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 #40084  by Eion Bryne
My Name or Nickname: Becky
OOC Account: Becky
Quills Account(s): Free Season Character
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NAME: Eion Dara Bryne
DATE OF BIRTH: June 17th 1949
EMPLOYER: International Quiddatch Association
POSITION: Head Coach for the Kenmare Kestrels and the Irish National Team


Concept:Eion is a fairly quiet sort of bloke, he enjoys going out sailing on his boat in the sea, a good cuppa or pint with his pals, and a deep deep obsession for quidditch. His whole career has been quidditch and has been since he served as a beater on the Hufflepuff house team since he was 13. He played as a beater for both the Kenmare Kestrels and the Irish National team, and now proudly works as head coach for both. He is also a proud Father to a twelve year girl.
Other Eras & Jobs:
Marauders: Beater for the Kenmare Kestrels and the Irish National Team
Reformation: Still Coaching for the Kestrels and the Irish National Team

Appearance: Eion is of stockier build and of average height, he walks with a slightly noticeable limp from a quidditch injury that didnt heal quite right. He has very curly brown hair that he wears fairly short, and while he does have quite the full head of hair he does have a bit of a receding hairline that does not do wonders for the already quite noticeable large forehead he has. Eion’s eyes are a dark shade of blue and sit quite small compared to his face, as well as a rather thin set of lips. The palm of his hands appear to be permanently swollen from the rather strong callus he has from his long career as a Beater.

Ethnicity: Irish

Personality: Eion definitely embodies the best qualities of his old Hogwarts House, he has a strong sense of what is just, is incredibly fair and loyal. His loyalty is what has kept him with his team through the bad and the good despite offers for better pay with better teams. He also has been known to signal to refs about fouls his own players have made. Since to him a win doesnt count if it was won through dishonest means.

He also is of a very soft spoken demeanor, though do not take him for a push over, through his veins runs a cold anger. He will never raise his voice, but it will still bring a shiver to your spine if you find yourself on the end of his anger.

Overall though Eion is just a quiet bloke, preferring be by himself or a small group to large crowds. He also loves deep and strong, he loves his players like they’re his own kids, and they often refer to him as Da Eion. Though the person he loves most in the world is his Granny and of course his daughter, both of whom he spoils beyond measure.

Backstory: Eion Dara Bryne was born on June 17th 1949 his mother passing in childbirth never telling her Mother who Eion’s father was (Eion’s Grandmother strongly suspecting the man a muggle). Nevertheless Eion grew up in a loving home on the Irish coast in Cork with his maternal Grandparents as his guardians. His Grandmother teaching him to fly and recanting stories from her glory days as the Keeper and Team Captain of the Holyhead Harpies, while his Grandfather installed in him a love and appreciation for nature teaching him all about plants as well as how to sail and fish.

In the fall of 1960 Eion began his career as a Hogwarts student, getting sorted into Hufflepuff. His time in Hogwarts was average, Eion finding himself better with the magical arts that did not require a wand to always be in hand. He did succeed on the quidditch pitch, making it onto the reserve team his second year before moving to the full team as a beater in his 3rd. In his 6th year he was even selected to be Captain of the team his last two years.

Upon his graduation from Hogwarts Eion was quickly signed to the The Ballycastle Bats as a reserve Beater where he stayed for three years till he was offered a position on the Kenmare Kestrels which he happily took having been a long time fan of the team. He would serve as beater, as well as Captain, till 1984 at the age of 35 he retired from playing after helping get the Kestrels to a title or two as well as bring home a World Cup win for the Irish National team.

It was the night of his retirement party he met Grace Murphy, and well they both were drunk. Eion mostly forgot about it till nine months later he gets an owls from St Mungos to collect his daughter Shannon Bryne. To say it was a shock was an understatement. Grace had apparently slipped away leaving a note saying she was not ready to be a mother and that Eion was the father.

Eion could hardly believe it, but Shannon was definitely his, she had his Grandmother’s distinct nose and his curly light brown hair. He brought her back home to his family’s homestead on the coast where he took the next few years off from Quiddatch to raise his daughter. It was only when Shannon began at the local primary school did he think about going back to work.

And luckily for him the perfect position opened up, assistant coach for the Ballycastle Bats where he worked for two years before being approached to become the head coach for his old team the Kestrals, where he has been ever since. In 1993 he graciously accepted the position to be head coach for the Irish national team, which he help lead to the World Cup final.

Recent History: Recently times have been slightly tough with the whole Voldemort thing happening, being as the Bryne are a fairly old Irish wizarding family they have been mostly left alone. Though they have been trying their best to keep to themselves least it be brought to light that Eion’s daughter while magical, did not have enough magic to qualify herself for Hogwarts.

It was a heartbreaking day for all when no Hogwarts letter came for poor Shannon not long after her 11th birthday. She definitely had some magic to her, she was able to work with the plants in the family greenhouses with no issues. She could even manage a bit of flight on a broomstick, but when you put a wand in her hand? Nothing.

Eion and his grandparents decided to focus on the positive side of things, she could continue going to the local school with her friends, and would privately at home teach her what she could do magically, which primarily came down to potions and herbology. Grandma took care of potions and Granddad took care of Herbology and Eion picked up the slack between the two as well as a solid basis in Care of Magical creatures.

Hobbies: Sailing, Hiking, Chess, Knitting, Fishing, Gardening
Loyalties: Anit Voldemort, To Ireland
Magical Strengths: Flying, Care of Magical Creatures, Potions, and Herbology
Magical Weaknesses: Charms, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts

Secret They'll Never Tell: Eion is asexual, he of course has played the part of a ‘proper warm blooded man’ but at the end of the day he has no desire for a romantic or physical relationship with either a woman or man.

Pets: Two large Irish Wolfhounds, an incredibly scraggly looking Maine Coon cat, and the teams Kestrel he takes care of.
Wand: 11 ¾ inch, Unicorn Hair Core, English Oak
 #40085  by Kitastrophes
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