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 #16340  by Maki
 06 Sep 2018, 18:15
Maki Batsu
  • 29 Years old
  • Favorite Harry Potter canon is Severus Snape, Draco being a close second.
  • Japanese character focused, love my Yakuza boy's.
  • Aside from my focus on Japanese characters I can speak Japanese in real life.
  • I live in the us, North America
  • I am always up for an RP, just pm me on DISCORD.
  • Hobbies are RP, Drawing, learning languages, sleeping.
RPG Details
  • Locations: Japan, England...Basically Asia and Europe.
  • I love a detailed Rp with a long going plot, though it all does depend on the thread. Sometimes a long detailed responce isn't needed and can kill a thread faster than ever. In other words smaller and more lax posts are not disliked and sometimes preffered depending on the thread topic/stage it's in.
  • I play my men correctly, I.E Shiro's not going to be a loving puppy dog and Yoru isn't going to go in for a hug; likewise Mark's not going to badmouth someone. If you feel we are not a right match, and or our two characters won't work, shoot me a pm and we'll try to work something else out.
  • The types of RP I tend to thrive with is the darker kind, Yakuza/black market characters seem to be my speciality. That doesn't mean those characters don't have friends, and it also doesn't mean all my hreads need to have action. Every now and then I do enjoy a more laid back roleplay. (Most of the boy's love green tea ;) ).
  • Posting status: I am actively posting, but I do work and normally can't always respond instantly. Be assured at the moment I'm replying either at lunch or when I get home. (If you see small spelling mishaps chances are I was on break.... Iphone loves to play games with me.)
  • I am free to having other's create those connected to mine - just please confirm with me before hand...otherwise mine might be very confused in the RP until I figure it out on my own...
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 #16343  by Maki
 06 Sep 2018, 18:35
Shiro Takayama
*Rough upbringing (I.E Isn't shy to the reality of how nasty things can get)
*Oya-bun [leader] of the Nakamura-shi mahou no Yakuza (The magical yakuza working out of Hokkaido)
* Fair, calculating and blunt. Can be ruthless.
*Smokes and drinks as a past time.
*Is known to be a work-o-holic.
*Suffers from a permanent brain injury dealt to him in an earlier job.
*Loyal to only his men.

Hiro Kawazaki
*Born from a pureblood family, he ran away from his dark lord praising parents.
*Wakagashira [General commander]of the Nakamura-shi mahou no Yakuza.
*serious, silent yet fair. Loves a good fight.
*Smokes, drinks and fights in his free time.
*Puts the men of the Yakuza above all others.

Shinji Ishikawa
*Born into the Yakuza
*Saito-komon [Administrator] of the Nakamura-shi Mahou no Yakuza.
*Brazen, bratty, entitled, polite to those of higher rank and protective of those below.
*Gambles, drinks, smokes and fights in his free time. He likes cards.

Yoru Nakamura
*Born into the Yakuza
*Oya-bun [Leader] Before his 'death' in 96. Now he's an unofficial advisor and local vampire.
*Crazy, insane...deranged he's seen as ruthless and unpredictable. Ruled with an iron fist during his life as the Oya-bun of his organization.
*Hunts, fights and gambles in his free time.
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