A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #8186  by Jiffy Potts
Jiffy stood up. Her father had traded a lot of expensive things (and she should know, because they were her expensive things), for her to study here, and she wanted to give it her best effort. "It's a snapdragon, m'aam. A muggle flower that can have magical connotations added to it, though it is not actually magical." Jiffy wasn't keen on being called on in class, but once she started answering Herbology questions, she was confident and authoritative. It was what she knew best. She'd begun having the vague dream of teaching Herbology here herself one day. She'd decided maybe she was good at it.

Once she was seated, she eyed the students around her. Were any of them plant enthusiasts? Did any of them care about what was around them right now?
 #12845  by Elswyth
Elswyth was late. As usual. The child had little sense of time, and was usually late to her lessons. Today, she wasn’t even to be taught by her regular instructor, and that left her even less willing to be on time.

She finally made it, though, wearing a dirty grey smock with her hair in braids, just in time to hear the other girl reply to some kind of question.

Great. Plants. She hated plants.

Giving a sheepish grin at the other students, the child walked into the room and sat next to the girl who had spoken. She seemed smart. Maybe she could help her through the class.

“Pssst... what did I miss?” She asked in a whisper, tugging at the girl’s sleeve.