A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #12129  by Harry Potter
Harry’s eyes narrowed. Leave it to his wife to withhold pleasurable favours as a method of getting him to agree with her. For a second, just a second, he considered letting her win.

“Mr. Frodo?!”

No. No. He was not going to give up so easily on this, he decided.

“He already has a name and its Sir. Winston!”

His hands were fisted at his sides, his teeth clenched in anger.

“A tutu?!” Harry spat, looking at Binxy as if she had suddenly grown two heads. “He’s a FOX. Foxes don’t wear tutus, you insane witch.”
He was so busy arguing with her that he failed to notice Mr. Sir Winston Frodo’s magic trick.

However, when the little creature suddenly convulsed in a fit of giggles, Harry raised a brow in mild concern. “Is he alright? “
 #12145  by Michelle Binx
Michelle snorted a laugh at the name Harry chose. "Sir Winston? Oh please, that's a shite name! Mr. Frodo is far better!" she protested over the name, but was soon protesting over the fact the fox had escaped her grasp. "Noooo! MR FRODO! YOU COME BACK HERE, RIGHT NOW!" she shouted while pointing to the floor near her feet.

"He needs a damn tutu!" she protested again, this time stamping her foot. "Muggles put tutus onto their dogs and cats, and as much as I don't like them and they're stupid... They win with dressing their animals up in funny costumes. Why can't we dress Mr. Frodo up? It'll be cute and funny and amazing and adorable all at the same time!" She rolled her eyes at the insane witch comment, and replied "duh. No need to state the obvious, scar head".

Binxy soon titled her head a little to the side and frowned curiously when the fox was wriggling around on its back. "What is he doing?" she asked Harry, but soon gasped in horror. "Is he dying?! Is he having a fit or something?!" She walked closer to the fox and whispered "are you dying, Mr. Frodo?" she glanced to Harry and added "well if he does die I'm keeping him then. You won't have any use for him".
 #12167  by Erikur Polczynski
Still giggling, having more fun than he'd had in a long time, Erikur couldn't help but to wonder what the hell was going on. This was by far the strangest day he'd ever had, and somehow that fact alone sent him into another foxy giggle-fit.
 #12181  by Harry Potter
"How the hell should I know?!' Harry replied when she asked him what was wrong with the newest addition to their happy dysfunctional family. "I've never had a pet fox before! "
 #12289  by Michelle Binx
"Eeew! He's going to die on my bed, and then my bed will be haunted by a fox ghost!" she shouted while grabbing a pillow and smacking Mr. Frodo aka Mr. Winston aka Erikur with it. "Get off my bed, if you're going to die do it on the floor so it's easier for Harry to clean up!" she added while taking another swing for the fox with her pillow, and also hinting to Harry she wasn't going to clean any mess up.

Perhaps if Michelle was still a human she might have been more upset at the fact she thought an animal was dying, not that it was dying on her bed. But seeing as she's pretty much dead inside, she cared more about her bed. "Harry! Fix him! Make him better!" she shouted while throwing the pillow onto the bed in a huff. "You're not a very good husband are you, you bring me home a defective fox!? If you're going to bring me pets home I need them to be not on their last legs".
 #12962  by Erikur Polczynski
Erikur/Winston/Sir Frodo hissed and took off. To hell with finding out the situation, Harry was dating a crazy woman! If he could make it out the door he'd be fine. He'd be out of there, out of reach of the wicked witch of the bed, and be able to spy on them from a safer distance.

A much safer distance. So long as he could get through the door.