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 #16819  by Nahlahla Odili
After her recent trip to Italy, it was time to visit Spain. Of course, the mainland was the goal, but after having to apparate to a closer island for a pit stop, she had ended up in a small little village in Cales De Mallorca. There were worse places to be, that was for sure.

The town was quaint and a tourist attraction to the local hotels; a few bars were open until early hours of the morning, local businesses, cafes, shops and souvenir stalls. It was a friendly place, with locals that knew each other, restaurants that took turns to advertise as to spread the costs, and many beaches.

Nahla was set up on one of these beaches; Porto Cristo to be specific. With her was a little stall just off the path that led to the main sanded area; an array of trinkets and charms crafted by hand on her table, a set of yarns and beads for her braiding offers, and a small selection of beaded necklaces and earrings. She herself was donned in a long, thin dress with many bright patterns and colours. Her hair was braided atop her head with a few strands falling down.

She glanced around, looking for anyone wishing to listen to her or interested in her wares, a carving knife and a small wooden block in hand.
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Fleur was not ready for summer to be ending. The weather in England seemed to more miserable than usual and she was reminded of little she had enjoyed living in the area last year. Well, it was not the same area, apparently. A rather rude woman at work had chastised her for calling England and Scotland le même just last week when she was complaining about the weather.

At least the weather back in England made this quick trip with her parents something to look forward to. The sun, the sand, the waves, the warmth. Fleur loved it enough to put up with her parents' constant fussing over her. They had always been this way but they had gotten worse after the Tri-Wizard Tournament. She could still hear her father yelling at Madame Maxime about how it could have been Fleur who ended up in Cedric's place. It was charming he thought she ever had a chance. Or at least it had been, until his fussing turned to smothering and Fleur had to move all the way to England to
get away
work on her English.

She walked along the beach just behind her parents, stopping at a stall selling various handmade wares. She assumed they were handmade as the woman sitting a the stall was carving something as she sat. Fleur picked up a necklace of painted, wooden beads.

"How much for this?" she asked. It would be a good gift for Gabrielle.
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Nahla looked up from her carving, her face lighting up at the sight of the young woman. She had already had a few people approach her today, and now that there was another so keenly interested, Nahlahla grew excited and set aside her carving.

"That, my child, is 2 galleons. Each bead is hand crafted with love, and emanates positive emotions." She spoke, her voice rich yet soft, a warm mothering expression on her face as she spoke. "It is good to relieve stress - simply twist the beads between thumb and finger and stress and anxiety will disperse. Relax and calm." She spoke.

She stood, the breeze catching her dress as she did.

"It is for you?" She asked.
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"Non," Fleur shook her head, "it is for my little sister."

The way the woman talked about he necklace, the way it could relieve stress, made Fleur think that perhaps it would be a better gift for herself. Gabrielle did not face the same stress that Fleur did.
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Nahla's expression softened and a small smile came across her face.

"Ah...kind, caring, protective. You are interesting to me." She took a step forward toward Fleur. "What is it your sister desires moth? Perhaps I can adjust beads to emanate correct feelings. Or perhaps...you would like me to find a pair for both you and your sister?"
 #18253  by Fleur Delacour
Fleur was smarter than this, but she was falling for the woman's bait. Now she did want to a pair for Gabrielle and herself.

"I think something for the both of us. It will be a nice memento to remember each other since we are always so far apart."

They was quite an age difference between them but they had spent so much time together in the last year that Fleur often found herself missing her little sister's company. It had been wonderful watching Gabrielle grow up.
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"So far apart, but close at the heart." Nahlahla spoke warmly, her arms wide and welcoming. "I can sense that you have been through some troubles, yes? Stress, heartache, times of trouble...a girl your age should be living free and happy - exploring and loving life. And I see you are focusing more on safety of your younger sister."

She seated herself back down, and gestured to a nearby beach chair.

"Tell me what troubles your soul, child, and I will make you something special." She spoke, beginning her carving again.
 #18781  by Fleur Delacour
The woman's words were all too true for Fleur. The last year had been rough for her in many ways. Finding herself in a pawn in a plot to bring back some dark wizard and kill a boy her age still weighed heavily on her mind.

She joined the woman on the beach chairs, casting a glance toward her parents. It was bit odd that they were not paying any attention to her now. She could barely escape their smothering concern. It was almost as if some greater force was giving her some space so that she could speak to this woman in peace. Fleur really did not believe in devine interventions but something about this meeting felt like it was meant to be.

"Well, I have moved away from my family," she started. She did not want to get into the Tri-Wizard Tournament if she did not have to.
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"Ah, yes. Moving away - a big step, a bid for independence in an attempt to overcome troubles alone without being coddled. But now there may be regret from this as you find there is no longer a shoulder to lean on. I know this, child. I am the oldest of all my siblings, and I am here travelling to make my dreams reality. But I miss them dearly. It is a hole in my heart I cannot replace, but it is a step I take to ensure my own heart's grown."

She spoke softly, her tone soothing as she continued to carve, angling the knife with skill.

"What is it you want to do in the future. Tell me your dreams."
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Fleur thought for a moment. Did she have an answer to that question? She had never really made plans for after she left school. She had just assumed it would all fall into place eventually. Perhaps she had been to passive.

"Well, I think I'd like to have a family," she stated, "I've started seeing a really wonderful man."

Something she had yet to tell her parents about. She worried they would be upset that she was a British man. Not because they had anything against the Brits, mostly, but because they would feel like she was choosing her new home over the old one.
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Nahla waited a moment, bringing her finger up and pressing the edge of her teeth against the knuckle in thought.

"Well, yes, I see that. Why else would you be so protective of your sister?" She went back to carving. "You perhaps yearn for a normal, family life by now, and instead of children, you are practising maternal instincts with your sibling. I understand this very well. I have five younger siblings, and one older. I do not yet have children, but I am very much in need of them."

She looked to Fleur then, her face softening.

"This man...you feel him?" She placed her hand over her heart and patted her chest subtly. "The soul will always know, child."