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 #246  by deraforia
pronouns: he/him/his

Posting Speed
I am not the fastest poster, but I will try to post at least once a day if we have a thread. There are times where I will get into a roll, but even then I often take 30 minutes or more to reply. My rapid fire days are behind me.

Post Length
For the most part, I write what I feel I need to in order to deliver the message I want and help the thread keep moving. I often don't delve as deeply into the inner working of my characters as some others do, and, to be honest, a part of that is that I like to play my characters like secondary characters or antagonists to my partners' characters.

Other times, I might write off a quick post that I know I could flesh out more if I gave it the time, but wanted to make sure I put out a post so as to keep things moving. If you ever need me to elaborate more in a post, let me know and I will see what I can do.
 #34763  by deraforia
Adrian Katoracov
Type: Wizard
Main Era: Reformation

After a decade-long quest to save his family from an ancient curse, Adrian Katoracov is finally free. The blades that bound his kin to lives of violence were destroyed and reforged without generational suffering. Now, it would be only those who chose the life of assassins, and not those firstborn sons who had the misfortune of having a Covenant Assassin for a parent. Now, he can retire in peace.
Type: Vampire, Abha Iblis
Main Era: Reformation

Living for two thousand years is no small feat. The vampire most commonly known as al-Rumha has made the most of his millennia, amassing a fortune and an influence that is the envy of many an oligarch. What more could any man ask for?
Nikolaos Alexandros
Type: Wizard (?)
Main Era: Reformation

From the rubble, what do I see?
There's a whole damn army
Thinking that they're gonna harm me.
Say goodnight, I'll never get free.
Oh, I got troubles that won't let me be,
But I won't get tired.
Set the town on fire
'Til my troubles got trouble with me.
Thinking that they've won. It's only just begun.
永井 仙市
Type: Wizard
Main Era: Reformation

A master wandcrafter with few true rivals in the region, Senichi has nonetheless been driven nearly to poverty from an attack on his reputation. His wands were some of the most sought after, now he struggles to find a legitimate customer base. He has found relief, but the price may yet prove greater than he can manage.
Type: Metamorphmagus
Main Era: Reformation

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