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Sammy, Vaultkeeper


The Basics
Real Name: The Real Sam Shady
Age: 25
Birthday: 18 June
Gender: She's a lady - woah-oh-oh she's a lady

Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST, UTC-5)
Preferred PM Account: Sammy, or on Discord

Favorite Color: Mint Green
Favorite TV Shows: Law and Order: SVU, Haikyuu!, Game of Thrones
Hobbies: Reading, knitting, fantasy football

I am an old member from ca. 2010 back again. I work as an attorney, and that limits the time I can be online during the week.

Roleplaying Style & Preferences
Active Eras: All eras

Preferred Post Length: 100-700 words

Preferred Posting Speed: At least once a week per thread.

Preferred Thread Length: Depends on what works best for the thread. Don't force it.

Story Types & Genres: I'm open to all kinds of things. I prefer slice of life, action and drama.
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Active Characters

Sammy, Vaultkeeper

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Ophelia Falk
|:| Golden |:| Reformation |:|
WitchAge 18 ✦ Location Hogwarts
Occupation: Hogwarts 7th Year

Reiner Liebhart
|:| Golden |:| Reformation |:| Legacy |:|
WizardAge 30 ✦ Location London, England
Occupation: Freelance Bounty Hunter at Ministry of Magic

Costanza Orsini-Zimov
|:| Maurauer |:| Golden |:| Reformation |:| Legacy |:|
WitchAge 40 ✦ Location Washington, DC
Occupation: Magical Customs Commissioner

Raoul Zimov
|:| Reformation |:| Legacy |:|
WizardAge 15✦ Location Chicago, IL
Occupation: Chicago Academy of Wizardry Sophmore

Ermentrude Osbjornsdotter
|:| All Eras |:| Reformation |:|
Vampire Age 1,090 ✦ Location London, England
Occupation: Server at Blood Moon Inn

Nikita Ilyenkov
|:| Golden |:| Reformation |:| Legacy |:|
WizardAge 35 ✦ Location London, England
Occupation: Security at Knockturn Betting Co.

Daphne Koenig
|:| Expedition |:| Maurauder |:|
WitchAge 26 ✦ Location New York City
Occupation: Stage Manager at Merlin's Nightclub

Septimus Silvester
|:| Victorian |:| Expedition |:|
WizardAge 17✦ Location Hogwarts
Occupation: Hogwarts 6th Year

|:| Victorian |:| Expedition |:| Maurauder |:| Golden |:| Reformation |:| Legacy |:|
Vampire ✦ Age 298 ✦ Location Europe
Occupation: Drifter

Hugh Cairns
|:| Golden |:| Reformation |:| Legacy |:|
WizardAge 18✦ Location Around
Occupation: Fortune Teller at Bucket Bros.

Credit/Inspiration: Vyreia
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Current Threads

Sammy, Vaultkeeper


|:| Current Threads: Spring 2019 |:|
Open - Feel free to join!
Active - Currently posting. Closed thread, unless permission given
Completed - No more posting.

A Moment's Rest Before the Light
East Anglia, England
Ermentrude Osbjörnsdotter

What is Dead May Never Die
London, England



Time To Tutor
Hogwarts, Scotland
Ophelia Falk • Nola Fitzpatrick

Just The Calm Before the Storm?
London, England
Ermentrude Osbjörnsdotter • Nikita Ilyenkov • Dillian Smith • Blain Tudor

Raise a Cup to the Moon
Cereuse, France
Reiner Liebhart • Zi Shang An

Sales Pitches and Friendly Seers
Sighisoara, Romania
Hugh Cairns • Helena Sun

Everything is Lonely
London, England
Nikita Ilyenkov • Nikolai Zherdev

Sleep at Night
Beloit, Wisconsin
Reiner Liebhart • Jaime del Bosque

Nothing Dies Harder Than a Bad Idea
Chigaco, Illinois
Reiner Liebhart • Isobel del Bosque


All in a Day's Work
London, England
Reiner Liebhart • Jenny Roberts

Credit: Vyreia