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 #7244  by Ginny Weasley
Location: Hogwarts Grounds, Black Lake • Date: Friday, 12th of May, 1995

Ginny's time at Hogwarts so far could only be summed up using one word - eventful. Though since her first year, and since Sirius Black turned out not to be as dangerous as everyone originally thought, things had started looking up. This year had been pretty great. From the Yule Ball, where she had a brilliant time, to having all the foreign students around, including Viktor Krum, whose flying she admired immensely, watching Harry Potter perform in the Triwizard Tournament was only a little part of it.

Though as they were all anticipating the third and final task, there was a small lull in excitement, and Ginny found herself being forced to redirect her attention back to schoolwork. After all, McGonagall was her head of house, and she wouldn't tolerate slacking.

So obviously, Ginny was procrastinating down by the lake. Her Potions book was also there, but it was lying down closed on the grass, while Ginny sat cross legged, facing the lake, allowing herself to get lost in daydreams while she munched on a sandwich that she'd snuck out of the Great Hall at dinnertime.
 #7258  by Lilith Daemon
"You won't get any studying done that way," a blonde Ravenclaw girl said, pointing at the sandwich the Gryffindor was eating and then at the Potions book.

Lilith Daemon had noticed the red head sitting near the lake while she was taking a walk, trying to reason out how to cast a particularly powerful charm that she had read about. She obviously didn't know the incantation or the wand motion (that wouldn't be in any book that was available to a third year), but the girl was determined to use logic and deduction in the place of hard information. It wasn't going well.

Lilith knew Ginny Weasley by sight (they were in the same year and everyone knew the Weasleys anyway). She wasn't sure if they had ever spoken (she was sure they had), but that didn't really matter. The Ravenclaw didn't have the best social etiquette in the first place, and now she was a bit frustrated, and more in need of distractions than ever.
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 #7262  by Ginny Weasley
Ginny turned around at the sound of a voice, and saw that Lilith Daemon had approached her. She knew the Ravenclaw student, as they shared a few classes together, but they had not had much to do with each other outside of that. Ginny knew how smart she was, though.

"Brainfood," Ginny shrugged, with a grin, as she took another bite of her sandwich. "You can't get anything done if you're hungry."
 #7264  by Lilith Daemon
Lilith blinked at Ginny's reply and then giggled. "I supposed that's true." She took a few steps closer, standing near where the Gryffindor was sitting.

"You will need all your strength to catch up in that," the blonde said, pointing her wand down at Ginny's book. "Potions is very important, but it isn't the easiest subject to make interesting."

Lilith was fascinated by all forms of magic and determined to excel in every subject. But the truth was that she had trouble enjoying classes that didn't involve her wand or casting spells. Professor Snape was certainly knowledgeable, but Lilith wasn't sure that the head of Slytherin House went out of his way to teach as effectively as he could. Sometimes, Lilith even thought that the professor might be making his class deliberately more difficult to understand.
 #7269  by Ginny Weasley
Ginny smiled back once the Ravenclaw giggled - for a second there, she hadn't been sure whether she would be judgy or not. From the few interactions she'd had with Lilith, she was definitely a lot more studious than Ginny was.

"That's true," Ginny said, "I haven't got the faintest idea what Snape goes on about most of the time. Unless he's favouring Slytherin and making snide comments to all the other houses."

One thing that enraged Ginny, along with most of her housemates, is how Snape continued to get away with showing his obvious prejudice against Gryffindor.
 #7275  by Lilith Daemon
Lilith cocked her head at Ginny's statement, lost in thought. She didn't really think that Professor Snape made too many snide remarks, at least about Ravenclaws. He was certainly very serious and could be cold, but she had always assumed it was because he was just a very impatient fellow. She decided to be diplomatic, however, when replying. She knew that Gryffindor and Slytherin tended to have an irrational rivalry.

"Professor Snape isn't the most pleasant teacher, that's true," Lilith said. "Sometimes, I do think he makes the subject a little more difficult than it has to be. And I have to admit that I learn a lot after class, reading on my own." The blonde didn't want to admit that she found practicing making potions in front of Snape a little intimidating. A Gryffindor shouldn't really know that any Ravenclaw blanched at any academic endeavour -- at least that's how Lilith interpreted house pride.

"I'm sure I'll do fine on the exam," she said confidently. "But it isn't as much fun as Charms or Transfiguration. Those are subjects that are fun to study and practice."
 #7381  by Ginny Weasley
Ginny was impressed by the Ravenclaw's apparent dedication to her studies. She wasn't the type to be jealous, or judgmental, she was able to recognise that this was a girl very different to herself. Ginny would rather be out on a broomstick than practicing Charms or Transfiguration.

"I've been trying not to think about the exams," Ginny sighed. "The other day, when I had to transform my teapot into a tortoise, the spout stayed on where the head should be, and when I had to bring it to McGonagall's desk, it poured this weird smelling tea all over her parchment," she shrugged, as if it was a matter-of-fact affair, and happened all the time.
 #7410  by Lilith Daemon
Lilith bit her lower lip to keep from giggling at Ginny's story. It took all of her efforts, but the redhead didn't seem to mean it as a joke. Still, the blonde Ravenclaw found it quite funny to imagine what kind of liquid poured out of a tortoise with the head of a teapot.

When she was sure she wouldn't start laughing, Lilith said, "So it had the head . . . of a . . . teapot?" She blinked a few times and then trailed off, adding, "I'd like to have seen that."

"I'm kind of eager for exams," the Ravenclaw sighed after a pause. "Although I might be even more excited for the end of the tournament. I was disappointed with the last challenge because we didn't get to see anything after they cast their initial spells. I'm hoping we get to see some truly powerful magic. Maybe even dueling. Or something even more spectacular." Lilith's big eyes almost glassed over at the thought of what the final challenge might be, interrupting might have turned into some of her usual prattling.
 #8174  by Ginny Weasley
"Yes!" Ginny exclaimed, before bursting out in a merry laugh, as it had been a hilarious lesson. Even though if she did that in the exam, she most likely would fail. But at least Fred and George would find it funny, even if her teachers or parents didn't.

"Oh yeah, I'm way more excited about that than I am about exams!" Ginny said, suddenly very aware that she hadn't really given exams much thought. "It's got to be the hardest, most dangerous exciting one yet, even more difficult than the dragon! And that was already pretty cool."

She thought of Harry for a moment, and how he'd battled his dragon. "Well, it can't be more boring than watching a lake for an hour, anyway."
 #8175  by Lilith Daemon
Lilith nodded eagerly as Ginny agreed with her. Her fellow third year was right. The next challenge was supposed to be harder and more dangerous than even the dragons. The blonde wondered just what it would be. It was so close but that didn't make the anticipation any less agonizing. She suddenly thought it must be even worse for the champions to have to keep waiting.

"The dragon challenge was amazing," Lilith said. "The spells that Diggory, Krum, and Delacour used were so fascinating. I would have never guessed that dragons were so vulnerable in the eyes. Or to sleeping charms! It was like watching a bunch of duels between a wizard and a dragon. I'd never seen anything like it." She thought back to the task. She was the least impressed by Harry's performance, even though it had received the highest scores. Watching someone fly around on a broom wasn't near as exciting to her as watching magic being performed. Although she had to admit that Potter's summoning charm had worked quite well. Who would have thought he could have summoned his broom from all the way up in the castle.

"The second task was sooooo disappointing," Lilith said. "Your'e right. All we did was just sit there staring at water. Who wants to watch someone go for a swim?" The blonde sighed. "They had better give the audience a better view of the action for the third task. I don't want to miss any of the magic. Otherwise, I don't see what the point of the tournament is at all."

She looked down at Ginny again before starting up eagerly again. "Who does Gryffindor think is going to win? I imagine you're all rooting for Harry Potter. But do you think he can beat Cedric Diggory? The Hufflepuffs I talk to are all pretty confident that Diggory will pull it off. But I think they sound more sure than they really are. My house seems pretty split. We were all sympathetic to Fleur Delacour at first. She and the other Beauxbatons sit at our table you know. But she hasn't done so well. Now everyone is hoping Hogwarts takes it, whether it's Harry Potter or Diggory. " She paused for breath. "I think it has to be Cedric Diggory. He may be a Hufflepuff, but he's got a lot more experience."
 #9866  by Ginny Weasley
Ginny nodded eagerly, agreeing with what Lilith was saying. There was nothing like the Triwizard Tournament to get people excited - it was all anyone in the school seemed to be talking about. Hopefully all the Professors knew this, and weren't expecting too much from anyone's exams.

"We want Harry to win, obviously," Ginny said straight away at the girl's question, and found herself slightly blushing a little. "He's been doing well so far. "I think Krum has a chance, he's a really powerful wizard, and Diggory obviously is good at magic too, but I'm still rooting for Harry, like most of Gryffindor are."

There were still a few Gryffindors who didn't trust that Harry hadn't cheated his way into the tournament, as he was so young. But imagine if he won it, he'd be the youngest champion in history!
 #9867  by Lilith Daemon
It was no surprise that Ginny wanted Harry Potter to win. From what Lilith could make out, all the Gryffindors were united behind Potter, despite the fact that his presence in the tournament was a bit odd. Still, however he had defied the age line and entered his name, Potter certainly had shown he was capable of competing. And he definitely had a chance to win.

"Krum seems to know a lot of magic and Durmstrang has a much different curriculum than Hogwarts," the blonde said. "Maybe he will start using some spells that they don't even teach here during the last challenge. That would be something." The rumor was that Durmstrang taught the dark arts, but Lilith thought that might be exaggerated. After all, many curses were illegal everywhere (much to her chagrin) and not just in England.

"If Harry Potter won, it would be very remarkable," Lilith said in a matter of fact way. She wasn't as emotionally in favor of Potter as Gryffindors or opposed to him like Slytherin. "He always seems to be in the middle of whatever is going on. My first year, well your first year too, he was fighting basilisks and, some people thought, threatening muggleborns. And his first year, right before we came, he was dealing with You-Know-Who himself. And now he's in a tournament that was supposed to be restricted to older students."

"That's either bad luck or a knack for getting into trouble," she concluded.
 #10252  by Ginny Weasley
"That would be really cool," Ginny agreed about Krum. She had definitely heard all of the rumours about the dark magic that was taught at Durmstrang, and it would be scary but also morbidly fascinating to see him perform something that they had never heard of at Hogwarts.

Though when Lilith continued talking about Harry, and mentioned all of the things he had done, Ginny felt any colour that had presented itself on her cheeks drain away.

"Yeah, in our first year he saved me, remember?" Ginny said, her voice suddenly quieter. "And now he's saved the people in the second task too, he does always seem to be, you know, saving stuff." Ginny tried to act as if it was no big deal. Harry Potter saves stuff, that's just what he does. Her, his friends, the entirety of Hogwarts. Whatever.
 #10256  by Lilith Daemon
The blonde nodded at Ginny's statement about Harry's rescues. She hadn't wanted to directly mention Ginny's role in the basilisk incident in case it was bad memories. Lilith would have loved to know more, but even she was delicate enough not to pry into some things.

"Yes, he is always saving people," Lilith agreed. "There are some older girls in my house who really like him. They talk about him like he's a hero. Which, I guess, he is. Some others think he has kind of a hero thing -- he seeks out dangerous situations on purpose to rescue others. I think that's a little mean. I think he's selfless. And for someone as famous as he is, it's not like he grandstands. The Slytherins think that. But I see no evidence of it." She paused for breath.

She was almost talking herself into rooting for Harry now. If only he seemed better at advanced magic. That was what Lilith truly admired. Not eating gillyweed or using brooms, but casting spells.

"Well, if nothing else, people talk a lot about Harry Potter," she said, with a slight giggle. She then recollected something. "Oh, but don't you know him very well? I think your brother Ronald Weasley is one of Harry Potter's close friends."
 #10773  by Ginny Weasley
"Yeah, he is selfless," Ginny nodded, thinking back to when he rescued her from the Chamber of Secrets. The reason she was still here today and able to be a normal Hogwarts student was largely down to Harry Potter. She didn't think she would ever forget that.

"Yeah," Ginny smiled, "he spends part of the summer at our house, he's my brother's best mate," she shrugged, pretending like it wasn't a big deal, even though it definitely was. "My mum has sort of adopted him like an extra son, too," she laughed, "she even knits him a jumper every Christmas."