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 #38843  by Kieran
Hi, I'm Kieran, 30-somthing man who's been a passionate Harry Poter fan since 2004 and an active roleplayer since 2003. I'm an advanced writer. My average post length is 200-700 words, but can often be 1000+ words. I reply anywhere from once a day to once a month or so, depending on a variety of factors but I aim at reasonable activity.

I prefer slice of life plots, especially family life centered. Drama and adventure are part of life, of course. But I don't care for romance plots or war battles. In the HP fandom I prefer the 1980s and early '90s era but I have characters that I could also write in earlier decades. So, my cup of tea is generally the 1900s but not focus on either wizarding war because the books are all about them. As in, I want to explore other aspects of the world/universe and people's everyday lives.

This leads me to the main reason I joined and what I hope to get out of my time here:
The muggle world/society in the HP universe.
It needs more love.
I'm hoping to find players who enjoy writing muggle characters and with muggle characters, too, and not just wizardkind. There are so many colourful ways to write about and with muggle characters wether they know about magic's existance or not. I want to write with wizardkind characters too, of course, I'm just hoping to find other players who'd like to explore the potential of muggles as well.

I'll be writing only in the freeform sandboxes. The AU sandbox preferred, because I'd actually like to write in a more logical/realistic version of the HP world than what the books present. But if a potential writing partner doesn't like that version, I'll write in the pure book canon version.
As for the storyline, I prefer the book canon story but would consider AU storylines too.

Here's my AU version of the universe:
A universe where the wizardkind person can't be as clueless about muggle stuff as the Weasleys are. A version where the Statute of Secrecy law requires all wizardkind to register their children's births with the muggle government too, provide schooling to their children as required by the muggle government (but of course home schooling until accidental magic is in control), and to know how to use muggle money, and to keep up with the most world impacting muggle inventions (such as telephone, computer, car, airplane, ect.), and to know how to dress normally. And are allowed to take part in muggle sports, and so on. Even those who choose to live on an area free of muggle residents.

Because in my opinion that is the only way the wizardkind could logically remain hidden from muggles with only very limited number of Obliviators. As in, they'd need to hide in plain sight as a part of and with essential know-how of the society and customs of the people they're trying to hide stuff from, rather than try to lurk among muggles without official identity and being clueless about everything that should be normal for any human being on this planet. Because if you think about it, the planet is 99,99% populated by muggles. The completely muggle-free areas on the planet are so few and small that they can't logically support the kind of hiding Rowling wrote. In my opinion my AU version doesn't lessen the magical aspect, it just makes the hiding aspect more believable.


| young muggle child + his parents as side characters |
| the boy is adventurous and believes in magic |
| Born in 1980 |

| muggle-born wizard | animagus | Born in 1922
| Retired FBI Special Agent | World War 2 veteran |

| young wizard boy child | half-vampire | Born in 1978
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 #38848  by Kieran
Characters © Kieran


Concept: A spirited young muggle child who often finds himself in a colourful variety of situations and adventures because he has thirst for knowledge and adventure whilst he tends to believe in just about everything from aliens to magic. His family does not initially know that magic is real, my intent is that they will find out and that a witch or a wizard will introduce the hidden society/world to them. I don't plan to write him as an adult, so he won't have a job and he's active in the 1980s and early/mid 1990s.



BIRTH DATE: Feb 28th 1980
ZODIAC SIGNS: Pisces and Monkey
BLOOD: Muggle / french-english
RESIDENCE: Evelyn Grove, Ealing. (London, England)
---> House (floorplan & info)

Eyes: Dark brown.
Hair: Dark brown with natural curls, in some lighting they seem golden brown.
Distinctive marks: Small, red-ish heart-shaped birthmark on his right shoulder blade.
* New-born: 50 cm / 3,5 kg
age 5 – 113 cm / 22 kg
age 7 – 123 cm / 26 kg
age 10 – 138 cm / 34kg
age 13 – 153cm / 48 kg

Mother: Shana Arleen Wolff | 4.3.1939, age 40-52
Grandmother: Reena Chenya Wolff | * 1910 - † 1972
Asa Zane Wolff | * 1910 - † 1944

Father: Scott Oliver Wolff, (neé. Adams) | 15.5.1938, age 41-53
Grandfather: Daniel Matthew Adams | * 1900 - † 1989
Grandmother: Charlotte Beth Adams | * 1900 - † 11/05/1941
Great-grandfather: William Josiah Carter | * 1880 - † 1975



From his parents he's inherited an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, but unlike them he believes or at least wants to believe in most things mythical and supernatural from magic to aliens. Although his faith is strong, he's also very much interested in the evolution of Earth as his family combines that with the Christian God. Still this young boy has no idea what he wants to be when he grows up – his artistic soul draws him to one direction, whereas fascination with everything new and mythical draws him to adventuring and science, while also tempted to follow in his father's footsteps to study dinosaurs and other ancient creatures of Earth.

Even so, he's not much into doing school work, because he feels that you can only learn so much from books – much less than from adventures and real life experiences. His daring/reckless nature is almost as strong as his thirst for knowledge, so there's very few things that would stop him if he feels it ”necessary” to so-to-say stick his nose into something. Muggle-repelling charms and the police being a couple of such things. And his parents, of course. This little guy is resourceful and determined, as well as patient when it comes to his goals.
If all else fails, he may try to lie his way into or out of something and is relatively good at it. He doesn't really like lying so it indeed is mainly the last thing he tries when trying to get into something. It's more worth the effort when trying to get out of trouble, though. To strangers he can lie much more convincingly than to his loved ones.

If you claim something's impossible and it interests him at all, he'll do everything in his power to prove you wrong. In this he lacks self-control and his exceptional stubbornness comes out in more negative way than usual, requiring someone to look after him so he doesn't get himself killed. Although, if there's enough proof of the matter's impossibility he lets it be.

Generally Asa respects other people's property and privacy, but if something's in the way of something ”important” or important he throws that respect out of the window.
And you shouldn't let him roam unsupervised anywhere where lie extremely valuable or unique things that interest or fascinate him, because he can not keep his hands off of them and from studying them. Although he tries to be careful, he can't at such young age always realise how fragile some things are. Even in his search for knowledge he's incredibly spirited and if he really concentrates, also able to move as silently as a hobbit.

Although he can enjoy reading, movies, discussions, family nights etc. he most enjoys seeing and experiencing the world outside. He's very physical person also socially. It's important to him to be at least a little bit in physical contact or nearby his family members every day, and is not bothered by public shows of affection. He doesn't desperately need it and can go a day or two without any hugs or kisses or anything, but in such case he's especially elevated by a reunion. In his early childhood he would easily embrace even strangers if he was for some reason especially happy about something because of the person – but as he gains age and experience he learns to keep an appropriate distance, better acknowledging people's personal space.
He loves play-fights, but his somewhat fiery temper often leads him to real fights despite of being generally laid-back and tolerant.

Regardless of his endless pursuit of the real world's depths and passionately artistic soul, he's basically your average little boy when it comes to interests and attitudes – also enjoying make-belief games where he's in example a pirate, Peter Pan, or Robin Hood.


From most children he differs perhaps most notably by not caring about children's songs after reaching school age. Since age five he much rather listens to music from Elton John, Aerosmith, and Sting. Not that he dislikes children's songs at all, they're just not enough to entertain him. Of course he doesn't always understand everything in these artists' songs or their meanings, but it doesn't bother him. For this his vocabulary is much wider than the average peer's – not only picked from the songs he hears but they've trained his ears and mind to remember some other big words. Surely the boy may use them wrong, but is fine with it unless the mistake was embarrassing, as generally mistakes are just a good way to learn. Of course his parents try their best to control what kind of topics the boy gets introduced to, and thus regulate a bit also what artists he listens to.

Apart from his three favourite travel methods and two ballgames, he's not into sports and often skips P.E. class if not given permission to take a walk instead. The world and interests often tempt him to skip classes and homework in general, but he will give his all to essays and other such homework that allows him to research and adventure. He's got enough intelligence to gain high grades, but most of them are average. Maybe he might care more if he knew what kind of job he wants, but he's too busy living in the moment as children do.

Because of his mother's habit to overindulgence him and his family's wealth he's grown to be quite dependent on modern day comforts, and his temper may sometimes cause unpleasant situations – yet he's not one of those spoiled rich brats as he's father's made sure he doesn't get everything he wants, especially not for free.

In early childhood, apart from those happy moments, he's socially somewhat timid, although genuinely curious and happy. It's only after registering to a state school at age 8 when he began to truly find his strengths and courage to approach even those his mother didn't necessarily consider ”safe”. The boy developed a habit to speak his mind perhaps too eagerly, as well as a sharp tongue. For as much as he loves his mother, he started to realise she'd been overprotective and controlling. In the presence of his parents or grandfather he usually remains more discreet and polite than he bothers to at other times. He loves spending time with his family – especially when grandpa can join them.

Hobbies/interests: Sports (football and baseball with ftiends), collecting (Matchbox cars, Star Wars cards, stickers, and seashells), remote-control toys, video games, board games, monster movies, Halloween, most kinds of documentaries, adventuring, and much more.


Asa was born and raised in London, although his family travelled a lot. His mother had left her Jewish roots mostly behind but there was no question about what to call him, he was named after his parents' loved ones, those who had especially strong impact on their lives. His first and middle names after his mother's father who was an excellent, kind man and died in Nazi Germany, imprisoned at Auschwitz concentration camp. And third name after his father's grandpa who looked after his grandchild in the shadows of World War II, after his mother was killed in the London Blitz during its worst night, and while the father served in the war.

All the way from infancy he was raised familiar with all the cultures of his roots – mainly english, but also french, and Jewish culture and history. Although, the Holocaust they intended for the school to introduce. Even though anti-semitism still exists,and they've had to come across it occasionally through the years which has confused and frightened him. His parents simply wished to focus on cultures' and religions' positive sides and strengths rather than needlessly soon introduce the darkness and sufferings. The family's travelled a lot, especially often to his mother's homeland France.

Demanded by his overprotective mother, Asa was home-schooled half of his primary school years, until finally in 1987 his father managed to convnce her that the boy would be just fine in a state school.

Some time in the late '80s the family learns about magic's existence for sure, due to Asa's adventurous nature and beliefs increasingly often leading him to something magical. That's when they also learn that the boy's godfather is a wizard but hadn't remembered it even himself until a couple of years earlier. In the early '90s they find out that he'd been abducted from a wizarding family as a young child and raised as a muggle. These are strange and troubling times for the family. As such huge revelations makes Asa even more impossible with his adventures, while his mother - upon learning about Voldemort and Death Eaters who are basically the wizarding equivalence of Hitler and the Nazis while muggle-borns and muggles that of Jews and disabled people – would like nothing more than her family to stay far away from that society, and his father caught somewhere in between. Yet they're not willing to cut ties with a good friend they've known for countless years and named their child's godfather.



- Understands french effortlessly and speaks it relatively well, especially around age ten. Of course only mundane discussions and not complicated adult topics filled with big words.

- Suffers from astraphobia. (Intense fear of lightning storms / lightnings.)
He can barely function, or at least concentrate on anything, during a lightning storm – depending on how bad, long and close it is, and if not alone, how much he trusts whoever he's with. He wants to go indoors immediately if it seems like there might be more than rain coming down. No one knows where this sources from for him.

- Loves Christmas and Christmas time more than any other festive season of the year. Focusing more on its earthly aspects than his parents' would like him to.

- With his family he attends church every Sunday, Easter and Christmas. (Ev.lut.)
Their faith is strong, but they don't believe in the Bible blindly – acknowledging its self-contradictions and that it was written by mortal men and not God, and how some 2000 years of various translations has more than likely changed its contents significantly from the original texts. They believe in Jesus, that he is the Son of God, the Messiah – and adapt the Bible's positive guidelines and lessons into their life, holding the Ten Commandments in especially high importance as they are the ones that supposedly were given by God himself. The Creation they hold as only a fictional story imagined by ancient people. They themselves combine evolution and the higher power – as did the man who introduced the evolution theory to the world, later scientifically proven to be more than a theory.
None of them is a fanatic or uptight, but practice their faith on a healthy level among themselves as well as respecting others' views and beliefs.



CHARACTER'S NAME: Shana Arleen Wolff
BIRTH DATE: March 4th 1939
OCCUPATION: Pediatrician. (A medical doctor for childhood illnesses.)



Eyes: Dark brown.
Hair: Blonde.
Height/Weight: 162 cm / 54 kg
Build & general appearence: Small frame. fit and slim. A "banana" body shape.
Bust-waist-hip: 34-24-35 inches / 86-61-89 cm. (Bra size: 32B.)
A head shorter than her husband. Very warm and gentle being.

Baking, cooking, Halloween, garage sales, writing a journal, reading to kids, shopping, traveling, hiking, gardening, dining out, reading (fantasy novels and non-fiction), different cultures...

She's genuinely curious, but not very brave in trying new, stranger things and needs a bigger temptations/motive or support from a loved one. Even decades after his childhood experiences she notices being overprotective of her only child and giving into his material wishes and demands too easily, but even so she can't quit the habit – as she hopes the boy would have as safe and easy life as possible, both socially and in standard of living.

Shana holds her opinions strong but not unbending. When angry she withdraws emotionally and tries to keep contact with the person as minimal as possible, but instead of only thinking of her anger she tries to figure out how to solve the problem. It's still not necessarely very constructive, for she can be hesitant in decision making, especially if under a lot of preassure.
She's very warm and tolerant soul, and although in some matters timid and careful she's basically a positive thinker. Shana loves helping other people and supporting their ambitions, but isn't remarkably ambitious herself. She enjoys the simple joys of life and especially being a home-maker whenever she's got the time. Unlike his husband and son her thirst for knowledge is easily quenched with theory and books, but she does sometimes join them on their different adventures.

She never grew to be initative or out-going when it comes to forming new relationships, so her active social circles are somewhat small. But she has a few good friends, and as she gains years and experiences it becomes easier for her to open the door to new people.

Shana's family descents from the first Jewish people of Middle East, but for countless generations her family has lived in France, her father was half english, and her husband's family has lived in England as long as anyone could remember - therefore the Middle Eastern roots do not show in her or her son's appearance. Her kin converted from Jewish religion to Christianity long ago, but proudly kept the culture alive among them for centuries (as much as possible when seperating it from the religion), until World War II forced them into keeping low profile.
As the anti-semitic propaganda and attitudes increasingly roared in the 1930s, they still managed to live quite happily in Paris. But when the Nazi-Germany took over France in the summer of 1940, they escaped to the country side as they couldn't afford moving abroad – else they would've run far away from Germany already prior to the imminent war and when Hitler's declarations first surfaced. Of course no one knew what the advertised work camps were really like, but they figured nothing run by a group like the Nazi could be that dreamy. They didn't believe in the propaganda for a second.

They managed to hide on the French country side for years, under false names and keeping low profile. Living relatively happy, though in constant fear. Especially as in addition to the Nazi soldiers, the French army wanted to find her father who should've been serving in the war. Her father was a doctor and her mother a primary school teacher, but after they went into hiding Reena became a stay-at-home mum and Zane could no longer practice as a doctor. Causing the family's income decrease suddenly and drastically, especially as the Nazis greed taxed the country's economy and resources of living necessities – the French citizens lived in desperate shortage of pretty much everything.
Important was also the protection given by good friends and kind, brave strangers whenever their cover was blown. Life was extremely exhausting especially for a little girl; though France had by far the most private citizens secretly fighting against the Nazis – on the other side of the scale were the countless citizens and the French police force who did all they could to find and give up their own Jews. Shana never fully comprehended why so many french people – much less its government - could turn against their own like that, how they could get behind the Nazi propaganda so easily.

Eventually, in 1944 the family's luck ran out - Shana's father's true identity reached the ears of wrong people, he was captured and taken to Auschwitz. At the end of the war in January 1945 he did not return home. Then 6-year old Shana's mother couldn't let go, but overprotected her daughter long after the war was over. Still they eventually dared to return to their old identities and old home. Slowly life returnded to relatively normal, apart from having to go on living in poverty and shortage as France recovered.

Later her mother purchased a headstone and grave for her husband from the nearby graveyard, even though nothing could be laid to rest in it. Shana still pays annually to keep it cared for and beautiful. These days the same grave holds her mother's urn, after she died in a car crash in the early '70s. Any time she visits France she also visits their grave.

As she finished her schooling around the mid-50's, she applied to a University in Britain. As much as she loved her homeland, a country that Hitler had not managed to invade and thus was in much better wealth and standard of living, felt like a better choice in the war-torn world. In addition, she wanted to get more familiar with her father's homeland. Soon she received english citizenship and after graduating from University she followed in her father's footsteps, specializing in children.

In 1968, during one of her visits to France she met and fell in love with an english paleontologist, Scott Wolff, and a couple of years later they felt like their relationship had proven strong enough to make a lifetime promise - they mrried in 1970. By this time also her mother had moved to England. Scott took his wife's surname, as she wished for her father's name be carried on should a son be in the cards for them. Neither of them had particularly planned to have children, but after years together it started to feel right, to be the one thing they were still missing in life.


- Speaks and understands French fluently, though speaks it with english accent, having lived in England for a couple of decades.
Of course, her current first language is english which she also speaks and understands fluently.

- She believes in God, evolution and miracles - but not in magic. If she ever found out about it and the secret society of witches and wizards, she'd stay away from it as much as possible would wish the same from her family. She doesn't hold prejudice against or judge the wizarding kind in general, just wants to stay safe what with its history being so dark and technically unsolved. Voldemort and Death Eaters being too much like Hitler and the Nazis, but unlike Hitler, Voldemort's death has not been confirmed.

- Allergic to cats and dogs. Only mildly, but strongly enough to not be able to keep one as a pet or spend a whole day in a houde where one lives.

- Loves all animals, except spiders.
* * *
CHARACTER'S NAME: Scott Oliver Wolff (neé. Adams)
BIRTH DATE: May 15th 1938
OCCUPATION: Paleontologist. (Studies and searches for fossils of pre-historic vertebrate animals.)



Eyes: Green, though occasionally appear to be blue.
Hair: Dark brown with natural curls. Sometimes dyes them lighter or even darker brown.
Height/Weight: 188 cm / 87 kg
Build & general being: fit/muscular
His friendly face and out-going being balance out his physical size, making him relatively easy to approach to most people. In anger he's intense but rarely aggressive. He can appear quite playful when among children, yet has no problem being an authority figure in every way that counts.

Bowling, running, visiting gyn, garage sales, traveling, watching movies, dining out, Halloween, folkore, science, video ganes, animals...


Values he holds in especially high importance are patience and hard work towards one's gols, as life has demanded those traits from him at almost every turn. Family is the most important thing in life to him and he puts its well-fare ahead of everyhing else, and is very protective over his loved ones. He's determined, self-confident, and in addition to parience also emotionally stable and usually calm. Scott is youthful even when pushing fifty – not in a mid-life crisis way but genuinely. He is interested in the modern world's development the same as the pre-historic world's.

As a brave, out-going and active person he sees the appeal and importance of gaining new experiences, but thinks reasonable safety more important and does not easily abandone it.
Also honesty is very important to him, and attempts to lead by example - lying only in means to save a life or spare somebody's feelings. When angry he usually becomes very intense and has a lot to say, but usually forgives quickly except if it's about something especially serious.

Scott's organized to the max; he might use hours trying to plan and organize something just so, trying to find the perfect way to do it, and if thrown in the middle of an actual utter chaos he becomes a regular ball of stress. He does not make the best decisions under a lot of stress, but if enough is at risk he will pull through.
He loves children and gladly takes chances to be with them, so long as he doesn't have to deal with a large group of them all alone. He gains a lot of strength in life's storms from watching the innocent, lively and blissfully ignorant little people live in the moment.


Also Scott's childhood was overcast by the shadows of World War II; he lost his mother and home to the worst bombing of London, in May 1941 when he was 3-years old. Well into his adult years he suffered from PTSD, symptoms triggered in example by extremely loud noises, smoke, or breaking glass, especially at night time. For the first year since his mother's death he and his maternal grandfather lived in a shelter for homeless people, worrying about his father's safety all the more. But he recalls many happy memories, too, as his grandfather was a strong source of security and joy. His father survived the war and managed to secure a job as a chef, rent a new house where the three of them settled in, and Scott who'd thus far been homeschooled by his grandfather was finally registered to a state school.

Taking after his astronomer mother, he was extremely into science. He was especially fascinated by the mankind's history before the modern human and of Earth's history before man, and being academically exceptionally gifted he found his calling from the job of paleontologist. After he graduated at age 25, he spent the first year doing voluntary work to gain credits, until landed a job as one of the curators in British Natural History Museum, in London.

After a struggling beginning, he succeeded in securing himself and his father a wealthy life. His work took him around the world, in conferences and sometimes in the fields and on one such trip he found something he hadn't even had much time to think about; a life companion. He'd had a few short relationships but nothing that would've lasted for much longer than a couple of years, due to his extensive travelling. After he married, and even more after his son was born he turned down most opportunities to travel abroad and participated in the work-related trips only if absolutely necessary. Ever since he's hunted for fossils on the fields mainly on his spare time, with his family.


- Suffers from fear of heights, though relatively mildly. He can handle spending a few minutes on the roof of a two-story house, but not much higher.

- Does not believe in magic, but wouldn't deny its possible existence.

- Loves ocean and beaches.

- Musician by night, not famous or even released any songs yet
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 #38854  by Kieran

I created these garden and floorplans using Floorplanner.


4 Evelyn Grove, Ealing. (London, England)
---> Upper class neighborhood. Ealing in general being from middle-class to upper class.



The front yard is: 17 m x 6 m / 56 ft. x 20 ft.
With motion detecting yard light.

(24 m x 18 m, max. / 79 ft. x 59 ft. max.)

You can enter this directly from the front yard, too, through a gate after a path on the right side of the house. The gate is of course very high and always locked.

Surrounded by 2 m (6' 3'') high evergreen hedge fence.
The pool's dimensions are 3,5 x 7,0 m (11' 5'' x 23'), it's surrounded by light gray marble tileing, a 1,5 m (5 ft.) high metal railing and a gate that's locked when no one's in there. It's covered with a thick top when empty or unused for a long time.

By the swingset at the back grows a holly bush, and by the terrace side an old maple tree suitable for climbing. On the left side among the flower bushes grows a tiny evergreen spruce.


  • 307 m2 / 3304 ft2 + basement + garage + garden shed.
  • Living room, kitchen, dining room, study, downstairs WC, bathroom, utility room, and 6 rooms out of which three are used as bedrooms.
  • Walls and the roof are white, no wallpapers.
  • Although the house is large, it gets lots of natural light due to every room having numerous or large windows.

  • Entrance hall, W:3 m / 10 ft. x D:6 m / 20 ft. (max.) with a small wc (1,5 x 1,5 m / 5 x 5 ft.) The closet next to the coathanger is supposed to be dark brown, the programme messed it up. The stairs turn a bit to the right at the top, Walls block the view so you can't see upstairs unless you specifically try to from the bottom of them.
  • Large living-room (W:3,5m x D:7,5m / 11' 5'' x 24' 5'') With a couple of meters wide pocket door which almost seemlessly blends to the wall when all the way open, which it usually is.
  • Through the living room and a normal door you'll find yourself on the other side of the house, where's a home gym (W:3,5 m x D:3 m / 11' 5'' x 11'), the cupboard under the stairs, backdoor to the rear garden and the basement door. The basement are gray cement as is the floor, the programme just refused to colour them.
  • Utility room (W:3 m x D:4 m / 10' x 13') The door from the back of the house is a doble-sliding door and at least one of them is always partially open.
  • Kitchen (W:5 m x S:3 m / 16' 5'' x 10'), above the desktops are cupboards even though they don't show in the picture. By the kitchen units is also an island worktop which doesn't show in the picture. There's a glass pane in the door leading to the side garden and patio.
  • The fridge is huge and dark blue with the door painted as the British Union flag.
  • Dining room (W:5 m x D:4 m / 16' 5'' x 13'.) To the right from the door stands a small corner table, on the opposite corner a long worktop and low cupboards under it. On the left stand a couple of high closets, a frezer and a ficus.

  • On the left behind the stairs a tall drawer and a storage room, and a guestroom (W:4 m x D:4 m / 13' x 13'.)
  • A railing of course lines the stairs on the right to where Asa's room is. The other two sides are surrounded by walls.
  • To the front-right from the stairs is Scott and Shan's bedroom (W:5 m x D:6 m / 16' 5'' x 20'), and next to it the study (W:2,5 m x D:3 m / 8' x 10'.)
  • Opposite to the parents' bedroom is a billiards room (W:5 m x D:3 m)
  • Above the garage is a thinking room, (W:4,5 m x D:6 m / 15' x 20'.) Obviously the pool table would've fit here much better, but this being the most quiet part of the house they wanted to dedicate it to any situation someone might seek some peaceful alone time. The bed is a loft bed. Under it you'll find a desk. On the drawer lie a wide selection of books. This room is also used as a second guestroom, if needed.
  • Upstairs hall is almost empty apart from a small round table, a trunk and three high closets.
  • Asa's bedroom (W:3,5 m x D:4 m / 11' 5'' x 13') also includes a high bed with a ladder. Under it more drawers and tons of stuff, and for a few years his pet rats' cage.
(D: 9 m / 30 ft. x W: 12 m / 38 ft.)

The stairs are grey concrete, from the bottom it's about 13 feet to the storage area and 26 feet to the cold cellar, recording studio and WC. The main floor is mixed brick, the toilet is tiled, and the recording studio has a parquet flooring. The walls could have been painted with nice bright colours or perhaps even with some themed pictures by the family together.

The storage area is 2 m x 6 m (7' x 20') wide and it's usually separated from the main area by a folding room divider. Most of the boxes have been labeled and stored in a divider shelf unit but some loose boxes usually lie around. n the corner there's also their electric water heater tank.

The toilet is 2 m x 1,5 m (7' x 5') wide and has a double sink and a bathroom radiator.

The cold cellar is 2,5 x 2,5 m (8' x 8'), for storing juices and jams and such goods.

Recording studio is 4 x 4,5 m (13' x 15'), includes more instruments and equipment than the floorplan shows.

Lounge area is (4,5 x 3 m (15' x 10'). The television is 32' standing on a leg', as in smaller than the one in the living room.
 #38861  by Kieran
Character © Kieran


Concept: A muggle-born wizaed, an animagus, a retired FBI Special Agent, and World War 2 veteran who in 1981 moves from the USA to London, Engoland to adopt his orphaned half-vampire nephew and raises him there. I mean that adoption to be the starting point and his new life from the on be the main focus. But will gladly also write about his earlier life. So, I plan to set threads between 1942 and 1991.



Oct 25th 1922, Scorpio

Muggle-born / english-american

103 Bardon Lane, Sutton – (Surrey/London, England)
[photo][photo][street view]
* Floorplans & info coming soon!


Mother: Elizabeth Hazel James (née. Austin) - * 1900 - d. 1960 | British
Father: William Carl James- * 1900 - d. 12/1941 | American
Sister: Emily Joanne James - * 1940 - d. 10/1981
Nephew: Alexander Ozias James - half-vampire - * July 17th 1978
(* adopts as his own son in 1981)


Height/Weight: 185 cm | 6'1'' / 80 kg | 177 lbs.
Eyes: green
Hair: light brown, though a bit greying already.
Animagus form: raven

Most of his adult life he looks older than the average wizard of his age; right around a muggle of his age. Because stressful life has aged him fast, but due to the magical blood has not aged beyond his years in muggles' eyes. Despite of his appearance he has an athletic body and the physical endurance of a 30-year old even at age 60, as he has kept himself in shape for his job. His basic being is determined, calm and intelligent, as well as deep and serious. Even so he usually gives a friendly first impression, and his being may become very warm and inviting as he feels deeply and extremely. He's simply able to control his emotions very well in certain types of situations.

Age 19: [photo] – Age 40: [photo]


Zach was born on a small farm in Minnesota, USA, and had a happy childhood apart from being bullied at school where he was seen as a freak due to the accidental magic he manifested. Yet he had a handful of good friends, just all of them were labelled as losers for whatever reason. In the summer of 1934 the answer to everything arrived with a letter and a couple of days later further with the principal of Ilvermorny the school of witchcraft and wizardry. Zach attended it, wanting to know this new and exciting side of himself but dropped out after two years. His father was extremely patriotic and people-loving person, and had inspired the same in his son. Zach did not, back then, see how education at Ilvermorny would enable him to serve his country and other people - due to the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy. He'd also for several years already, dreamt of a career in law enforcement, particularly in the secret service.

In December of 1941 he wished he'd stayed in the wizarding school for a few more years or at least continued studying magic at home – maybe then he would have had skills to protect his family and friends from weapons of mass destruction. In spring 1942, at age nineteen, he was drafted; United States had joined the World War II in the previous December after the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. His own father had served in the US Navy and died there that day. From April 1942 to the summer of 1945 Zach defended his country against the Japanese and at times against the Nazi soldiers, though the first year he spent in the army training. Loss of his father, the horrors of war, and the constant worry about his family and friends' safety only strengthened his desire to aim at a career in the FBI. He wanted to make the world a little bit safer and better, to try and lessen all the death and suffering.

Homecoming was happy in that his mother, sister and friends had survived and he himself hadn't suffered any major physical injuries - but very difficult with PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) troubling him for a long time and almost preventing him from choosing his dream career. Zach took small steps, patiently descended back into normal life. He spent a lot of time with his mother and got to know his little sister who no longer remembered him as she'd been only two years old when he left, and he made it forward with the help of his mother, therapy, medication as well as those friends who'd also survived the war. During these post-war years he stepped more into the wizarding society, made friends there, studied charms and generally magic further, and became an animagus.

He had a couple of serious romantic relationships during these years but they both ended because of wanting different things from life. In 1953 Zach graduated as an FBI Special Agent for their criminal investigation department. The job took most of his time, but almost all his spare time that he did not sleep he spent with his loved ones. During longer vacations he usually took some "me-time" to be by himself. Sometimes he was certain he'd never want to bring a child into this cruel and cold world, but other times he felt like a child was the one thing still missing from his life. But 50-hour work weeks in a mobile and dangerous job prevented any serious and long-term relationships from forming.

In 1960 his mother died of old age and a few months later his sister Emily moved to the family's country of origin, England. The main attraction being Britain's rich mythology and folklore, for she'd been strongly into the occult ever since she was a little girl, inspired by her brother's wizardness. The siblings' contact lessened year by year, for they hadn't become very close due to their huge age difference. A letter or a phone call occasionally whenever bigger news happened, but it was not strange at all to go for many years without any kind of contact.

In the '70s Zach travelled to England a lot on vacations, sometimes to see his sister and sometimes to visit Britain's wizarding society. On these vacations he got to know and befriended a half-blood wizard Jacob King. In addition to magic they connected over family-centred personalities, fondness of muggle lifestyle, and strong pull to serve in the muggle law enforcement. The men kept in touch through owl post throughout the years. Both men subconsciously had searched for a young/old friendship, Jacob due to losing both parents and grandfather before he really started his adult life and Zach due to regret of not having raised a family.

Zach had not heard from his sister for years when in November 1981 the letter from London's wizarding orphanage arrived. Only then he found out about Emily's cold fate and the newest addition to his family. He had retired from FBI's service six years ago and owned a house in London for five years, so he headed to England to meet his nephew and bury his sister. He rented his house in the US and remained in London to raise his nephew.


His determined and strong personality and his desire to search until the truth is revealed combined with resourcefulness, great discretion and adaptability made a path in FBI's service a natural one. Zach bases his decisions on facts and strong conclusions and he's excellent in bringing order into chaos, making him a strong leader. But he never aimed at the higher ranks in his job for especially when he was younger he desired adventure and field work. Generally in life he instinctively seeks a leadership position and rather starts his own projects than joins someone else's.

Zachin basic nature is calm and cool, and patient – on the other hand he can quickly become aggressive if the situation is painful or threatening enough which may surprise an observer – which all in part helped him return home from the war. He won't reveal even the smallest of secrets, not even under torture, his own or anyone else's. He hates that kind of betrayal as much as dishonesty in general. But he does understand the difference between a white and black lie as well as how some situations require it – after all his job demands undercover operations, and thus he does not judge all dishonesty harshly if at all. Still, his trust is extremely hard to win back if it's once been built and then lost. Especially as he is initially/basically distrustful towards new people.

Distrustful and secretive nature makes it difficult for him to form significantly close friendships. He does like to hold conversations and discuss even deep stuff, and is relatively social, but he doesn't give a very easily approachable first impression nor reveal deeply personal stuff from his past easily. Usually when he steps into a crowded room he tends to blend in and observe everything and everyone before freely socialising. Zach brave, friendly and likes to help which has formed him a wide social circle albeit mostly acquaintances and good buddies rather than friends.

He's often unyielding even when he recognises that it would be better to give in. Although he feels deeply he won't let it show outside of his nearest and dearest. Zach is very devoted to any big project he starts and has a clear value rank for them. He lives with deep feeling, is very protective and does show a lot of affection, but only family and closest friends get to experience all the colours and depths of his soul. If you wrong him he may hold a grudge for the rest of his life and may even revenge – on the other hand he also remembers kindness and good deeds as well, and takes a chance to repay.

He hates living in another person's home, literally he'd rather live in a box outside than in someone else's home for a longer period of time. Even if he paid rent. Zach always does everything in his power to find a place of his own in any given life situation. It's not so much about pride as it is about being fiercely independent and survivalist so he simply doesn't feel at home anywhere that he hasn't built or earned himself.

Results of his own work, achievements and control of his own life are extremely important to him. As serious/solemn as he is he does also have a lighter and playful side which shows especially around Halloween.



- First speaks in American accent, but within a year it becomes almost entirely British.

- In London he grows his own vegetables and keeps a few chickens for fresh eggs.

- Occasionally suffers from war flashbacks/nightmares, as in suffers from PTSD. Some also due incidents in his decades as an FBI agent.

- Enjoys drinking on weekends, especially in bars/pubs. But only one or two drinks, as in has never been drunk.

- Loves calm evenings at home.

- Hobbies: biking on nature paths, photographing, soccer with his nephew, and researching. Especially human psychology, myths, and past centuries.

- Wealthy: pension $182 280 / £137,570 per year (in today's value.)

- Plays guitar and sings.
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Concept: A young half-blood wizard and half-vampire orphaned in October 1981 at age 3 and raised by his uncle in London. The uncles is a muggle-born wizard, animagus, retired FBI agent and a WW2 veteran. I plan to focus on Xander's ages 3 to 12. I can write him independently from his uncle from age 6 up or so. Generally between years 1981 and 1991.


---> SPEAKING VOICE: AGE 5 to 11


July 17th 1978 – Cancer

half-blood wizard / half-vampire

103 Bardon Lane, Sutton – (Surrey/London, England)
[photo][photo][street view]
* Floorplans & info coming soon!


Adoptive dad: Zachary Adrian James / ”Zach” - * Oct 25th 1922
(* biologically his uncle)
Mother: Emily Joanne James - * 1940 - d. 10/1981
Father: Basil J. Corrigan - * 1946 - d. 10/1981


Height/weight: 97-154 cm | 3'2'' - 5'' / 15-42 kg | 33-92 lbs. (age 3 to 14)
Eyes: blue
Hair: light brown

Due to his "sun allergy" he's always remarkably pale or, during summer time, at most normal healthy shade of skin colour without any tan at all. He's never "vampire pale" as he can enjoy the sun through a window glass and outdoors in small doses with strong sunscream applied. For the same reason his clothes are usually thick fabric and long-sleeved, and he should never step into direct sunlight without lots of sunscream applied and a hat and/or sunglasses. Apart from the paleness he looks perfectly healthy.



His father Basil was a Death Eater in Voldemort's inner circle. But the man abandoned his loyalty and the cause when he fell in love with a muggle woman. Emily was an occultist who had fallen victim to a vampire, and lived in an underground coven. There Basil hid and managed to secretly live for years. Emily was the leader of the community, she attempted to live on pig's blood and normal human food although occasionally couldn't help herself and took a human victim. In the summer of 1978 the community's first half-vampire was born. The new baby and Basil felt safe enough as Emily took care that the community was joined only by those who hadn't lost their appreciation and fondness towards humanity. They all arranged human blood from a blood bank in various ways so they wouldn't be constantly tempted to hunt humans.

Baby Alexander, nicknamed Xander by his parents, grew mostly underground separated from the outside world – the only window to the rest of the world was a television. Not only because no one of his community could safely go out in daylight but also because of his own health. Basil found out after a few hours outing in the sun that the boy suffered second degree burns from direct sunlight. With a healing charm they were able to save the baby from death or scarring, but for the next three years Xander never saw the sun for real.

In October 1981, a few days before Voldemort disappeared, some vampires who'd allied themselves with him managed to infiltrate Emily's coven – and with the aid of some Death Eaters they mass murdered nearly the entire community. Some of the community were half-blood witches and wizards, but the Death Eaters did not bother to find out who was and who wasn't. The surprise attack was so sneaky that those few magical individuals had no time or chance to defend anyone. But after the attack they themselves faced a surprise; a party of Aurors ambushed them outside the underground den. It was the largest mass arrest of Death Eaters during the war, even though some of them had died during the attack on the vampires.

The Aurors searched through the caves but found no one alive. Xander had managed to escape but as he had zero experience of the outside world and was so young he was very quickly caught by the Aurors. Afraid and traumatised the child did not speak a word, but checking the teeth revealed that he was not a vampire. By using legilimency on him the Aurors figure out his father was Basil Corrigan and therefore the boy was a wizard.

That same night Xander was taken to an orphanage for witches and wizards where he resided while the social workers tried to locate his closest living family members. The staff was told whatever little was known about the child's past but as it wasn't very much at all they did not know to be extra careful. The days did not go smoothly as the boy refused to speak - nor safely because Xander had been raised as a vampire since birth. In addition to the "sun allergy" he had inherited his mother's blood lust, albeit on a milder level.

Five days from Xander's arrival he was found in the orphanage's storage space drinking blood from their pet cat whose throat he'd cut with a knife. This clarified to the adults that the child was a half-vampire and inherited the demon's two worst traits. But the innocent look in his eyes combined to the generally peaceful behaviour during the days there made them sure he still had more humanity in him and that he'd killed the animal because he needed blood to stay healthy and because his community had probably butchered animals such as rabbits for food. Xander's life so far still remaining obscure - as legilimency did not help with the vagueness and faint memories of a 3-year old - the staff began feverishly to search for a foster home. The father's family had already been tracked and announced that they wanted nothing to do with "the blood traitor's" offspring. Three days later they found a home with no animals or children, but with a responsible adult who would not abuse the boy out of fear. The orphanage staff however made weekly check and support visits to the foster home.

For a month or so they tracked the muggle mother's family members - not very many were alive and out of those who were not all could be considered safe to reveal magic to. Eventually they found letters that revealed Emily's brother, Zachary James, to be a wizard. As they had no information to provide to an owl for a direct letter, they sent an owl to MACUSA who forwarded the letter to the man as he was known to them through co-operation with the FBI. Shortly after, in December 1981, Zachary sent out a response that he'd absolutely want to meet his nephew and arrange it so that he could adopt the child. Before Christmas that year he moved to London.


Xander is independent and resourceful. He's more of the practical kind; though he' got a rich imagination he's not very quick-witted. Overall he doesn't talk much even after getting used to his new life, most often speaking in short and dynamic sentences. Except if the matter is very important to him and he's found someone equally enthusiastic about it he may start talking more. With new people and in larger crowds he's usually the silent observer which has developed his observation skills very high.

He gets easily excited about new things but approaches them with caution and slowly grows to be more social with his peers, but his relaxed and energetic side is mostly seen by only family and closest friends – that is by people in whose company he feels safe. Xander is strongly stubborn which leads him to learn the hard way more often than through theory or talking. When he loves something he does so with the same fire as a vampire desires blood, so he has sometimes much difficulties to shake off even bad habits if he finds them pleasant enough.

His basic nature is calm and kind-hearted, but he's easily irritated and has a firey temperament which manifests often through terrible tantrums. But very rarely he gets violent. As he gets older his blood lust is strong enough to have him react with violence if someone tries to take it, like an animal he will protect his prey if needed. As a toddler he does not yet have that instinct regardless of the shred of demon inside him.

As he grows older he gets interested in his family's as well as the world's history and the darker side of the wizarding society and magic, initially simply because of his roots and his uncle attempts to keep his research on an age-appropriate level. Because of his sun allergy Xander can not run around outdoors as much as he'd like but at age seven he still starts playing soccer.

He's found some joy in his condition; during P.E. classes at school and boring outdoor events he gets to stay inside unless the day is overcast or it's winter, and he isn't always very well supervised to he sometimes gets to do whatever he wants in school. School having so many theory subjects, he's very lazy about schoolwork - even at Hogwarts.


- Hobbies: soccer (with friends), watercolour painting, video games, reading, collecting.

- Diagnosed with severe "sun allergy" by muggle doctors, and with a blood disease which granted him right to get free blood from a blood bank. He needs it a couple of times a week.