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 #33128  by Blair Nowak
My Name or Nickname: Brodie
OOC Account: Alatariel
Quills Account(s): Alatariel
NAME: Blair Rosa Nowak
CHARACTER TYPE: Witch (half-veela)
DATE OF BIRTH: 5.1.1984
EMPLOYER: Flight Attendant, SorcerAir Magical Airways


Concept: A mother of two currently going through a very complicated divorce.
Other Eras & Jobs: Reformation - Flight Attendant, SorcerAir Magical Airways
Golden - 2nd Year, Slytherin, Hogwarts

Appearance: Blonde hair, blue eyes. Blair is the spitting image of her paternal Grandmother, a woman so beautiful she never settled for one man in her entire life. Much like her Grandmother, Blair never shied away from her using her looks to her advantage and had many conquests during her school years. That all changed when she met Mathew, in fact a lot of things changed when she met Mathew. She stopped wearing her dark, more revealing clothing and slowly started to incorporate more conservative items until eventually, black was never seen again in her wardrobe.

One thing she’s never had the courage to get rid of though, is the tattoo on her lower back. Her best friend draw it for her, and even though her husband hates it, it’s the only thing she has to remind her of her friend.

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Polish Father, English Mother

Personality: Caring and thoughtful, but tough and no-nonsense when it’s called for. She is the Quidditch mom to rule all Quidditch moms, so don’t tell her how to raise her kids. She will fiercely defend her kids, sometimes with a snappy comeback: “You think you can get along with your Harry Potter hairdo and your Thunderbolt IX? Well I’ve got news for you, Mister? Puberty is going to set in and it's going to set in ugly...So before that happens, be kind, be nice, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll be treated just the same. Have a good day!”

Backstory: The youngest child of three, Blair grew up with two older half brothers, with the oldest being nearly fifteen years older. Her father was married for 18 years before he met her mother, with his first wife dying two days after their second son's tenth birthday. Two years later, her father Piotr married her mother Anastasia and then Blair was born. She was her Grandmother's doppelganger in name and looks, with her middle name Rosa coming directly from the woman.

Growing up, Blair was a rambunctious and feisty girl who never backed down without a fight. Her brothers were fiercely protective of her, but knew she could handle things herself. She was the pride and joy of all her family and was incredibly spoilt.

She was sorted into Slytherin when she was old enough to attend Hogwarts and lived very much up to the house name. It wasn’t until after Hogwarts, when she was training to become a Flight Attendant, that things started to change. At twenty-one, Blair met Matthew Townsend, and he was unlike any other boy she had dated before. He was kind, gentle and so very loving and Blair fell fast. The more and more their relationship grew, the more and more Blair began to shed herself and evolve into something else. Something...homely. Apparently Blair was made to be the perfect wife, the perfect mother, or at least that’s what she thought.

Blair was thirty when she gave birth to her son Aleksander, and then nearly seven years later she gave birth to the girl Matthew had always wanted. Liliana was his pride and joy, and she was loved by everyone in the house. Aleksander was the best brother, and Blair spent four years home with her.

Recent History: Having only just been back to work for just over a year, having spent four years caring for her children, Blair has spent the last five months going through a nasty separation with her husband of nearly twenty years. Matthew is making things very difficult by delaying mediation sessions and court proceeding, all while remaining in the house they have shared in Orlando, and asking to attend work functions with her even though they are separated. Blair doesn’t have the heart to kick him out however, or to deny him such things when it could potentially have such negative impacts on their children.

Current Goals: Finalize her divorce. Move back to England full time.

Hobbies: Quidditch, travelling.

Loyalties: Her children.

Strongest Childhood Memory: Staying up all night with her best friend and stealing food from the Hogwarts kitchen.

Secret They'll Never Tell: She once kissed her best friend just because she wanted to. Not for show, not for anybody else’s pleasure, just for her own.
 #33160  by Arsene

Welcome to the Wizarding World, Blair!

I hope Blair can work through her divorce soon and begin the second chapter of her life! You might like to begin your story in Sugar Skulls Galore, which takes place in Mexico, or by using one of the following thread ideas:

★ The school called and it looks like Aleksander has caused some trouble at school. The principal's office would like Blair to come and have a discussion with his teacher.

★ One of Blair's co-workers made a joke that it would be easier if someone could just take of Matthew. Then she wouldn't have to worry about proceedings or court dates.

Before you jump in...