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 #34575  by Diego Devante
My Name or Nickname: Ninclow.
OOC Account: Ninclow.
Quills Account(s): Ninclow.
Have you read through the Character Creation Guide at least once this season? Yes.
NAME: Diego Devante
DATE OF BIRTH: December 19, 1992
CURRENT RESIDENCE: A group home in London
EMPLOYER: Hogwarts
POSITION: First Year


What is the concept for your character?
A young orphan who grew up in the foster care system that suffers from abandonment issues after a long line of prospective caregivers promised to give him a home, only to invariably always send him back shortly thereafter, frightened by the odd occurrences that seemed to follow the boy around. Having overheard dark muttering from more than a few adults in his life that there has to be something wrong with him, Diego has, to put it at its mildest, a horrible self-image.
Where can we find your character when their story first begins?
Pacing back and forth in his dormitory, reminding himself of the encouragements that he have received from his professors over the past five months and trying desperately to convince himself that the little voice in his head telling him that he is a likely burden on his peers is wrong.
What was life like for your character one year before their primary era?
Diego's life have its ups and downs like any other, yet his deep-seated fear of rejection have existed ever since he was about six, so it was not much different.
Who is someone from your characters past who influenced who they are today?
Bill Wilson, a kindly old social worker who treated Diego in a kindly manner without if coming off as superficial. Retired, but since become a pen-friend.
What does your character think their strongest and weakest traits are?
Diego have very low self-esteem and don't really think he is good at anything, but people like Mr. WIlson have reported that on a good day, Diego's an engaging child; being polite, intuitively intelligent and displaying a certain dry wit.
What is something your character wants but does not have?
A family.
What are their current short term and long term goals?
What is your character doing now to work toward their goals?
Walking on eggshells, trying not to burden the people around him.
What is something your character would never tell anyone about themselves?
That he is twelve years old and still sleep with a teddy bear. (Which is not to say that his house mates in his dormitory have not noticed and are not ribbing him for it)
What is their strongest childhood memory?
A brief stay with a Muggle family in the village of Clearwell in the Forest of Dean when he was nine, where he ran off in the middle of the night and got lost in the nearby woods. There, he was found by this odd man with horse-legs and no shirt on who helped him find his way back, making loud proclamations upon hearing what Diego's birthday was that "the stars" told him that he was destined for a richer life.
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 #34622  by Sammy
Hi Ninclow!

Diego looks adorable! The poor boy! We'll get him up and ready to roleplay soon. First, though, I just wanted to get some clarification on a couple of things before sorting.

1. It looks like you're missing the other era information on the character sheet - I just wanted to make sure you intentionally left that information out before we get Diego sorted.

2. It looks like Diego turned 11 back in December however you have his position as a 1st Year at Hogwarts already while in the character sheet it sounds like Diego is still living at the foster home not aware of his magic yet. If he has already turned 11 in December 2003, he would have received his letter then and still be waiting to start school as a First Year this coming fall. So his position should still be Child. If you intended for him to be sorted as a First Year, he would have had to turned 11 in December 2002, in which case his character sheet will need to be updated to reflect the fact Diego is already in school. Can you please clarify the timeline for me, or make some adjustments to the character sheet to reflect which situation is correct?

Once we get these two things straightened out someone on staff will sort Diego for you!

Thank you!

- VK Sam
 #34628  by Diego Devante
He's supposed to be a student during the Reformation Era, as the date of birth indicates. If I failed to mention it, that was accidental on my part. ^^'

He's supposed to be eleven, closing in on twelve when he arrives at Hogwarts. I suck at math, though, so maybe I got the date wrong? Also, yeah, I wrote it as though he has yet to arrive at Hogwarts just to be safe. Maybe one day, Diego and his adopted sibling(s) (that's something I will work out in classified upon being accepted) will relive their early interactions when Diego arrived at Hogwarts, and I didn't want stuff to be set in stone as not to restrict that interaction. I can change it, though, if you like?
 #34692  by Inactive Admin Account
Hi Ninclow!

Just to quickly clarify before we sort, and then we can get Diego ready to play!

Diego would have already started Hogwarts by January 2004 (where we currently are in the timeline), meaning his sheet should be written with this in mind. Could you please alter the following questions to reflect this:

"Where can we find your character when their story first begins?" - Diego should be living at Hogwarts unless he purposely chooses to go back for the holidays. If he does do this, could you also add why he does this?

"What is something your character would never tell anyone about themselves?" - Please adjust the age mentioned

Admin Vy
 #34694  by Peyton
Welcome to the Wizarding World,
@Diego Devante !
Welcome! I can't wait to see what Diego has in store!

An OOC account was created for you with the username Ninclow. The email used is the same as the email for Diego, and you can reset your password at any time.

Diego seems like a bright young boy! He will do well in Hufflepuff. You might like to begin your story in Too Quiet... which takes place in Hogwarts, or by using one of the following thread ideas:

★ Diego accidentally tucked his teddy bear into his school bag and now he's in potions class with a dozen other students with an easy view into his bag seated all around him. Will he try and hide his beloved bear or will he play it cool and act like it's not there?
★ A few of the student organizations have announced that they are looking for new members to join their ranks. This could be a chance to help his own self image and make some new friends while he's at it. What will Diego do?

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