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Eleanor smiled gently as she listened to the woman talked about her daughter. She remembered her own mother being rather reluctant to send her to Hogwarts, the thought of letting her daughter be taught by 'those liberal wizards' had not pleased the controlling witch.

"Eloise is a beautiful name." Eleanor finally complimented. "No, I do not have children," Eleanor smiled shyly as she shifted uncomfortably. She had not intended on their conversation getting so personal. The rather private nurse avoided the patient's eyes and tried to bring the conversation back to a more neutral topic. "What do you do for a living?" At least on this one, the question would not be sent back her way.
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Phillipa had suspected that Eleanor The Nurse didn't have any children, not because she didn't wear a ring but because Phillipa had always had a sixth sense when it came to figuring out whether she was talking to fellow parents, and Eleanor was definitely not one of them. Pity, the woman would probably make a great mother.

"I'm a real estate agent, so I sell houses for a living and I'd like to think I'm pretty good at it." In fact, Phillipa had won the Diamond Award for most sold houses in this last fiscal year. Taking that secretary position when she finished Hogwarts was one of the best decisions she had ever made.

She took another sip of her water, "How long have you been a nurse for?"
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She could see how Philippa would be good at selling houses. It seems the woman would have an ability to make people feel like they were buying a home rather than a house.

The nurse knew exactly how many years she had been working at St. Mungo's, but she felt that sharing that number so quickly might seem like all she had was her work.

Which was not too far from the truth.

"I started right after I graduated." She admitted with a gentle smile. "I have a flat. I have been considering buying a small house. "
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“Is that right?” Phillipa asked with a small smile. “Well I can recommend a lovely real estate agent who would be happy to sell you a house, though truthfully,” Her smile turned in a smirk, a tired one, but a smirk nonetheless. “She’s not nearly as good as me.”

Pippa and Emerson had a great friendship, one the blonde held close to her heart, but they also had a healthy rivalry that kept them on their toes and made them such good real estate agents.

Emerson would probably be hurt if she found out Phillipa had kept her diagnose to herself and had decided to attend her appoinements by herself but Phillipa was determined to not feel bad about it. This was her journey and how she decided to go about it was her choice.
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"Well then, when the time comes I shall make sure to go to the best." As she heard herself speak she frowned slightly. Eleanor Miller was a modest person, 'the best', in any of its shapes was not something to believed she could achieve nor was it something she thought she deserved. Why was she talking to Philippa as if the best was the only thing she would accept?

The nurse shifted slightly in her seat. Philippa had smiled, that was why she had said what she had said. She had been trying to up the woman's moral and it had worked, that was all that mattered. "Are you still working?" She was certain Philippa had been told to take leave, but it seemed many of their patients foolishly chose to ignore that recommendation.
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Phillipa refused to shift uncomfortably even though she knew that her answer was probably going to displease the nurse. She reminded herself once again, that this was her life, not Eleanor's and she didn't have to answer to anyone.

"I am yes," She replied with a sniff, moving her head to meet the woman's gaze. "My diagnosis does not mean I have to stop living. I have Eloise to take care of."
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Eleanor offered Phillipa a sympathetic smile. The nurse made it her duty to never judge her patients and Phillipa would not be an exception. "All that I ask is that you don't overdo it." She realized her hand was on Phillipa's arm but didn't move it for fear that it might just bring more attention to it. "Perhaps you could ask the colleague you mentioned to help."
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She didn't need Emerson's help to sell this woman a house. Finding someone's forever home was her forte and she was determined to prove that to anyone who doubted her.

"Which areas are you looking at?" She asked instead of responding Eleanor's suggestion. "What is your budget?"
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Eleanor pulled away slightly. Both of her hands now neatly placed on her lap. The nurse understood the sudden shift had been a professional one for the blonde, but for her, the two sudden questions felt rather personal. "Well, I always thought Bristol was pretty, but that's a bit too far from here." She pulled on her ear as if trying to pull herself from her reverie. "As for the type of home I want," she was more comfortable to talk in those terms than to mention numbers, "nothing fancy. A small home, one bedroom, perhaps a small garden." Hopefully, this would suffice.
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Shifting in her sit, Phillipa thought for a moment, pulling houses from the recesses of her mind. Bristol was a little far but she did know an area in London very similar. She had two houses there for sale.

“Have you been to Islington? It’s a quaint little area in London. I have two houses there I could now you. But they’re both three bedroom homes. One has a larger garden.”
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"I can't say I am familiar with that area of the city." Eleanor lived a rather secluded life. She had a set routine and hardly ever strayed from it. "But I would be open to visiting those houses." Eleanor knew it was now or never. She had been thinking about buying a house for years but had yet to take steps towards it.

"Shall I send an owl to your office?" She asked unsure of the process.
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"Half an hour." The nurse judged, considering the amount of potion left in Phillipa's vial. "Don't fight the fatigue, close your eyes and have a short nap." She advised as she smoothened a wrinkle in her uniform.

She got up from her stool. "I will come to say goodbye before you leave." She promised, gently.
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Suddenly feeling bone tired, Phillipa nodded and then covered her mouth again as she yawned, "Thank you Eleanor. You've really helped me take my mind of everything today." Pulling the blanket higher until it touched her chin, she let her eyes flutter close.

"I'll see you soon."