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Jake Binx

Jake Stone, Active Character

My Name or Nickname: Binxy
OOC Account: Binxyboo
Quills Account(s): Binxyboo

NAME: Jake Anhur Binx
DATE OF BIRTH: 2nd Auguat 1981
PRIMARY ERA: Reformation
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Between London & France
OCCUPATION: co-manager of The Blue Lagoon

Concept: A young man trying his best to help his family run one of the family clubs, while trying to train for a job in the Ministry.

Other Eras & Jobs: Golden: 3rd year Slytherin & Legacy: French Ministry Auror

Parents: Johnny Binx & Misty Binx

Appearance: Jake is a man who constantly keeps his appearance to perfection. He has short dark brown hair, which is always well groomed and he usually is well shaven, but sometimes can be seen with a little stubble. When it comes to weight and height, Jake is actually quite average. He's not as intimidating as the rest of the boys of the Binx family. He's not buff and he's not well built, Jake lacks any intimidating factor except for his glare.

Ethnicity:British, Pureblood [ View OOC Note ]

Personality: Jake is a people person. He can charm the pants off of anyone if he actually tried. He uses his charm sometimes when he's bored out of his mind, and a bored Jake is a dangerous Jake. He lives up to the saying "forever up to no good" when there isn't anything to keep him out of trouble. Pranks and pulling stunts were always his thing back in his school years, that always kept him busy and happy, but now being twenty-two he's had to mature a bit and calm down, especially since he's had to help his uncle run his mother's club in Paris. Now work and chatting up pretty girls is what keeps him happy.

Jake isn't shy around strangers. However, he doesn't usually treat them as friendly as he does his friends. He likes to keep strangers at a distance and slowly get to know them with each meeting. He's protective when it comes to those he cares about, and he can be kind of fickle when it comes to right and wrong. Whatever will benefit him the most, that's what side he'd choose.

Current Goals: To become and Auror

Hobbies: Reading, Quidditch, Wizard's Chess, developing new cocktails for the club, wrestling and star gazing
Loyalties: Family
Magical Strengths: Potions, charms & Astronomy
Magical Weaknesses: care of magical creatures, flying & herbology

Strongest Childhood Memory: Going to photo shoots with his mum, and all the other models cooing over him.

Pets: A white cat
Wand: 4" Gaboon Ebony, Veela hair
Boggart: His father angry at him
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Played By: Binxyboo
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Re: Jake Binx

Vyreia, Active Player

Hi Binxy!

Jake looks like an interesting character with big goals and ambitions, especially to join the Ministry! Before we can get him sorted, there are a couple of things that need clarifying first.

• You have listed his occupation as working in a Blue Lagoon in France, however this business only has one location, so he would need to work there (England).
• Could we have a little more information on who his relations are as a Binx, as you have mentioned his uncle and mother. Are they currently characters in play? (this is more just out of curiosity haha)

Please reply to this thread when any relevant changes have been made. :)

-Vaultkeeper Vyreia
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Re: Jake Binx

Jake Stone, Active Character

The Blue Lagoon has always had two clubs, one in London, the main/original one and then the second one in France. The France one has been mentioned in threads over the years, and even had an active character running it once upon a time. Zachary Stone, no idea if any older admins remember?

Johnny and Misty are his parents, Jake's their first born :) (though he was originally Misty's step-son, but I've tweaked it a bit so he's her biological son)

Played By: Binxyboo
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Re: Jake Binx

Jake Stone, Active Character

Edited. He’s at the London club helping his mum, for now. He’s trying to get into the French ministry, studying and training etc but his main job at the moment while he studies and trains is working the club,... and when the option to add to my current business is open I’ll request the French club to be added.

Does that work?

In case it gets asked, he’s wanting the French ministry because he wants to move to France as his mum’s side has family over there, and he likes the place so wants to eventually move out there

Played By: Binxyboo