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Fae - Reformation and Legacy

Fae, Active Player


Name: Fae fais fait faisons
Age/Birthday: 23 / November 5
Location: Unicorn Land
Preferred PM Account: Ici

Roleplaying Style & Preferences
Active Eras: Reformation and Legacy
Preferred Post Length: Depends on the thread and my current motivation
Preferred Posting Speed: Whatever works
Preferred Thread Length: However long is necessary for the thread to logically end
Story Types and Genres: CAVITIES AND FLUFF ALIKE
Character Information
Active Characters:
Whitney Dawson - Modern Day Robin Hood
  • Reformation | Witch | Event Director | Camp Wandsworth
Elliot Flight - That Farm Girl
  • Reformation | Witch | Camp Counselor | Camp Wandsworth
Jaime Reyes - So. Much. Energy.
  • Reformation | Wizard | Gossip Columnist | Witch Weekly Magazine | Spanish Edition
Retired Characters:
Rory Cameron - Pain in the Butt
  • Legacy | Werewolf | Drifter
Leofflaed the Fair - Sweet Summer Child
  • Founders | Witch | Hogwarts Student
Cecil Hart - Lone Wolf
  • Reformation | Wizard | Drifter
Nathaniel Jareau-Young - Lost Soul
  • Reformation | Wizard | Aristocrat
Benito Pereira - Party Boy
  • Reformation | Wizard | Janitor | Constellation Plaza Mall
Riley Perkins - Wannabe Business Girl
  • Reformation | Witch | Aristocrat
Isabel Reyes - Trying to Find Herself
  • Golden | Witch | 5th Year Student | Beauxbatons Academy
  • Reformation | Witch | Records Attendant | Wizarding Expedition Society
Cori Thompson - Bookworm Dancer
  • Legacy | Witch | Dance Student | Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts