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 #16831  by Elaine
basic information

Real Name: Elaine
Age/Birthday: 06/26/1992
Location: Midwest
Contact Platforms: Discord as Elaine

about me

Hello! I'm Manda (Elaine is my middle name, I like going by it sometimes!) I have a 6 year old corgi, Mollywobbles. Also very shy and awkward, prefer to lurk more than partake in Discord

posting preferences

Active Eras: Golden, Reformation, Legacy
Preferred Post Length: More than a few sentences, but I don't need a novel
Preferred Posting Speed: Daily, but slower is fine
Preferred Thread Length: However long to get a full story in
Story Types & Genres:
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 #16832  by Elaine
Golden Era
Rescue Me
Charlotte Ashworth + Hermione Granger + Draco Malfoy + Pascale Sage

Reformation Era

Charlotte Ashworth + Brooklyn Stone
Practice Makes Perfect
Charlotte Ashworth + Ginny Weasley
Take Your Places
Jackson Jacobs + Caitlin Westcott-Fisher
Making Friends 101
Charlotte Ashworth + Kyle Bowden + Lily Rosworth

Legacy Era
none - dm if interested
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