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 #237  by Purple
Beo Þæt Þu Eart
Be what you are

Name: Purple. Go figure.
Birthday: October 6 '91
Location: Canada
OOC account: also Purple
Rough sketch: Ravenclaw, Quidditch player, budding codicologist, dreamer, rper.

Posting Preferences

Active Eras: All.
Preferred Post Length: Sometimes the situation calls for short posts to move things along, but I prefer longer posts. The meatier, the better.
Preferred Posting Speed: I'll get back to you on that.
Preferred Thread Length: I'll leave that up to you. Just please let me know when it's time to finish.
Story Types & Genres: Life is exciting. Philosophy and ethics are fascinating. Romance is neither. A touch of the weird, or perhaps a generous dollop, never hurts though. Heck, I'll go for a thread that doesn't make an ounce of sense so long as it's interesting.
Analities: I get really really stressed when I don't know exactly what's going on. Please keep me updated on changes or decisions. Too much information is better than none.

House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Larch, raven talon (no correlation to hogwarts house - I put a lot of thought to this), 10.5," slightly yielding
Amortentia: Fresh baked bread, sandalwood, roasted coffee
Boggart: Unreality (also that thing in the triwizard maze that made harry think he was turned upside-down -that thing would destroy me)
Mirror of Erised: Having a successful career in the field of manuscript studies or restoration, surrounded by several dogs
Patronus: Sphynx Cat, according to Pottermore
Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpent

Active Characters

-Active in Founders
-Gender neutral Metamorphagus
-Relatively realistic pirate captain
-Found anywhere near open water.

-Active in Founders
-Crewmate of Mearc-Stapa and Hogwarts Student
-You want to debate wizarding ethics? He will debate wizarding ethics.
-A heartless human being who idolizes his captain.
-Has made a hocrux

-Active in Founders
-Scandinavian Viking, currently in Alba/England
-Currently trying to discover his hitherto-hidden magic.

Eloise Ramsay
-Active in Victorian Era
-Twin of Raymond
-Seamstress, amateur Diviner
-Free spirit tied down to reality

Raymond Ramsay
-Active in Victorian Era
-Twin of Eloise
-Editor for Practical Potioneer, occasional contributor
-Sacrificed dreams for responsibility
-Tied down by a (hitherto) incurably lame leg

Arkady Vasiliev
-Active in Expedition
-Werewolf Russian refugee living in New York
-Profile in progress

Louise Havisham
-Active in Marauder
-Muggle photographer
-She is determined to get photographic proof of magic, no matter what the risk.

Gabrielle Dumont
-Active in Marauder and Golden
-Canadian Métis aerial acrobat [M], and dragon tamer [G] for Bucket Bros. Travelling Carnival
-A firey spirit who lives her life as she sees fit.

Sirius Black
-Active in Marauder and Golden

Malachi Reis
-Active in Reformation
-Unpseakable in Death Chamber at the MoM
-bewildered former Ravenclaw who spends far too much time in his head and not nearly enough time in the real world.
-Profile in progress

Michael Pryce
-Transfiguration teacher at CAW for both Golden and Reformation
-loves cats more than students
-is he perpetually grumpy because his birthday is on February 29?

Noémie "Simon" Cockburn
-Active in Golden and Reformation
-6th year Hogwarts student [G] and Conductor for IMR's Twilight Express [R]
-avid lover of muggle studies and cross-dressing
-professional drag king in the local LGBTTQ* scene

Morgan Bloodworth
-Golden and Reformation
-[G]Still working his new location out; [R] Juior Illustrator for Sparklight Publishing in France
-One short story in the Pensieve
-still trying to get plot ideas for this guy
-Profile in Progress

Erikur Polczynski
-Active in Golden, Reformation and Legacy
-[G] Acquisitions Specialist for Borgin & Burkes
-[R] Acquisitions Specialist for Amoud's Artifact Warehouse, found travelling the globe in search of treasures and stimulants
-[L] Hogwarts' new caretaker
-Series of short stories in the Pensieve, centred around Voldemort's return to power, and one short story involving a chance encounter with another character

Retired/Dropped Characters

Gryphon Nimeni
-Active in Golden and Reformation
-Stockboy at Dumitrescu Greenery [G] and International Dueler playing for Romania [R]
--A cocky and competitive son of a bludger struggling with a missing past and only slightly above-average skills
-Profile in progress

Argus Filch
-Active in Marauder, Golden, Reformation
-It's Filch. Need I say more?

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