from their host, Viggo was taken out of his reverie. "Oh hi," snapping his head back to look at their host he struggled to follow his friend's hasty pace.

"I got the message, Vera." He whispered frustratingly when they had reached the back of the cottage. "I don't need another lecture." Viggo pipped down when his friend offered him one of her scary glares and closed the door behind them. She put her finger on her lips and pointed at the view.

Confused, his shoulders slumped, but eventually, he leaned against the banister and started looking at the view that was rather plain, in his opinion.
 #19231  by Isla Fields
Realizing what her friends were doing, but too distracted by the woman in front of her to do anything about it, Isla found herself rooted to the spot in Elsie's foyer, images from her first day back at Camps Wandsworth filling her mind and coloring her cheeks. It had been two weeks since she had seen Elsie, yet it felt like it had been only yesterday she had traced a constellations of beauty marks on the woman's chest.

She swallowed, opened her mouth and then worked her jaw multiple times in a pitiful attempt to make sound. Any sound.

Her mouth snapped shut with a 'click'.
 #19235  by Elsie Crane
Watching as Vera dragged Viggo through the cottage with an amused smile, she waited until they were out of her view before turning back to face Isla. Her left brow rose in intrigue.

“Isla, are you alright?” She asked the girl, though she already knew the answer to her question. Isla was not fine but they did not have time to deal with it in a manner befitting the issue. Perhaps it was a mistake to bed Isla if this was how the usual stoic and well put together girl was going to react. It was like Isla was feeling like a teenager for the first time in her life and she didn’t know how to deal with it.

Shooting a glance to the back of the house where Viggo and Vera had disappeared, she gently placed a hand on Isla’s shoulder and stepped in, stooping down until she was level with the girl.

She tucked a strand of hair behind Isla’s ear, “Close your eyes and just breath,” She murmured before leaning and kissing her on the side of the mouth. An action that made the girl jump, bringing her back down to earth from whatever plane she had been floating in.

Pulling back, she nearly laughed at the outrage that was written across Isla’s face, though it was partially hidden by the hunger and embarrassment of the small kiss.

“There you are. I’d started to wonder whether I would be entertaining your friends alone tonight.”
 #19279  by Isla Fields
Not at all expecting Elsie to lean in and kiss her, it took a minute for Isla's brain to catch up with what was actually happening, but before she could pull away in shock, the redhead was already staring at her with a twinkle in her eye and a mischievous curl to her lips. Isla struggled to be angry with the risky move Elsie had just pulled.

"Elsie, what are you doing?" She hissed at the older woman, struggling to keep a tight hold on the anger she was using to push down every other emotion threatening to bubble over.

The older woman simply quirked her head, grabbed her hand and then pulled her through the house. Isla followed behind, limbs flailing with a look of pure fury on her face. She barely had time to rip her hand back before they joined Vera and Viggo on the back deck.
 #19301  by Vera Hadley
Noticing Isla's scuffling, Vera knew that Isla's anger might not have been aimed at Viggo. She gave him a small pat on the shoulder.

"It's nice to see you, Elsie. How have you been?" She prayed to the Lord and Saints that she would be able to veer them towards lighter topics and that their evening would not be ruined by unspoken tensions.
 #19321  by Elsie Crane
"I have been well, Vera. How have you been?" Moving further out onto the deck, she took a seat on one of the outdoor sofas and crossed her legs. Elsie smiled at Vera and raised her brow at Viggo. "and Viggo? Are you keeping out of trouble?"