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 #32158  by Ejder
Hello, I am Ejder.

Ejder is my name. I am a 29 year old German dude in agriculture who likes punk, rock and metal, also hip hop. I like reading thrillers (I really, really, really love Sebastian Fitzek), drinking whiskey, beer and Radler. I RP almost exclusively male characters, and also almost exclusively LGBT+ chars. I like reading, watching procedural crime series and Bollywood movies on Netflix, plants, gardening, horticulture, languages, history, philosophy, and other stuff. I like simple things like the light of the sun through tree leaves, orange Fanta, band tees, and more. Feel free to ask.

I'm super friendly, I hope, and I'd love to make friends, so don't be shy and hit me up!

RP-wise, I write short posts. I like to be going a certain direction with a character, but I'm not a plot-driven player. I like the random and the slice of life, and more than anything I like creating chaos.

Hope to see you around!

Characters I play are:

Peeves the Poltergeist
Dino O'Sullivan
Aksel Larsen
Can Zerdali
Nikau Harrison