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Dizzy Izzy, Active Player

About Me
  • Real Name: Izzy
  • Age/Birthday: 26, March 28
  • Location: Albuquerque
  • Preferred PM Account: Dizzy Izzy
I have been on Vault for about 5 years now (whoa!). I work full time and got to school part time while I get my accounting degree. I love history, especially Medieval and Tudor era England. I even made a website about the Plague once. My favorite Harry Potter characters are Neville Longbottom and Susan Bones.

Roleplaying Style & Preferences
  • Active Eras: Mostly Reformation and Golden, but I can play in any era. Hit me up!
  • Preferred Post Length: About 2 paragraphs. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It really just depends on the day and if my muse is around.
  • Preferred Posting Speed: Moderate? I've been doing a lot better at posting faster lately.
  • Preferred Thread Length: Anything goes, really.
  • Story Types & Genres: I love threads with random meetings between two characters hat don't know each other. Also like threads that are a part of character development.

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