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Olivia Dunn

Olivia Dunn, Active Character

My Name or Nickname: Smole
OOC Account Name:Not registered
Discord Username: Smole
How I found Vault 713: Googling
My Previous Roleplaying Experience: Minimal, less than 6 months
My Favorite Harry Potter Character: Luna Lovegood

NAME: Olivia Dunn
DATE OF BIRTH: 6th June 1985

Olivia is eleven years old and just beginning her journey as a witch. As her Dad is a muggle and her Mum was a witch she often feels pulled in two different directions. Whilst so many people are telling her what they think about her and her future, Olivia is still trying to figure out what she wants and who she feels she is.

Other Eras & Jobs:
Think I'll mostly stick to Golden but may eventually wander into Reformation or Legacy era's, but as of right now I think she would be mainly sticking to Golden.

Olivia has a very round face which when combined with her large blue eyes and freckles, she has the instant recipe for everyone assuming she's younger than eleven. As a result she is desperate to lose her freckles. She has a full fringe that hangs just above her eyes, usually concealing her brows from sight whilst the rest of her hair fall just past her shoulders in brunette waves. She usually has pencil smudging on her fingers or paint on her clothes if someone's trusted her with paints.

Olivia's Mum, Nadine, and her Dad, Paul, were a summer fling. They were never serious and never really intended to stay together after the summer ended but they never predicted for Olivia to come about as a result of their summer romance. Yet there she was.

As a result Olivia grew up split between two households. Monday to Friday she lived with her Mum. First they lived with Olivia's grandparents but after Nadine married they moved into a new home. They lived in a small village on the outskirts of Liverpool and Olivia saw magic almost everyday. Her Mum didn't know how to clean the house without lifting her wand and her Step-father, Colin, worked in the ministry.

Yet at a weekend, she went to Dad's house where magic was something that only happened in the movies. Her Dad had a small two bedroom flat in the middle of city centre and even though it was a magic free zone, she loved the attention her Dad gave her. She would colour in at the coffee table whilst her Dad watched the football and every picture she coloured went up on the fridge. Sometimes he would take her to the cinema, the park or the swimming baths. He always made time for her.

The fact that she had her own dog at her Dad's, one who she didn't need to share with her siblings, also made her weekends exciting. Her dog, though she still refers to her as a puppy despite being two years old, is called Tallulah. She's a happy little pug and it's Olivia's responsibility to walk her, bathe her and train her. Talullah is her best friend and she couldn't imagine being apart from her.

She loved both sides of her family but as she grew up she felt like there were two distinct versions of Olivia. There was Olivia through the week who collected Famous Witch and Wizard Card's and watching her Mum charming the dishes or ironing each day. Then the weekends were spent watching movies and singing along to chart songs on the radio. There was Witch-Olivia and Muggle-Olivia but what about just Olivia?

When Olivia started displaying signs of magic it became clear that her Dad needed to be clued in to what was happening. It was going to be hard to pretend everything was fine when your kid who is refusing to go to bed slams the door without touching it. So he was told and whilst it took a lot of convincing and even longer to accept and adjust they eventually got to somewhere more stable.

Her Dad tries his best to be supportive but he does feel pretty awkward about the magical world. It's so unknown to him so whenever it got brought up or something happened, there was an awkward tension. So Olivia decided to keep her life compartmentalised. At the weekend she simply pretended to be a muggle.

When she got her letter for Hogwarts she felt excited but there was some part of her that was incredibly nervous. She had always defined herself by other people. Yet now she was going to be living away from her parents and she didn't know who she was without them. She was also going to be away from Tallulah as she couldn't take a dog with her to Hogwarts and the thought of leaving her best friend broke her heart.

Current Goals:
Olivia's only real goal is to go to Hogwarts and try to have a good time. Whilst she wants to try to find a way to fulfil both her Mum and Dad's differing expectations, what she really needs to do is figure out her own path that isn't dependent on anyone else and realise that her parents only want her to be happy.

Hobbies: Whilst her most prominent hobby is art, varying across multiple mediums because she is excited by all of it, she has other interests. She loves to walk, pamper and train her dog, often choosing to spend her pocket money on pretty collars or squeaky toys. She likes to explore natural areas such as parks, forests, beaches or rivers and collecting things she finds interesting like smooth stones or pretty seashells. She stores them all in a shoebox under her bed.

Mental Strengths:
Liv is an optimist at heart, always looking on the bright side and trying to think of the future with a hopeful outlook. She is hard working and when she dedicates herself to something she takes it very seriously, wanting to perform to her best possible standard and see the project to the end. She can be very passionate about things and becomes enthusiastic about her interests. She can be quite energetic, hating to stay still or be doing nothing. She likes to be busy and productive.

Mental Weaknesses:
This optimistic nature whilst generally positive often leaves her with unrealistic ideas regarding how situations will unfold or her own skills. She works hard and pushes herself for the best but reacts poorly when she doesn't meet her own high expectations. She can be hard on herself, always blaming herself even if there was forces out of her control. Her passion for things can often leave her with tunnel vision. She becomes so focussed upon something that she can neglect responsibilities, personal needs or even friends in her pursuit of her passion. She often forgets about other people's needs, thoughts or opinions and can be rather selfish at times.

Magical Strengths:
Whilst Olivia has not yet attended Hogwarts and as such has very little experience with magic as of yet, her interests in animals is likely to push her to be better in Care of Magical Creatures.

Magical Weaknesses:
She has tried flying a broom before and could barely stay on. Infuriated, she hates flying because she is so bad at it. It's rather lucky if she manages to stay on the broom for longer than five seconds. Her flying classes are likely to be the area she performs the worst in.

Secret They'll Never Tell:
Whilst she has heard about all sorts of terrifying creatures that exist in the magical world and has seen various scary movies with her dad late at night, what scared her the most were sharks. She has a repeated nightmare in which she tries to swim away from a shark but as hard as she swims, she doesn't move.

Pets: Tallulah (2 Year old Pug)
Boggart: A Great White Shark
Prized Possession: Her Sketchbook

Played By: Smole
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Re: Olivia Dunn

*Admin Vy, Administrator


Welcome to the Wizarding World, Olivia!

Starting a new school can be pretty scary, but at least this one will be a magical experience! You might like to begin your story in Sick Day, which takes place in England, or by using one of the following thread ideas:

★ Visit Diagon Alley to pick out Olivia's new wand and cloak for September!

★ Enroll at Camp Wandsworth for a magical taster over the Summer

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