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 #33295  by Carmen Martinez
My Name or Nickname: Brodie
OOC Account: Alatariel
Quills Account(s): Atalariel

NAME: Carmen Angeles Martinez
DATE OF BIRTH: 31.12.1953
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Liverpool, England
EMPLOYER: Occult Records, Drummer and backup singer


Concept: A founding member of The Plantonics, Carmen’s life revolves around the internationally beloved band, but little do people know, Platonic also defines the matters of her heart.

Other Eras & Jobs: Golden - Occult Records, Producer

Appearance: A petite blonde with caramel colored eyes, Carmen can quite often been found dressed to the nines in black leather, chunky heels and flashy hats. She likes dark make-up because she thinks it accurately represents her soul.

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Personality: A quiet girl, Carmen prefers to listen and reserve judgement until a later date. She can be trusted to bring clarity to difficult situations but is not someone who actively speaks up when needed. She lets Jezz make most of the band decisions without any complaints.

Carmen was raised by two very strict catholics and grew up very sheltered. Joining a band was one of the most daring things she ever did in her life. Her parents have never really approved of her lifestyle, but she is their daughter and they love her. She’s not entirely sure however, if they would still continue to love her if they knew the thoughts and feelings roaming inside her head.

Backstory: A muggle-born witch raised by two Spanish Immigrants who moved to America three years before her birth, Carmen grew up attending Sunday school and participating in many different church events. When her magical powers began to show themselves, initially her parents were concerned. Many theories were thrown around for the cause of such impossible things, but after a conversation with a witch who had married a no-maj and turned her back on the wizarding world, her parents came to accept her magical side.

Little did they know, this would only be the first thing they would have to learn to accept when it came to their daughter.

Recent History: A year and a half ago, Carmen was the lead singer of The Platonics, but happily stepped down from the position to let someone else take the lead. Someone much better, someone much more suited to the limelight that came with being the lead singer of a world famous band. Sitting in the back, with a pair of drumsticks in her hands, hidden from the mass of fans suited her much better.

Hobbies: Hiking.

Loyalties: Jezaviel. The Platonics.
Mental Strengths: Creative. Insightful.
Mental Weaknesses: Shy. Insecure. Asocial. Cynical.

Strongest Childhood Memory: Finding a pair of discarded and broken drumsticks in her next door neighbors trash can. She can still feel what it was like making that first strike against an old paint bucket in the garage.

Secret They'll Never Tell: She’s been having some very inappropriate dreams about the lead singer of the The Platonics and now she can barely be in the same room as her without feeling nervous.
 #33312  by TyrellRose

Welcome to the Wizarding World, Carmen!

Carmen seems to be a girl of many secrets. You might like to begin your story in Exploration Inspires Us, which takes place in Egypt, or by using one of the following thread ideas:

★ The Platonics have been booked for a radio spot and the reporter seems interested in talking to Carmen most of all... how will you deal with being put in the spotlight?

★ Producers at Occult Records want to experiment with magical effects during shows, including giving you more drumsticks that can be controlled with magic to "play more complicated beats"...

Before you jump in...