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 #16681  by Elliot Flight
Location: Camp Wandsworth • Date: September 1, 2002

Elliot let out a long sigh. Summer was drawing to end, meaning that her campers would be heading home soon and she would be heading back to university. She was excited to go back to school, but also did not want summer to end. She always felt more free at Camp Wandsworth. Plus, the views at camp were something school could never match up to.

She had sent her group of campers to the craft house for the afternoon so that she could "help work on the farewell party later this week". There had been some truth to that statement when she initially had made it, however she instead found herself changing into her bathing suit back in her cabin then proceeding to a quieter part of the lake.

Once at the lake, Elliot slowly waded in until the water was just above her waist. She then twirled around a bit before falling back to float on her back.
 #16689  by Jace Rutherford
WIth the end of the summer drawing near, Jace was starting to think about what he was going to do for the rest of the year. He had never imagined Camp Wandsworth would become as near and dear to his heart as it had, but he suspected a particular reason.

In any case, he had dropped off his campers with someone else at the tennis court where they were currently waving their rackets around like maniacs and retreated to the counselors’ cabin. Soon enough, though, he found himself restless and had decided to head towards the lake. The kids had been pestering him to go to the lake, so maybe he would oblige them... eventually.

Grabbing a towel, he pulled on the obnoxious looking swim trunks he had brought with him along with a plain green t-shirt and made his way to the lake. He was there a grand total of one minute, stretching a bit on shore before he noticed a figure out in the water.

“Hey, no one should be out here!” He called, not immediately recognizing the person. Never mind that he was here. He was allowed. He was a counselor.
 #16699  by Elliot Flight
As she floated on the water, Elliot allowed her eyes to close softly, enjoying the warmth of the sun on her face. Her mind became empty of thoughts as she focused on the mixture of temperatures on her skin, the birds tweeting in the nearby trees, and the smell of the lake. The smell was something she would have been happy not to be experiencing right now, but it was also oddly calming. She was enjoying this peaceful moment.

Unfortunately, her peace was brought to an end as she heard a voice calling out. Her eyes fluttered open as she allowed her feet to drop back down to the lake bottom. Her immediate reaction was to scan the lake, thinking that there was a camper who had snuck out for a swim. Seeing no one, she turned towards the source of the voice to see which direction they were facing. She tilted her head as she saw that they were looking her way, peaking over her shoulder again to see if there was anyone behind her.
 #16700  by Jace Rutherford
A mosquito landed on Jace’s arm and he slapped at it, still staring out at the person who was currently scrambling around. That was when he recognized her. His mouth went dry and he immediately brought his hands together, digging his left thumbnail into his right palm. Just as quickly, though, he shook his head and forced his arms to relax, stepping forward into the water.

“Well look who it is,” he said, his voice as silky smooth as he could muster, “The rule abiding counselor herself, sneaking off for a swim. Really, now, I’d expect that from myself, but not you.” He stopped just as the water was brushing the hems of his board shorts, shielding his eyes against the sun with his hand.
 #16706  by Elliot Flight
Elliot straightened her neck once she realized who the other person was. She tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear as he approached her.

"Hey, Ashley," she tried to add some sing-song to her voice as she said his name. "I'm not really breaking any rules. My kids are in the craft house finishing their pottery and I finished what I was planning to do this afternoon." She took a step back to allow a bit more of her body to enjoy the coolness of the water again. "Besides, someone needs to actually see if the water's nice enough for a lake day."
 #16727  by Jace Rutherford
Jace’s eye twitched. “Jace,” he muttered angrily, even though she wouldn’t hear him. Then he squinted against the sun, taking a few steps closer to her, until the water was touching the bottom of his shirt. At that, he shrugged and tugged the shirt off, over his head. It didn’t matter if it got wet, of course. It was an old shirt. Maybe it was vanity, wanting to show off in front of her.

Now he was close enough to talk normally, without raising his voice at all. “Look at you go. So what did you find, is the water nice enough?” Never mind that he was currently enjoying it too. The water was indeed nice, with the warm weather they had been getting lately.
 #16746  by Elliot Flight
Elliot's eyes fell to his chest as he took his shirt off, the corners of her mouth raising ever-so-slightly. She then blinked returning her eyes to his face.

"According to my findings, a lake day is long overdue for everyone." As she finished speaking, a thought came to her mind, causing a grin to grace her face. "I'd probably need someone to second my findings though, so..." She splashed a bit of water at him. "What do you think?"
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In Jace’s experience, grins and Elliot were never a good match, especially if he was involved. Therefore, when one stretched across her face (he absently wondered what it would be like to kiss those lips, and quickly squashed the thought), he was instantly on guard.

It was a good thing, since suddenly he was being splashed. “Hey!” He shouted, stepping back instinctively. All of his campers knew that he wasn’t to be splashed, ever. He sat on the beach, watching them romp in the water, and only entered if one of them was drowning - and they knew they weren’t supposed to drown. “That is not nice. And to think, you’re supposed to be one of the nice counselors,” he said, an air of accusation to his voice. His hands went to his hair. As long as it was dry, he was fine.
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Elliot giggled as she watched Jace's reaction to getting wet. "Aw, come on, Ash, a little water never hurt anyone. Especially on a day such as today." She took a step towards him, sub-consciously. "Plus, your skin looked like it needed some cooling down. So being the nice counselor that I am and have always been, I was lending a helping hand." Her eyes momentarily flickered back down to his chest before looking back up at his face. "I know you want to thank me, so you're welcome!"
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Jace arched an eyebrow. "Oh really, now?" he asked, taking a half step towards her. His foot brushed against... something... on the lake bottom and he jerked it up, which threw him off balance and he stumbled back.

Once he righted himself, Jace knew he really didn't want to see Elliot's probably triumphant expression, so he immediately splashed water in her direction. "You're welcome," he said, tilting his head to the side as a challenge.
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A large grin graced Elliot's face at his expense. "Are you o-" Her question, which was notably asked while giggling, was interrupted with a loud squeak as she was splashed.

After wiping a bit of water away from her eye, she grinned at him again. "Thank you. I was starting to feel hot." As she spoke, she pulled both arms through the water to splash up more water at him.
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Jace brought both arms up to protect his face (and hair) when he was splashed again. Then he scoffed, running his fingers across the surface of the water. "Oh, that's the game you want to play?" he asked, splashing her and immediately moving to the side to avoid the inevitable retaliation.

Strangely enough, though, he was smiling.
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Between splashing the boy and trying to avoid being splashed herself - if her hair wasn't already wet before he had arrived, it sure was now - Elliot noticed the smile on his face. "if I didn't know any better, I'd say cool counselor Jace was actually... Having fun?" She winked and pushed a bit of water in his direction, this time not hard enough to create a splash.
 #18534  by Jace Rutherford
Jace was in the middle of another splash when he registered what she had called him. He paused, staring at her in quiet amazement. She hadn't called him Jace since she learned his full name, and he wasn't used to hearing it from her lips. Once he recovered, he tilted his head. "More than you're about to have," he said with a smirk, reaching out and grabbing her to him before tugging her under the water's surface with him for a brief dunk. When he rose out, water cascading off his hair and down his bare chest, he smirked again. "Your move, princess."
 #18536  by Elliot Flight
Elliot gasped as she was pulled under water. She gave a small cough once her head was back on the surface, then opened her eyes that had instinctively closed once she was under water. As she did, she realized just how close the two were right now. How close she was to his face. Blinking, she took a step back. "That was very rude." She pouted, lightly pushing more water at him.