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 #32881  by Glasgowboyiain93
About me

Well, hey there!

Making one of my many comebacks to roleplay after a break due to life! So glad to have found somewhere that seems warm and welcoming, hopefully I'll be around for a while.

I have been roleplaying on and off over the last 13 years over 3 different sites. 2 of them died due to lack of members and one things just got too busy on my end. I love to write and develop my characters using a slice of life style. I am also open to taking on requested characters, but that will be after a while when I'm back up to speed.

Even though I live in Scotland I work in a bar, so I am normally around way into the wee hours of the morning our time trying to put out replies.

Personal Information

Name: Iain
Age: 26 - 08/07/1993
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Contactable by: DM on here or on Discord (Kenny Bryan (Iain))


Name: James Serpantine
Age: 40 - 21/12/1963
Magical Status: Wizard
Wizarding Education: Hogwarts
House: Hufflepuff
Primary Era: Reformation (Though, could play a younger version in Maurader Era or Golden Era)
Place of Birth: Balloch, Scotland
Current Residence: London