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 #32544  by Nova Gold

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My Name or Nickname:Morgana
OOC Account: Morgana
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NAME: Nova Gold
BIRTH COUNTRY: Oakland, California
EMPLOYER: actress at Astrolabe Theatre and student

PRIMARY ERA: Reformatioon era

What is the concept for your character?
Nova had a number sibling that her mother had from two different men. People asked her why she has not settle down but the truth was simple she did not want to be be divorce that many times. Though she caught many men eyes. She has also a number pet cats that she took in because of that she pass up on that.
What other eras will they be active in and what will their job be in each era?
Legacy era
What does your character look like?
She is what people called flawless upon appearances. She is striking beautiful like something out painting or something when most people look at her would described her or what men would called her. She has this long golden blond hair and that face was oval in shape. It was almost hard to believe she could become bird like if anger but most people would not want to see her when she is angry. When she does it almost like phoenix shape almost when she get bird like. She is 5' 6 in height.
Where can we find your character when their story first begins?
Her mother has set her up on date with boy but it has turn off once again when he find out she has cats and she has unicorn she would not give up. She is sulking home and getting ready for school for the last year.
What was life like for your character one year before their primary era?
She was enjoying school but her friendship with different set of Wizard that is she enjoy the attention.
Who is someone from your characters past who influenced who they are today?
Mainly other famous actress witches.
What does your character think their strongest and weakest traits are?
creative, cautious,studious and impatient
What is something your character wants but does not have?
She want someone to a love her purely for herself and not for her looks.
What are their current short term and long term goals?
She want to travel the world and be recognized for who she is as actress. She want to make big not only wizard but in muggle movies she want to be star.
What is your character doing now to work toward their goals?
She is going to school and learning everything she can and putting herself out there every chance she got that include modeling hopping agency would catch wind say she should be actress that working herself up too it.
What is something your character would never tell anyone about themselves?
She sometimes envy the fairies because she can be jealous of there looks and way they can fly around still look good doing it.
What is their strongest childhood memory?
When she went to Halloween dance and she dance with boy for first time and she enjoy it without worried about what other people thought about her.
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 #32549  by Susan
Hi Morgana!

I can't wait to see Nola around the boards, she looks like a great character!

Just a few small things to be fixed before we can get her in the game - firstly, which account would you like the Quills to be taken from?

And then, you've said she will be active in Legacy era - what will her job be in that era?

Thank you!

- Vaultkeeper Susan
 #32562  by TyrellRose

Welcome to the Wizarding World, Nova!

Here's hoping Nova achieves her dream of being a star! You might like to begin your story in Closing Time, which takes place in Chicago, or by using one of the following thread ideas:

★ A new audition opportunity just came up, but it's at the same time as an important meeting... what will you do?

★ Uh oh... someone made you angry and your bird form was exposed... how will you react?

Before you jump in...