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 #26409  by Anthony Prime

My Name or Nickname: Rose
OOC Account: Rose Lily
Quills Account(s): Rose Lily

NAME: Anthony "The Kid" Prime (Tony for short)
DATE OF BIRTH: 14 February 1988
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Wiltshire, England or Hogwarts
EMPLOYER: Hogwarts 5th year

PRIMARY ERA: Reformation Era

Concept: To spend time with his friends causing trouble and keep on top of his grades
Other Eras & Jobs:Golden - Child ; Legacy - Bartender at The BloodMoon Inn

Appearance: Anthony has dark hair and wears a leather jacket when it's not mandatory to wear his school attire. He has a serious resting face but his smile can light up a room.
Ethnicity: Caucasian. English-Italian
Personality: Though he has a serious facial expression, Anthony has the brightest personality. He's always cracking bad jokes and setting pranks. He likes to joke around with his friends and socialize. But that's not his only personality. He can get angry easily going as far as having anger management issues which he works out by dueling with his friends and joking around.

Backstory: This is a story about Anthony Prime. Otherwise known as "The Kid" in his neighborhood. The kid with a serious attitude problem. Always getting into fights and scraps with other kids. Some older than him. That's how he met Leo. Leo owned a boxing club and offered Anthony a job working with the big guys and learning some tricks and traits. So that when it was his turn in the ring he'd be a stronger and better fighter. That was also how he got his first magical motorbike. Leo started taking Anthony under his tutelage and his friends started calling Anthony "The Kid" because it was really what he was. His parents didn't really have an issue with it. Leo was becoming like a second father to Anthony and when Anthony was twelve his father walked out on him and his mother. Leo was a half-blood just like Anthony was and he stepped up and started dating Anthony's mom which wasn't really an issue for Anthony as he liked Leo. After Leo got together with his mom he started teaching Anthony how to work on his magical motorbike and told him when he was older he'd teach him how to ride it. Anthony was excited for that prospect.

For now he just looked forward to the days at school with his crew. He really liked causing trouble with them. And making mayhem. Leo wasn't to happy about the mayhem but he was glad that Anthony was doing his school work and getting good grades. As for his mother she was strict. "Get your school work done or no bike." And Leo backed her up not wanting to be like Anthony's dad was doing the opposite of the rules.
Recent History: Anthony just lost his bike privileges. He's been causing to much trouble and his grades have gone down. Time to catch up on some extra work and study with his friends. Though that's harder than he thought it might be.

Current Goals: School, friends and his motorbike. Wants to graduate and get a job somewhere during summer break

Loyalties: His friends, His crew and his family

Strongest Childhood Memory: Anthony playing wizard chess with his dad when he was five and winning big money. More than he'd ever seen
Secret They'll Never Tell: His father left because Anthony caught him cheating on his mum and told him to leave. He told him he loved him and would see him but he had to leave them for his mum would be hurt. He said he'd never be the one to tell his mum and that his dad had too

Pets: An Owl named Wick and a cat named Oliver
Wand: 10 /34 Dragon Heartstring and Red Oak
Prized Possession: His magical motorbike
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 #26450  by Sammy
Hi Rose!

So, a couple of things before we can sort Anthony:

  • It looks like Anthony is very similar to a character from the show Riverdale. Unfortunately, we don't allow characters representative of any character from non-Harry Potter media. Please see Character Creation and Management Rules, CC.1. Please update the character sheet to make Anthony more distinct.
  • Additionally, your character sheet mentions the child abuse of having a 13 year old's neck tattooed by his father, and the fact that Anthony is in a gang. Unfortunately, we don't allow this type of abuse as backstory. We also do not allow student characters to participate in gangs here on the Vault. Please update Anthony's character sheet removing references to both the neck tattoo, and the gang.

Once those things are squared away, we can get Anthony sorted properly!

-- VK Sam
 #26457  by Anthony Prime
I have some questions

How is Anthony similiar to Sweet Pea so I can better change things? Because I understand the leather jacket, tattoo and gang as being similiar but I don't have a house so I can't play off the neck tattoo meaning "Slytherin"
Also how is a neck tattoo as a birthday gift child abuse? Because it was consent given if that was the worry

Also there are gangs and mafia's on vault so i didn't see much of an issue, but I can change some things once I know what details I should change

Plus I only did the neck tattoo in his bio because the Playby has the tattoo
 #26556  by Inactive Admin Account
Hi Rose,

Thank you for responding. We first wanted to touch on the mention of the tattoo. It is illegal in the UK for children under the age of 18 to have tattoos, meaning that regardless of Anthony's consent, it is still against the law and may be classified as abuse in the same way that underage sexual activity, beatings, drug paraphernalia, and drinking may be. It is part of Vault713 community's best interest, and part of the Rules & Guidelines, to disallow this.

Further on this, gangs and mafias that may be present on the forums should only be between characters over the age of 18 as they are classified as adults instead of children. Anthony is currently a 5th year, meaning he is classified by UK law as a child or vulnerable person.

You have mentioned the character 'Sweet Pea', in which no staff member has mentioned any other character names from other non-Harry Potter media. Our standard procedure with plagiarism is to justify whether staff can recognise a character without knowledge of the show/book/media. In this case, several members of staff were able to recognise that this character is inspired directly from Riverdale. You can find our guideline on this under 2d, here. Further information can also be found under CC1 of the Character Creation Guidelines.

We encourage any further questions about our rules and guidelines to be directed to our help desk.

Admin Vy
 #26589  by Anthony Prime
I will remove the tattoo and the gang. I understand those points with the ages. I just hadn't been aware.

Second, In what ways is my character like a Riverdale Character? Because other than leather jacket, tattoo, gang and bike I just can't see the connection.

I'm changing my PB and a few things related to the character BUT I did not plagiarize. Because the only thing i added regarding the character was his tattoo for the playby's explanation in appearance because of whom i was using. My character was not inspired by Riverdale in my writing. I wasn't even thinking of the show in any form other than regarding the tattoo.

Thirdly bike gang guys sometimes have tattoos and leather jackets in real life so I don't see that in regards to the show.

If you can give me more information on how to change my character than I can change him more appropriately
 #26627  by Arsene

Welcome to the Wizarding World, Anthony!

Anthony seems like one cool Ravenclaw! You might like to begin your story in Trotting the Globe, which takes place in London, or by using one of the following thread ideas:

★ Anthony is grounded, but he's just learned about a motorbike race happening in a few days in the dead of night. Is he going to further risk his mother's ire and sneak out or is he going to make his situation less complicated by staying home?

★ There's an ad in the Daily Prophet for some help around an estate over the summer. Maybe Anthony should reply to it so he can pay for some repairs to his bike!

Before you jump in...