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Moving past Vera and Viggo, she took a seat on the rock, and crossed her legs swiftly. What had she done in the last year other than attend school and spend time alone? Isla valued her privacy and she was never upset about the fact that her only friends lived in a completely different country and attended a completely different school where they saw each other every day. She wasn't really. Seeing Viggo and Vera for three weeks once a year was just the right amount of exposure she needed.

"I brought a house. Patrick is co-signer until I turn 18 come October." She pinched her arm, punishing herself for what was about to come next. "I thought perhaps you'd like to come stay with me in December? Patrick is away during Christmas and this is our last year here so..."
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"Wherever it is I'll take it. My parents are kicking me out come September." Time to make your way in the real world, Viggo, his father had said.

Vera had worked hard with him to find him a job that he would be able to start as soon as they got back to England. As for his living arrangement they hadn't found him anything, but Vera had promised that she wouldn't let him go homeless.
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Pursing her lips, Isla shook her head, "No. In New York but Patrick has agreed to let us live in his home in England for when I spend my second trimester there." It had taken awhile to convince Patrick to let her spend a year abroad while studying magical politics but when she had mentioned staying at Egerton Terrace, Patrick's English home while there he had slowly begun to change his mind. The fact that he could floo every second weekend had really cinched the deal.

"So you'll both come to in December?"
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"Of course we will be there." She gave Viggo a reassuring smile, he would not have the money for his flight, but she was confident her parents would agree to pay for him.

"I can't believe we will finally live in the same country." The blonde could barely contain her excitement. She had been entertaining the dream for years and finally, it would come true.
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Noticing the smile Vera sent Viggo's way, Isla made a mental note to pay for both her friends texts come December and then moved on.

"That's still one more year away. I need to be studying in the states for at least a year before I can study abroad."
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"We are used to waiting one year, aren't we?" Vera took a bite of her sandwich and chewed thoroughly before she turned towards Viggo. "What have you done this year, Viggo?" She asked, in a sing-song voice as she already knew every foolish thing he had done.
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Viggo remained silent. The prospect of spending the holidays with his two best friends was incredibly appealing, but the young man knew that he would never have the money to be able to join them. He had no doubt that they would offer to pay for him, but now that he would be in charge of his own finances his pride seemed to be less inclined to accept their offer.

Luckily the topic veered elsewhere. "I studied really hard and worked on getting a solid beach body." He grinned, knowing full well they wouldn't think him serious. He chuckled. "Honestly, other than Vera continuously reminding me that it was our last year and that I should enjoy it as much as possible, it felt like a standard year to me." He shrugged and looked at Vera expecting her to share any detail he might be forgetting.
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Isla made a small noise and nodded, "I am also ready to finish. I would like to move on, be treated like an adult." She had always been mature for her age, but she was still a teenager and until she was able to venture out into the big wide world by herself, she would be treated as such.

Twisting her hands in her lap, she lifted her head and eyed the sky above her, "Sl--Elsie has invited us for dinner this week." Managing to recover from her small stumble, Isla pressed her thumbs together. Only she knew that Elsie's real name was Sloane and she had only found out by complete accident. It really was Elsie's fault that she had left a muggle drivers license laying on the table.
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Vera smiled. She wasn't sure why the older woman had grown fond of them, but it was always nice to be able to get off campus and have a nice meal with the fascinating woman. "You think she will let us have wine again?" The blonde whispered leaning towards her friends as if they weren't the only souls on the deserted beach.
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Isla couldn't help the laugh that bubbled out of her at Vera's whispered eagerness. Her friend had been raised by two people who were much more authoritarian than Patrick was, so Isla didn't fault her too much. Vera, like both she and Viggo, had her own family problems.

"Yes, I would say that she would," In fact, Elsie had let her take a few sips from her glass of wine as they rested against the front of the couch. Elsie had run her fingers through her hair as she did so. Heat rose to her cheeks as she remembered the hours beforehand.
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"She is very pretty." The boy commented as he was as interested in the woman for her beauty as he was for the rules she allowed them to break. Viggo looked at Isla shyly, he thought her pretty too, but he had never said as much.
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Feeling her mouth twist and her chest burn with what Isla would never admit to be possessiveness, she clutched at the folds of her shorts , and squeezed until her nails dug into the palms of her hands through the material. The bow tie around her neck was near suffocating.

"You think so?" She asked, glad that her voice didn't quiver as she spoke.
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"Well..." His eyes went to Vera, begging her to change the subject. Apparently, she was far too interested in Isla to look his way. "I like her long blonde hair, her eyes are..." the boy felt his mind go numb as he looked into Isla's gorgeous brown eyes, her beautiful blonde hair. "She... Has character, she's funny." Now he was just talking about Isla. "She reminds me of y-" And that is when Vera finally chose to interrupt him.
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