A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #39607  by Becky
+About Me+
Hello Hello! The name is Becky, I am a 30 year old fangirl living in Sunny Orlando Florida. I am a lifetime Potter fan, proud member of the Slytherin house, and my favorite characters are Severus Snape, Neville Longbottom, Luna, and the Twins. I was an incredibly active role player from the mid 00's to the early '10s then I started working full time between having less free time as well as at that moment working full time in the WWoHP which had me suffering since my job was Potter and I needed a break from Potter lead me to pull away from role playing. But! I am back to the Vault! I had missed it terribly.

+Roleplay Info+

I would describe myself as a literate writer, in the past few years that I have not been roleplaying I have been writing the occasional fanfic. Though when it comes to length I write what is needed, I do not mince words, while in school I would always struggle to meet word or page minimums just because I dont see the need for fluff I get to the point.

+Character and Era Info+

Eowyn Bletchley - Marauder, Golden, Reformation, and Legacy

+Contact Info+

Either my player account here, or my discord queenbecky#0027 feel free to contact me at either to discuss potential roleplay ideas or just to chat.

Fun Facts
+Has Two Black Cats, Selina Kitty and Kronk aka Buddy
+Has A Degree in History and a Minor in Anthropology
+Has Won Multiple HP Trivia Contests
+Also has a great love for LOTR, Star Wars, and Star Trek