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 #311  by Arsene
  • Age: 28
  • Location: US / CST
  • Preferred PM Account: Arsene

Roleplaying Style & Preferences
  • Active Eras: victorian, golden, reformation
  • Preferred Post Length: i prefer any posts that give me enough to reply to. these are usually 1-2 paragraphs minimum
  • Preferred Posting Speed: i work full-time and attend college part-time so I usually reserve my posting for weekends
  • Preferred Thread Length: nothing past 3 pages unless it's still super interesting at that point
  • Storytelling preferences: It's gotta be compelling or fun or else my replies come really slow.
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 #24496  by Arsene
Derived from the Basic Character List by Vyreia

Philomena Elmstone — Yahima
Michelle La Fratta — Yahima
Berenice Di Pietro — Constanta Katoracov — Dragana Stojanovic — Emilie La Fratta — Evgeniya Nikolaeva — Fiamma Costa — Fiorenza La Fratta — Franca La Fratta — Francesco Cali — Gaetano La Fratta — Hadrian De Palma — Hector Fotakis — Heloise Salles — Iokaste Simonides — Lea Speyer — Michelle La Fratta — Paola Ferrari — Ramona Vaduva — Rosalie Chevalier — Sidonie Caiazzo — Sorin Vaduva — Yahima — Zoya Utkina
Ilario Nicosia — Magda Prodan — Marco Costagliola — Mischa Satine