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Profiles of characters with first names that start with A.
 #15  by Aidan Rogan

Full Name: Aidan Rogan

Date of Birth: June 14, 1977
Place of Residence: Small apartment in London

Race: Human
Blood Line: Pure (enough to call himself pure that is)
Heritage: English, Irish, Scottish

Education/Profession: Hogwarts Slytherin graduate (1995). Currently working for The Ministry of Magic as a Welcome Wizard. Also works as an spy for cousins The Clearys in their "import export business" aka smuggling/black market.

Wand: 10” Ash, Leprechaun Hair
Patronus: weasel


: Longish black hair, pale skin, green eyes, tall, gangly, angular facial features, slightly hook nose.


School years, Golden:
Tends to be somewhat rude and blunt towards those around him, and when he does try to help he does it with very little tact. Often moody and sticking to himself he watches others and observes the world closely... though he can be very vocal at times, usually through snide comments and the criticism of others. Isn't much of a rule breaker or a great risk taker. Has only a few friends. Terrified of vampires.

Present: Reformation

Maturity worked wonders. Although not exactly Mr Sunshine Aidan learned to stop dwelling in a world of self pity, loathing, suspicion and hate. He can still be a bit blunt, as well as rude, but rather than simply looking to put others down for the fun of it he has started actually trying to lift others up and make them better through his tough love ways.


Aidan’s parents died when he was nine leaving him to be passed around from indifferent relative to relative until his older cousin stepped in and became his legal guardian. His older cousins Hugh Cleary, worked for a smuggler and eventfully started his own smuggling business located out of Knockturn Alley called Cleary Imports and Exports. Aidan became a part of this venture along with six other cousins working wile on vacations from Hogwarts.

His sixth year Aidan was made a prefect. Although this was quite a shock to himself as well as those who knew him it was assumed that his extremely low rate of detentions got him the position (and perhaps a hope that giving him responsibility would break him from his selfish, closed off shell.) Interestingly enough he was able to keep the position for all of his seventh year as well.

Three of Aidan’s room mates in school were Winslow Rosencratz, Ether Muse, and Caden Raaum. Ralph Twisleton was the fifth until he left his sixth year at Hogwarts much to Aidan’s delight.


Finally breaking free (sort of) from the family black market business Aidan got a job at the Ministry of Magic as a receptionist/secretary. He enjoys being free from the criminal world, his cousins rule, and feeling like he is on his own finally in the world... Trouble is no one told his cousins. They have him act as an unwilling spy for them in the ministry. Although most of the information he passes to them is harmless Aidan is in constant fear that his connection to Cleary Imports and Exports will be discovered and he will lose his job at the ministry.


Father: John Rogan (deceased)
Mother: Linette Iver (deceased)

Relations on Fathers side:
cousin: Eva Rogan
cousin: Egan Cleary
cousin: Maximilian Rogan
cousin Simon Cleary
cousin: Levi Persky
cousin: Hugh Cleary

Relations on mother's side:
Aunt: Nora Iver
cousin: Nathan Iver
cousin: June Iver

Girlfriend: Michelle Binx
Friend: Kyle Bowden