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 #33003  by Anat

My Name or Nickname: Fae
OOC Account: Fae
Quills Account(s): Free season character

NAME: Anat
DATE OF BIRTH: Summer, 978
EMPLOYER: Blessed Isis student

PRIMARY ERA: Founders Era

Concept: A student and priestess in-training who likes to cause mischief around the school.
Other Eras & Jobs: VEMGRL - Vampire/Drifter
Bloodline: Abha Iblis (turned around 1005 and has no ties to her sire)
Bloodline Abilities: Intoxicate, Sandshaping, Stone Form
Basic Ability #1: Youthful Appearance
Basic Ability #2: Increased Speed

Appearance: Anat has dark brown eyes and equally dark hair that she usually has pulled back into a braid and covered with a headdress.
Ethnicity: Egyptian
Personality: Although she likes to cause trouble, Anat is serious when it comes to her studies. She enjoys conversing with others, but always likes to voice her opinions on the subject.

Backstory: Anat grew up in a household full of priestesses, with the only male figure being her grandfather. As the only child in her generation, at least until she was fifteen, she was expected to follow the females in her family and train to become a priestess. Getting to go to school at Blessed Isis was the happiest moment of her life, as she was finally away from her family.
Current Goals: Complete her final year of school.

Hobbies: Causing mischief, singing (when she's alone)
Mental Strengths: Educated, witty, tough
Mental Weaknesses: Mischievous, opinionated, difficult
Magical Strengths: Pantheon studies, charms
Magical Weaknesses: Defense against the dark arts, potions

Secret They'll Never Tell: She wishes her family didn't expect her to become a priestess
 #33021  by Inactive Admin

Welcome to the Wizarding World, Anat!

I can not wait to see how the transformation from student to vampire plays out ! You might like to begin your story in Of Riches and Gold, which takes place in London, or by using one of the following thread ideas:

★ The High Priestesses feel that Anat is ready to end her studies and join their ranks, whether Anat is ready or not.

★ Some of Anat's classmates have been chosen to travel far into the desert to study at an ancient and sacred shrine but Anat was not. What will she do to prove that she is worthy of such an opportunity?

Before you jump in...