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 #17546  by Stella
Basic Information

Real Name: Katie
Age/Birthday: 21 || 7/17/1997
Location: East Coast, USA
Contact Platforms: Discord (Katie#3282) || Facebook (ask first) || Various others (ask!)

About Me

Hallo! So I'm Katie, but I go by Stella on Vault. I joined Vault during my freshman year of high school back in late 2011/early 2012, so I've been on for quite awhile, though I have had to take some long breaks because of personal life stuffs (i.e. work). I live on the East Coast as stated above where we just got hammered by Florence. (I am in a safe area BTW, so don't worry!) I absolutely love RPing with new people and coming up with new plots for characters and all that jazz. Anytime you want to do something, hit me up!

Posting Preferences

Active Eras: Eventually, all, but currently Golden to Legacy
Preferred Post Length: At least 2-3 paragraphs, but I will work with what is given
Preferred Posting Speed: I'm usually pretty quick in replying, but it just depends on what I'm doing at that moment in time
Preferred Thread Length: As long as we both are able to submit it for quills, it doesn't really matter, though I do want the ending to make sense
Story Types & Genres: I'm fine with any, though I do have a little bit of difficulty with the much darker types and genres! I do like communicating about what's going on, so expect me to ask questions!
 #17551  by Stella
Active Character List

Mikayla Silverwing G - 5th Year, Slytherin||R - Sales Clerk, Borgin and Burkes||L - Manager, Borgin and Burkes (possible werewolf)

Inactive Character List

Soleil Silvertongue - G - 5th Year, Gryffindor||R - Job Unknown||L -Job Unknown (Vampire)
Niklaus Binx - R - Toddler||L - Job Unknown
Ciel Binx - G - 4th Year, Gryffindor||R - Job Unknown||L - Job Unknown
Shae Scarborough - F - Vampire||V - Vampire||E - Vampire||M - Vampire||G - Vampire||R - Vampire||L - Vampire
Aelfwynn - F - Hogwarts Student, Gryffindor|| May be a ghost in the rest of the eras
Natasha Moore-Binx - G - 4th year, Gryffindor||R - Job Unknown||L - Job Unknown
Ember D'Avignon - M - Toddler||G - Job Unknown (Werewolf)||R - Job Unknown (Werewolf)||L - Job Unknown (Werewolf)
Zendaya Morrison - G - Unknown Year, Unknown House||R - Job Unknown||L - Job Unknown
Raven Morrowwood - G - 5th year, Gryffindor||R - Job Unknown||L - Job Unknown