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Nik // M,G,R,L

Nik, Active Player

basic information

Real Name: Nik
Age/Birthday: 22 - September 10th [virgo]
Location: Ireland
Contact Platforms: Discord [Nik], PM, FB (ask)

about me

Hello! I'm Nik. Was around here a few years ago and currently making a reappearance! In my final year of college so hoping to get back into this properly in the summer but said I'd start now so I can ease myself back into writing cuz it's been a while.
I'm from Ireland and studying Communications. Idk what else to say tbh but yeah if you wanna be pals HMU

posting preferences

Active Eras: Marauder, Golden, Reformation, Legacy
Preferred Post Length: Honeslty depends on the situation. Usually 2-3 paragraphs
Preferred Posting Speed: Once per day-every couple of day??
Preferred Thread Length: Like 15 posts? lmao i can't remember
Story Types & Genres: Romance, drama, day-to-day life, ANYTHING GIMME ALL THE THREADS
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Re: Nik // M,G,R,L

Nik, Active Player

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