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Location: Near the Forbidden Forest • Date: May 12
Time of Day: Mid afternoon • Weather: Slightly chilly

Gethin swallowed, leaning against a tree. He didn't have that much more school to get through, and his professors were really loving words like "graduation" and "careers" and "job prospects". He wasn't ready for that at all. He had just spent his semester cruising through with minimal effort, he wasn't ready to be an adult out in the world. For all he had been waiting to finally graduate and be done with school forever, now that it was just around the corner, he wasn't ready at all.

He had skipped whatever class he was supposed to have in favour of going out on the grounds, wandering around aimlessly. Maybe if he skipped enough classes, he would get held back and have another year to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Maybe he would have the chance to come up with a more concrete plan than "move away from home and do stuff". Then again, he wanted so badly to be done with school. It was all so confusing.

Gethin groaned out loud, jerking his head back, hitting his head against the bark.
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The past couple of months had been hard for Cori. Not academically, of course - that part was probably the easiest right now. What was difficult was that she was going to done school soon. And quite honestly, Cori wasn't ready to graduate yet. For starters, she actually had no clue what she wanted to do after school. She had always planned on going to a dance academy and becoming a dancer, so she had applied, and got accepted, to a college in London. However, she wasn't sure anymore if that was all she wanted to do.

Graduating also meant that she wouldn't be able to see her best friend as often any more. Though she refused to admit it, this scared her quite a bit.

Wanting to be somewhere quiet to think, Cori made use of her free period to wander to the tree, the one that she had hated the first time she had visited it. On her way to it though, Cori caught a glimpse of another student sitting along her path. Grumbling under her breath, she turned around slightly, hoping he wouldn't see her, and started trying to map out a different route to the tree. Why did her least favourite person have to be around when she wanted quiet?
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Gethin happened to look over just as his nemesis was about to turn around. It was obvious she had seen him, and he didn't know how he felt about her avoiding him. On one hand, at least he wouldn't have to deal with her being so annoying, but on the other hand, it was kind of insulting. He made his decision quickly.

"Oi, Thompson!" he called, pushing off from the tree and jogging over to her. "You sure you shouldn't be studying right now?" At least this way, he had all the power. He was the one annoying her.
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Cori sighed, turning back around on her heel. Of course, he had seen her. Why didn’t that surprise her? Rolling her eyes, she took a couple steps forward to meet him part way. “I guarantee I’ve done more studying the past week than you’ve done all year. But if you really must know, I’m changing my scenery.” She stared at him dead on, trying her best not to show to much anger.

Suddenly, a thought crossed her mind - she had no recollection of ever sharing this study period with him. “You sure you shouldn’t be in class right now?” She raised an eyebrow.
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Gethin scoffed. Of course she was being difficult, just like she always was. The girl had been a thorn in his side for years, and he was ready to finally be rid of her for the rest of his life. "Kind of hard to study more than a robot with no social life," he retorted. It wasn't his best insult ever, but it was something.

As for her comment, he rolled his eyes. "No, Mom, I shouldn't. Classes are overrated and nothing they do is going to change my marks so why should I even bother going in the first place," he said, shrugging. "I'm probably going to fail Charms. Looks like I get another year to enjoy this hell hole school, so I really don't care enough to go to class." There was the smallest hint of bitterness to his voice.
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She had no social life? Cori gave a scoff of her own. "Right." She said, eyebrows raised and nodding her head slowly.

She couldn't help but feel bad for him as he started his rant. Granted they were totally different people with absolutely nothing in common, but she couldn't imagine having to repeat the year. No matter how unprepared mentally she was to be done. "Hate to break it to you, but I'm pretty sure that if you actually tried and sought out help, you'd still have time to pass classes." She shrugged, "but if you wanted to enjoy another year, I suppose you might fare better than the last person that did eight years."
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Gethin rolled his eyes and crossed his arms in front of him. "Yeah, right, like you totally know what it's like to struggle in school. You just fly through everything and still have time to gloat about how you finished your homework while I sit and try to figure out why they make things so hard for normal people," he said, feeling himself getting worked up already. "Besides, who's gonna take the time to help me, anyway? In case you haven't noticed, I don't exactly have people lining up to save the stupid guy with a bad attitude."

He pushed aside thoughts of the two people in his life who had tried to help him at one point. "Face it. I'm hopeless and unless I can convince my parents to homeschool me, I'll be back here next year."
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Cori inhaled sharply. "I really have never gone around gloating about being done my homework, but whatever." He was really making it difficult for her to not feel bad for him right now. "You might be surprised at how willing professors are to help, even when their students have bad attitudes. Plus, I'm sure there are tons of students who, with a little convincing, would be more than willing to tutor. It actually helps them study too." She placed a hand on her hip. "It's obviously up to you, but you're not that hopeless yet. There are ways to get out of here this year and become a construction worker or something."
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This was just what he needed, someone like Thompson telling him what he was good for. "Like who, you?" he scoffed, rolling his eyes once more and turning to look out at the lake. "I'd rather go swim with the Giant Squid. At least then I'd have my sanity." Deep down, he logically knew that accepting someone's help would be good for him, and even deeper down he knew Cori might be his best shot, but he wasn't going to give in without a fight. "Construction's not my thing, though. I'd rather..." he thought about it for a moment. What did he want to do with his life? "I want to be a professional duelist."
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Cori shook her head. "No one could offer me enough. I'd sooner tutor the Giant Squid. For the same reason." She realized that she was being hypocritical right now, but she could barely stand being in the same room as Gethin, let alone at the same table, tutoring him. The only way she would actually give in was if his negativity disappeared. "There are other students that could help you become a professional duelist."
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“Like who?” Gethin countered, not exactly thinking before he spoke. “There’s no one at this school who’s smarter than you are.” He shocked even himself by not using her brains as an insult for once. In fact, he shocked himself further by allowing the thought that Cori was his best shot rise to the surface. “Look, I can pay you. Or rather, the school will. I’m technically supposed to have a tutor but I turned it down years ago.”

He couldn’t believe the words coming out of his mouth.
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Cori was completely caught off guard by what she was hearing. Never in her seven years at this school had she thought she would hear Gethin compliment her. She wasn't sure exactly how to respond, so she stood for a moment, eyes widened.

Finally she blinked to regain her composure. "I don't... want your, or the school's, money." She spoke slowly, choosing her words as she went. "If I am going to tutor you though, I need one thing. No negativity. From either of us." She was starting to speak to herself as well as him. "Me helping you isn't going to work if we're consistently insulting one another."
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Gethin wasn't sure what was going on, and he was sure he was going to regret it later. He did want to graduate, though, he had decided, and Cori was his best shot.

He groaned rubbing the back of his neck as she spoke. "Right, yeah. No negativity. No insults," he repeated, thinking it over. Did he really want to do this? The answer was staring him in the face.

"Deal." He stuck out his hand.
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Cori still couldn't believe this was happening. For starters, she had felt some empathy for Gethin. And now she was making agreements to tutor him? Sure, she had been okay with tutoring classmates in the past, but those classmates hadn't constantly insulted her in the past. Maybe he would stick to her condition though.

"Deal." She tentatively reached out her own hand to shake his.
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Livvie was heading out to her favourite tree on the Hogwarts grounds when she spied her best friend and girlfriend talking to a very unlikely companion. Her nose crinkled and she changed paths, walking over to the pair. She reached them just as they were shaking hands.

"Well that's certainly a change from calling him the devil spawn incarnate," she commented offhand, tilting her head to the side. "Hello, Gethin. Lovely weather, isn't it?"