A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #6957  by Adelaide Howell
Location: Diagon Alley • Date: July 2022

Adelaide was sat outside the ice cream parlour, pot of butterbeer flavour ice cream forgotten and melting on the table as she watched the busker that was playing opposite. It was hard to miss them, given that they were magically amplifying their guitar, but she was really rather enjoying the music. It was a beautiful sunny day, she was (technically) off work, and Diagon Alley was busy and bustling now that the summer holidays were here.

Her notepad was sat on her lap, her quill in her hand hovering just above the page as she decided what she wanted to write, her attention still completely devoted to the busker.
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 #8223  by Lucas Forth
Taking a stroll from the office on sunny days was one of Lucas's favourite ways to clear his head. Diagon Alley was bursting with colourful life on that particular afternoon, throbbing in fact with an unavoidable energy. He flipped a cold bottle of Pumpkin Juice from one hand to the other as his eyes were drawn to a busker playing a catchy guitar tune at the opposite end of the street. He stopped, and stared, enjoying the spectacle, and noting in fact that the busker had gathered quite a crowd.

There, he noticed as he scanned the crowd, outside Florean Fortescue's was one of the columnists from the Prophet that he'd bumped into a few times at staff meetings and briefings. He approached the dark haired woman somewhat tentatively as she seemed to stare blindly at her notepad.

"Hey. Howell, right?" He smiled and sat next to her. "What you working on?"
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Hearing her name, Adelaide glanced up. It took her a few minutes to realise how she knew the guy who was sitting down next to her. "Liam Forth or something, right?" she asked. Ade's mind had been a bit all over the place recently, and staff meetings tended to be the most boring things she had to sit through, so she paid little attention.

"I'm not really sure," she answered, tapping her notepad. "I was thinking of doing something on street music." Her real goal was to write something on music in different cultures, but it wasn't the kind of thing she could write about in a short space of time, whilst travelling to gain her research. She loved her regular spot in the Daily Prophet, but sometimes it got a bit monotonous when she couldn't always write what she wanted to. "What about you? Are you out looking for a story today?"
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"Lucas." He corrected politely, with a trademark smirk. As she mentioned street music, his attention was again drawn to the busker, who's tune grew merrier and more catchy by the moment. It was spell-binding, listening to the tuneful plucks that seemed a tonally perfect match for the blinding day.

"Oh, no." He smiled again. "I'm mid-story, in fact." In his head, images of his desk piled with paper and discarded drafts flashed like a broken projector. "I'm working on something about the treatment of the goblins at Gringotts. Nothing groundbreaking, but a few interesting points." Again, he fell into the music. "Not enough music in the world, I think." He muttered, mostly to himself.
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"Ah, Lucas, my apologies." Adelaide nodded as she listened to Lucas explain his story. "That sounds interesting!" she insisted, even though politics and the like weren't particularly her strong suit, which Lucas' story seemed to be wandering into. "And it has the potential to be groundbreaking, if you wanted to be."

She nodded at his words, even though he was speaking to himself. "There's definitely something to be said for the way that music brings people together."
 #8418  by Lucas Forth
"Anything can be groundbreaking - to the right readership." He puzzled at himself after saying this - was that even a joke? He thought about his current writing project - maybe she was right. Maybe there was something important to be made of it. "You're an arts columnist right? You wouldn't be considering writing a piece on the power of music, would you?"
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The brunette considered his words. He was right, she supposed, but she believed that the readership only did so much; it had to be powerfully written too.

Adelaide shook her head. "I mostly review up and coming artists, give them a platform of promotion and the like." She pointed towards the musician. "I'm waiting for him to finish so I can interview him." She loved writing and she loved music, but she wasn't loving her job at the moment, and that was the truth. "I'm a bit bored, if I'm honest," she admitted.
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"That's the life of someone in our field." Lucas sighed in agreement, taking a sip of his Pumpkin Juice and gazing out into the crowd. "Periods of interest when we're writing something, studying something - but then, in between those periods, just unshakeable boredom." The musician was still playing, though the crowd began to fade away over time.

"Still though -" He smiled a little, nostalgically. "- good place to be bored, I suppose."
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"Mhm," Adelaide agreed, not really saying anything. She didn't want to admit to the guy that she was bored of what she was writing too. It had taken everything she had in her to convince Andrea that she wanted to stay in England at the Daily Prophet, because she was sincerely hoping that she would find her muse again sometime soon.

Adelaide picked up her ice cream pot, suddenly realising that it was melted now. "That's a lot of good," she laughed, placing it back down again. She pointed at the musician. "Do you play anything?"
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Lucas laughed a little to himself at the prospect of his own musical talents. "Not really, no. I tried my hand at guitar once, but it made my fingers hurt too much." A warm wave of nostalgia hit him for a moment. "My sister is masterful with the piano though." He had many memories, from childhood up until months ago, of his sister playing beautiful piano melodies in their family dining room.
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Adelaide nodded. As the nostalgia hit Lucas, a similar feeling came over Ade, as she thought back to her time at WADA and all of the music she had picked up during her time there. If you had asked her even just six years ago, she would have told you that her dream was to be on stage somewhere... but life hadn't worked out like that. "I haven't played the piano in so long," she commented, looking off into the distance wistfully. She often reviewed other musicians, but she rarely took the chance to play her own music.
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Lucas sensed a weight in the air when Adelaide spoke; she too was caught up in a web of nostalgia, suddenly. "Oh really?" He puzzled, thinking about playing the piano. "Any reason?" Lost hobbies definitely felt like something tragic to Lucas - like letting a part of you pass away out of boredom, or business, or general forgetfulness. Lucas though about his poetry; he had not written anything new in a while.
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Adelaide shrugged. "Just life, I suppose. I've been busy." Never mind the fact that she couldn't afford a piano of her own on her salary. Maybe it was something she would work towards saving for, now that she and Andrea were moving in together. "I've got some contacts though. Maybe I'll head down to my friend's studio this weekend." She nodded, smiling to herself. Yes, that seemed like a good plan.
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Andrea had been at a meeting at Gringotts about a loan, and she had left feeling incredibly frustrated indeed. She understood that Ellen couldn't treat her differently because she was family, but it was also a little unfair that a loan couldn't be granted based on her good merit. Apparently there were too many issues surrounding the fact that she hadn't technically lived in England for years now. Ellen promised her that her case would be re-assessed once she had stayed here for a longer period of time, but that either meant moving home to her parents, or suffering in Adelaide's tiny apartment, neither of which felt like a good option to her.

She knew where to find Ade after her meeting and set off, surprised to see her sitting with a young man as she approached. She threw her hand up in a half wave, so as not to alarm her girlfriend.