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Sasha Darlington

Sasha Darlington, Active Character

My Name or Nickname: Brodie
OOC Account: Alatariel
Quills Account(s): Alatariel

NAME: William ‘Sasha’ Darlington
DATE OF BIRTH: 2.12.2005
OCCUPATION: Seventh Year, Hogwarts

Concept: A monster in the making.

Appearance: Like his mother, Sasha has blonde hair, green eyes and a pale complexion. He stands at 6.3 with long arms and equally long legs. He struggles growing any sort of facial hair and has been told he has such a ‘baby face’ far too many times to count.
Ethnicity: Caucasian European
Personality: Sasha had a great childhood. His parents loved him and showered him with constant affection, but he wasn’t coddled. His mother refused to fall into any trap of dependency. He was a good boy. He had good grades, but that all slowly started to change after his sixteenth birthday. Now he is hormonal, erratic teenager who has no idea how to navigate life. He snaps at people, bullys the younger students and treats his parents like garbage.

Recent History: Sasha recently began his last year at Hogwarts. He’s a talented student but is beginning to struggle in most of his classes. He’s lazy, not willing to study any more than he has to, and even his friends have started noticing this change in him. His parents are really beginning to worry and for some odd reason that just infuriates him more. He’s most definitely on a downward spiral to Merlin knows where.

Hobbies: Quidditch, comic books, muggle soccer, horseback riding
Loyalties: Himself. Always.

Strongest Childhood Memory: Watching his father deal to a sick mare.
Secret They'll Never Tell: He has something to do with that sick mare getting sick.
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Re: Sasha Darlington

TyrellRose, Vaultkeeper


Welcome to the Wizarding World, CHARACTER!

It looks like there's a new bad boy on campus, with this young Ravenclaw. You might like to begin your story in Memory Lane, which takes place at Hogwarts, or by using one of the following thread ideas:

★ It's been gently suggested that Sasha see a counselor who may be able to help him sort things out... how will he react?

★ Hogsmeade weekend is coming up, but Sasha has a lot of homework to get caught up on.... what will he do?

Before you jump in...