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 #14999  by Vera Hadley
Isla had been silent for the entirety of their first summer together. Vera had immediately felt drawn to her despite the blonde's obvious lack of interest in both she and Viggo. Despite their young age, It had felt akin to maternal instinct. As the summer had passed Vera had become somewhat proficient in reading Isla's body language if only to make sure the blonde was okay, under the layers of annoyance.

"Wait," she interrupted Viggo's ramblings. "When did you see Elsie?" Vera asked suspiciously. Clearly, she had met with the older blonde as she had been the one to extend the dinner invitation. Her eyes widened. That was where Isla had been before she had met them. "Isla!" Vera hid her shocked smile behind her hand. Judging by Isla's body language they had done a bit more than simply meeting.
 #15013  by Isla Fields
Her gaze jumped from Viggo to stare at Vera almost guiltily, "What?" She yelped, swallowing thickly and twisting her hands in her lap. Sweat was starting to break out at the nap of her neck. This was completely uncharted territory. Not once had Isla ever spoken to Vera and Viggo about anything related to sex, no, she was the one who sat and listened indifferently as they discussed it among themselves. Vera had always been able to read her however, maybe not as well as she would like to, but she definitely understood her more than anyone else, and that unnerved Isla.

She looked at Viggo quickly, "I don't know what you're talking about."
 #15033  by Vera Hadley
Isla's uncomfortable demeanor was enough of an admission for Vera. She put her hand on Isla's and offered a reassuring smile. "It will be good to see her again."

She finally took out the piece of paper she had been itching to show her friend since they had reunited. "Here," she gave her the extensive list. "You only get to veto 3 of those." She warned Isla, knowing the blonde wouldn't be fond of all the items she and Viggo had put on their to-do list for their last summer.
 #15035  by Viggo Olhouser
Confused by everything transpiring between his two female friends Viggo frowned. "What?" He shook his head trying to piece everything together. Of course, Isla had seen Elsie earlier. How else would she have known about the invitation to dinner? Why was Vera making a big deal about this?

Excited to see Isla's reaction to their list he focused on the piece of paper. 'He pointed at the 3rd item listed, it read 'sleep under the stars'. "If we do that in August, we can see the shooting stars."
 #15045  by Isla Fields
Not willing to meet Vera's gaze again until her heart stopped hammering against her chest and the goosebumps that had run up the back of her neck disappeared, Isla took great interest in the piece of paper that was shoved beneath her face.

She cleared her throat, "We--we can do that," Isla nodded as she read the rest of the list. Vera had said she had the power to veto only three, but Isla could already see four that she wanted erased from the list.

"I won't be participating in any sort of water sports. You know that I am not a swimmer."
 #15047  by Viggo Olhouser
"We know." Viggo gave Vera a furtive look before he continued. "But we were hoping you would help us build our boat for the race." He pointed at the next water sport related item. "For the underwater scavenger hunt, Vera thought you could teach me how to use a bubble-head charm." He scratched the back of his head. "You don't have to come in the water. You can be the brains of the operations and we will be the swimmers. " He promised with a worried smile. He looked at Vera to make sure he was saying the right thing.
 #15166  by Isla Fields
Relieved that her friends weren't about to force her into doing something she didn't want to, Isla lent forward, and studied the list more carefully.

"I don't mind helping you out, but these ones, " She pointed at the third, sixth and tenth items on the list, "will not be happening." Skinny dipping at midnight, TPing cabin four and sharing a smoke that definitely did not house tobacco were all stupid and foolish ideas.
 #15177  by Vera Hadley
Vera chewed on her bottom lip as Isla pointed out the items she wanted crossed off the list. She nodded in agreement, but left the items on the list she had carefully curated. Isla was allowed to refuse to participate, but that did not mean Vera wouldn’t make these events happen.

“If you’re done with the list I’ll take it. I have to go check on Janey.” It was her little sister’s first year at camp and Vera was rather nervous at the thought of the small blonde being thrown into the vivacious camp routine.