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 #16822  by Lilith Daemon
Location: Hogwarts Courtyard • Date: September 10, 1995 | Early Afternoon

The summer had dragged on forever, but finally the school year had begun. Students were back at Hogwarts and none were more excited about it than Lilith Daemon. She absolutely hated the summer. No magic. No classes. The same old books in her house that she had read over and over. Her parents ignoring her. Yes, she was definitely glad to be roaming the halls of the ancient school, using her wand, and spending every moment she could in the library.

This summer was particularly weird. The death of Cedric Diggory (from causes that were now in dispute) cast a pall over the wizarding world that even Lilith had felt. The Daily Prophet was in full attack mode over Harry Potter's version of the story, claiming that the Boy Who Lived was now the Boy Who Lies.

Lilith didn't really believe that. Harry Potter might be an attention-seeking rule breaker, but she really doubted he was an outright liar. And Dumbledore had backed him up. Plus, the blonde Ravenclaw didn't find his story so preposterous. Wasn't You Know Who's return inevitable? Hadn't he been one of the greatest wizards of all time? As far as Lilith was concerned, nothing was beyond the scope of magic and those who could wield it at the highest level. She was certainly scared of He Who Must Not Be Named in the abstract, but there was also an intense curiosity to see what the sorcerer would attempt next.

But for now, the Ravenclaw was racing down the corridors and out into the courtyard. She wanted to be outside while the weather was nice to practice a new charm that they had learned. She had forgotten her robe in her room, and was wearing just her uniform and sweater, carrying her spellbook in one hand and her wand in another. She looked a bit disheveled and wasn't really watching where she was going.
 #16942  by Severus Snape
Another year with blasted Harry Potter seemed to get his way, the headmaster was far so nice to the boy who was causing so much trouble in his opinion. He had yet to prove that Harry Potter was a troublemaker, the headmaster always coming up with a reason as to why events had taken place. He thought about this as he walked down the halls doing his evening patrols in between classes, making sure to check the time here and there to make sure he would return in time for the next class.

Just as his rounds were closing up and he headed back to his classroom, the Ravenclaw connected with him causing him and his robes to become complacent. He cleared his throat, daring the young girl to look up.
"Ms. Daemon," He started. "I am sure you are aware...that running in the halls of this school is both dangerous and against the rules." His tone far from amused.
 #16965  by Lilith Daemon
Before Lilith could react to the person who had bumped into her (or, more correctly, she had run into), she heard Professor Snape's voice. She took a step back and looked up at the tall dark-haired teacher and went a little paler than usual. She didn't believe everything everyone said about Snape and she thought Gryffindors exaggerated his cruelty because he was head of Slytherin, but that didn't mean she wasn't more than a little afraid of him.

"Oh, um, Professor Snape," she stammered. Then pushing a blonde strand of hair out of her face. "I'm sorry, sir. Of course . . . I, um, shouldn't be running." She thought about how to apologize more, but then just continued. "It's just that I was in a hurry. I wanted to get outside so I could practice with my wand." She held it up to show him. "And, to hurry, I had to run, of course. But I shouldn't do that. I should be more careful, even when I'm rushing."
 #16966  by Severus Snape
If she wanted to get on his good side, she probably should have stopped with 'shouldn't be running'. The professor who wanted deeply just to get back to class to prepare for his next group of kids had not wanted to hear the ramblings of another student. Surely, their parents taught them how to speak a little better than this. He pulled his sleeves down and crossed his arms, the robes hiding his hands.
"Obviously one runs when in a hurry Ms. Daemon, is that not the precise reason that one prepares first?" He raised an eyebrow. "I do assume you are aware to not practice any magic not approved by your professors?"

He already had a feeling kids would be rebellious this year and wanted to snub it before it even started.
 #16968  by Lilith Daemon
Lilith nodded with Snape as he agreed with her about the purpose of running. However, she winced just slightly as he mentioned magic not approved. The truth was that she did sometimes try spells that she shouldn't. She might find them in a carelessly mislaid older student's text book, or from a library book that she probably shouldn't have been allowed to check out. But today, fortunately, that hadn't been her intention.

"I understand, sir," the blonde said. "I was just going to practice Charms." She held up the book to prove it. "Professor Flitwick showed us the basics of a summoning charm and I thought I'd try it some more." She looked at the book as she lowered it. "I'm sure he'd approve of us practicing. It's the only way to get better."
 #16970  by Severus Snape
Raising an eyebrow at her obvious admittance to practicing spells she shouldn't. Words weren't always needed for guilt to show, as he proof of from time to time. His arms didn't leave their placement as she pulled up her book, proving that indeed she was going to work on her charms rather than cause problems. He nodded,
"Very well, you may go." He simply said, "And Miss Daemon, don't be late for potions. Preferably try preparing instead of rushing to make it in time?" He said after taking a couple of steps.

He would be watching her, just like he'd be watching all of them.
 #16973  by Lilith Daemon
Lilith nodded eagerly. "Thank you, sir. I won't be late. I will be right on time. Early even. I promise. And I won't run. I will be very careful." She had to stop herself from running away from him, and instead, just nodded again and slowly walked on, looking back over her should until he was out of earshot.

The blonde then breathed a sigh of relief and continued out to the courtyard. There she found a safe spot and sat down, reading the textbook's section on summoning charms and then looking around to see if anyone else was practicing. She liked to know how others were doing so she could try to do just a little better. Lilith was a good student, but she was also competitive.
 #16975  by Severus Snape
The fear was flowing through her as she rumbled, he could feel it. He didn't understand just why the fear he brought students, surely just because he made sure everyone followed the rules that didn't make him a man to fear. At times he wondered if he had the air of a death eater around him, if so he would have to cover that better.

He sighed, taking off with his robes billowing behind him. His next class would indeed be there faster than he could set it up at this point, he had a feeling they would be getting their own ingredients. He'd make it part of the lesson.
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He'd heard only the end of it, though he hadn't liked it. Teachers this year were getting really intense and not in the good teacher pushing their students kind of way. He walked past her, pausing.
"I'd keep your head low. I can feel it in my bones. Hogwarts is changing." He simply said and walked on to the spot that he was headed to before he heard what had been going on.

He gave her no time to reply, not really wanting to talk but also wanting to look out for his fellow house mates.
 #17579  by Lilith Daemon
It look Lilith a moment to understand that someone was talking to her and by the time she digested Mark's message, he had walked on. She saw his back and then turned toward her wand.

He was right, of course. Hogwarts was changing. The new professor, Umbridge, was only part of it. there was a sense of danger and foreboding in the air. Or perhaps just tension. The teachers certainly all felt it and that helped it spread throughout the students.

Hogwarts was usually a refuge for Lilith -- her favorite place in the world. And she was quite capable of being lost in her own head and ignoring most anything else going on. But the blonde felt that this year would be quite different.