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Maki, Active Player

Name: Maki
Location: America/Ohio

Drawing, Writing, rpg, gaming (wishes she had a laptop with 8 gb so she could REALLY game), learning languages and culture

Thread Preferences:

Length- While long and details are always welcome and liked, it really does depend on the plot and the characters involved. To put it simply, it varies.

Plots- Romance is always fun, even family events and such. New friends rock, however, I tend to find most of my people work more so with action or dark threads. To make it simply....:

Romance- 4/10
Family- 7/10
Action- 9/10
Horror- 6/10

That being said, I'm really open to anything as long as it makes sense my characters would be involved in such a situation. :)

Re: Maki

Maki, Active Player

Status update: due to reasons, i personally cant see being worth even mentioning....my posting is going to be very limited and only with certain people.

That is to say on the off chance someone actually wants me to pull out acharacter of mine for play...you are welcome to pm me. Not saying i wont consider it, im just not feeling open to opening myself up to possible problems.