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 #310  by fizzing-whizbee
 01 Jan 2018, 18:06
Hi, I'm Manda! (aka tundratown)
  • Currently I am... Totally open for new threads! Send me a message! I play in every era but Legacy! :)

    Who am I... I'M JEAN VAL JEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I am so sorry. I had to. It's instinct. Anyway, I am a 20-something web developer, writer, and editor who likes to do extra writing on the side for roleplaying! I also play a lot of tabletop games, both RPGs and board games, and love video games. I speak bad French and worse Romanian! I love music. Love, love, love music. All kinds. I will always want to hear about who your favorite musician is and why you love them!

    Currently I am living in Wisconsin, USA, though I am originally from North Carolina. You can find my birthday on the fifth of February!
Roleplaying Style & Preferences
  • Active Eras: Founders Era, Marauder Era, Golden Era, Reformation Era
  • Preferred Post Length: Any -- Just give me enough to work with! I tend to write longer posts myself of at least a few paragraphs, but I don't mind if others don't do the same. Replying to my paragraphs with just a sentence (as long as it's got some substance to it) won't bother me any!
  • Preferred Posting Speed: I can be slow to reply if a thread gets drawn out and I prefer doing entire threads in an evening or a few days. If you like to post every few hours (or multiple times per hour!) I might be your girl! (As long as you don't mind CST-EST Timezone!)
  • Preferred Thread Length: As long as it takes to reach a sufficient ending, whether that's five posts or fifty.
  • Story Types & Genres: I really like to do fast-paced stories that always have something going on; I'm less interested in threads where two characters are just talking, and I love jumping right into the action. I'm really into crime drama and that kind of thing (which might be obvious from some of my characters!) as well as really action-packed threads that have a lot of spell casting, combat, whatever. Day to day threads aren't too bad, but don't be surprised if I throw in a twist to keep things interesting! I'm also a huge fan of silly threads, even with characters that are normally more serious; the Harry Potter series is full of really silly, crazy things, so I love exploring some of that in my stories!

Current Character Line-Up Bold characters currently have active threads, not all eras may be listed.
  • Adriana Verratti • [Marauder] RSI Student (Romania) // [Reformation] Intl. Trade Official, Romanian Ministry of Magic (Romania)
  • Alessio Di Pietro • [Reformation] Event Coordinator, Phoenix Co. Real Estate (Italy)
  • Antony Katoracov • [Marauder] RSI Student (Romania) // [Reformation] Wizard/Wandmaker (Romania)
  • Benigno Angotti • [Golden] Score Analyst, Intl. Quidditch Association (Italy) // [Reformation] Financial Consultant, Isolesco Financial (Italy)
  • Cateline de Vasconia • [Founders] Noblewoman (Kingdom of Alba)
  • Chief Kesegowaase • [Reformation] School Principal, Chicago Wizarding Academy (United States)
  • Ebitimi Iyasu • [Reformation] Ethiopian Ambassador to Egypt, Egyptian Ministry of Magic (Ethiopia/Egypt)
  • Elisabeta Marin • [Reformation] Witch/Houskeeper (Romania)
  • Hermione Granger • [Golden] 2nd Year Gryffindor, Hogwarts (England)
  • Gavril Balcescu • [Reformation] Regional Processing Manager, Owl Post (Romania/Balkan Region)
  • Gemini Hart • [Golden] Hogwarts Student // [Reformation] Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts Student
  • Jean-Baptiste Chevalier • [Marauder/Golden/Reformation] Pilot, SorcerAir Magical Airways (France)
  • Lucius Clark • [Reformation] Werewolf Capture Unit Chief (England)
  • Luisa Di Pietro • [Reformation] Finance Director, Di Pietro Fashion House (Italy)
  • Malanda Serbani • [Reformation] Professor of Runic Studies, Romanian Spellcasters Institute (Romania)
  • Mareili Hochstetler • [Reformation] Talent Manager, Intl. Duelists Association (Switzerland)
  • Mihai Petrescu • [Reformation] Recent RSI Graduate (Romania)
  • Mirela Ardelean • [Reformation] Witch (Romania)
  • Nadezhda Katoracov • [Reformation] Owner & Music Instructor, Oprea Muzica (Romania)
  • Nananji Zaman • [Reformation] Hospitality Director, Intl. Carpet Racing League (Morocco/Egypt)
  • Pavel Albu • [Reformation] Plant Care Specialist, Dumitrescu Greenery (Romania)
  • Reveica Trelles • [Reformation] Human Resources Director, Isolesco Financial Bucharest (Romania)
  • Ruhak Zaman • [Reformation] Artefact Preservation Specialist, Wizarding Expedition Society (Morocco/Egypt)
  • Samantha Ford • [Reformation] Director of Werewolf Affairs, Ministry of Magic (England)
  • Varya Leskova • [Reformation] Treasurer/Board of Directors Member, Pecineagu Dragon Reserve (Romania)
  • Vera Petrescu • [Reformation] Shop Clerk, Oprea Muzica (Romania)
  • Vieri Di Pietro • [Reformation] Owner/Lead Designer, Di Pietro Fashion House (Italy)
  • Viktoriya Kozel • [Reformation] Witch (Ukraine)
  • Virgiliu the Younger • [All Eras] Nosferatu Vampire (Romania)
Any unlisted characters are currently retired. Sorry I'm super disorganized. I'll play with just about anyone anywhere, though, so just say where you need me and I'll find a character that can fit in any era but Legacy.