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 #13818  by Jodie Watts
My Name or Nickname: Vyreia
OOC Account: Vyreia
Quills Account(s): Vyreia

NAME: Jodie Watts
CHARACTER TYPE: Witch, Metamorphmagus
DATE OF BIRTH: 28-Sep-1975
CURRENT RESIDENCE: England, though tends to travel
EMPLOYER: Occult Records, Jazz Singer

PRIMARY ERA: Reformation Era

Concept: A jazz singer using her ability to get into galas and parties; maybe innocently wanting to party, maybe wanting to gain aristocratic secrets for profit.
Other Eras & Jobs: N/A

Appearance: As a Metamorphmagus, Jodie naturally has slightly darker skin, tight brown curls, and large doe-eyes. She looks innocent enough, though does love to add a pop or red lipstick to make herself stand out. However, when angry, her hair seems to straighten and chin points, and sadness makes her shrink in height. The shortest she ever got was just about five feet, where usually she stands above average.
Ethnicity: Mixed - half Jamaican, half white British
Personality: Jodie is a fiery young woman with a little too much interest in other people's business. She tends to enjoy observing people, and likes to know when she has earned their attention. Whilst singing, she takes on a more sensual persona, but is often more abrasive when speaking face-to-face. She enjoys to use her Metamorphmagus ability to gain connections and appeal to a wider audience, a skill she learnt from her own mother who is also a Matamorphmagus.

Backstory: Coming from the Isle of Man, as soon as Jodie left Hogwarts, she knew she couldn't go back. Instead, she performed in every bar, club, tavern - everything - until she eventually got spotted. Eventually, it led her to performing at more profound gatherings...but the pay still wasn't great. It wasn't until she met a particular Aristocrat that she learned the value in watching, listening, and collecting secrets.
Current Goals: To make more money with the secrets she's recently found out

Hobbies: Singing, attending parties, swimming
Loyalties: Herself, her aristocrat connections, her family back home
Mental Strengths: Loyal, ambitious, confident
Mental Weaknesses: Sly, abrasive, short-tempered
Magical Strengths: Transfiguration, charms
Magical Weaknesses: Divination, Arithmancy, Potions
 #13947  by TyrellRose
Hey there Vy!

I think Jodie has a fascinating story lined up and I'm interested to see where things go with her!

Before I can finish sorting her, though, it unfortunately does not look like the account you have chosen has enough quills. Go ahead and pick another account for the quills to come from and then I can continue with her sorting!

-Vaultkeeper TyrellRose
 #13958  by Vyreia
Done! :)
 #13967  by Kay

Welcome to the Wizarding World, Jodie Watts!

There is nothing wrong with using certain powers to party with the bigwigs; it's all fun and games. Until the secrets Jodie learns aren't so fluffy and funny anymore. You might like to begin your story in Research, which takes place in the Aspen Club, or by using one of the following thread ideas:

★ Jodie wakes up with a crackle in her voice. How will she preserve her voice for tonight's performance?

★ Aurors show up at a party Jodie is attending. She swears she heard one of them say her name. To hide or not to hide?

Before you jump in...