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 #228  by Laura
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The Basics
  • Real Name: Laura
  • Age/Birthday: Oldie
  • Location: England
  • Preferred PM Account: Sir Regulus Archangel

Roleplaying Style & Preferences
  • Active Eras: Mostly Reformation but I have been known to dip my toe into Golden and Maurader Eras too.
  • Preferred Post Length: Easy going on this.
  • Preferred Posting Speed: Daily but I am not fussy.
  • Preferred Thread Length: Till the story finishes...could be 10 posts could be 50...
  • Story Types & Genres: Love me some dark and twisted threads...also comical.
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  • Alexis Nightshade
  • Sir Regulus Archangel
  • Odis Meyer
  • Rosamunde Meyer - retired
  • Kristoph Meyer
  • Iris Thorne
  • Shaheen Parande - retired
  • Leopold Von Cloy - retired