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 #25317  by Bryson Collier
Location: Toronto, ON • Date: April 28

Bryson had lost his wife somewhere in the crowd, which was maybe for the best, since they had been arguing a lot lately. He made his way around the party, politely greeting everyone, until he found the bar.

He stood there for a moment, debating, before finally getting something. He needed it. Then he hung back against the wall, reminded of just how much he hated parties.
 #25338  by Elliot Flight
Elliot had allowed herself to be convinced to attend another party. Though it probably wasn't too hard, if she had to be honest - she was starting to enjoy dressing up in fancier dresses. She did still feel nervous at the events, unless she was with her date.

Unfortunately, she had managed to get separated from Jace, leaving her to wander through the crowds alone. Initially she had planned to b-line her way to the washroom, giving a polite smile to those she passed, and wait along the wall there. However, she instead found herself near the bar. She got herself a drink before standing by the wall, occasionally standing on her tip-toes to see if she could locate Jace.
 #25514  by Bryson Collier
In the midst of trying to hide against the wall in case someone pointed him towards his wife, Bryson noticed someone he didn't recognize lurking nearby. He arched his eyebrow, debating whether or not to approach. He was under no obligation, but she did seem almost as uncomfortable as he felt. Making his decision, Bryson adjusted his tie and walked over towards her.

"Looking for someone?" he asked, trying to keep his voice as pleasant as possible so as not to offend her.
 #26042  by Elliot Flight
Elliot jumped ever so slightly when the man approached and began talking to her. She turned a bit to face him and look him over. He looked pleasant enough to talk to for a few minutes, at least.

"I'm just waiting for my... date. He should be here soon, I think." she shrugged, giving the man a polite smile.
 #26047  by Bryson Collier
Bryson nodded calmly, immediately sympathizing with her. "Ah, yes. I somehow got separated from my wife, so I'm also hoping she'll find me soon," he lied. Apparently being married to Estelle had been good for something.

"I don't think I've seen you around here before. Who is your date?" he asked, suddenly curious. After all, he pretty much knew everyone, again, thanks to Estelle and her family.
 #26118  by Elliot Flight
Willing herself to relax a bit around this seemingly pleasant man, Elliot gave a more genuine smile. "Well, I guess we could wait for both of them to find us together. At least for a little bit."

She considered lying about who her date was, before realizing that other people had seen the couple together already this evening. "I'm here with As- Jace. Rutherford. Who's your wife?" She probably didn't know her anyway, but it was worth asking.
 #26122  by Bryson Collier
Bryson watched her hesitate, then finally the answer came. Immediately, he arched an eyebrow, letting out a brief noise of disbelief. "The snake actually settled down?" he asked, thinking it had to be a joke. This girl didn't look like she even came from the high society world, and he couldn't imagine Jace Rutherford of all people with a girl like her.

Then he remembered who he was talking to, and immediately grew contrite. "Sorry. I've just heard stories, but maybe they're wrong, or he's changed," he added, quickly, glancing down at the floor. "Estelle Collier is my wife," he said, trying to move past his less-than-professional outburst. "I married into the family after we met at an equestrian event."
 #26583  by Elliot Flight
Elliot furrowed her eyebrows and tilted her head at his outburst. She had heard people call Jace a snake in the past, but she couldn't understand why. Sure, he pretended to understand snakes at camp to entertain the kids, but that was just at camp, wasn't it?

She softened her expression. "I'm sure they're just misinformed stories." she shrugged, straightening her head back to midline. The name Collier sounded familiar, but she couldn't pin any faces to the name. "That's so cool! Horses are beautiful animals, aren't they?" She gave a small smile.
 #26689  by Bryson Collier
Bryson immediately brightened up. Anyone who could appreciate horses was a good person in his book. "Oh, yes, definitely," he agreed, thinking back to the farm. "I had a beautiful dapple grey mare when I was a teenager. Earned quite a few trophies with her, too. You ride?"
 #27432  by Elliot Flight
Brightening up as she realized that the two had found a connection. “I’ve had a chestnut mare since I was about 14, I think. We never won any trophies, but she used to help me make sure the cows weren’t trying to escape.” She grinned, thinking about her horse.
 #27863  by Bryson Collier
Bryson arched an eyebrow. "Cows, huh? Dairy or beef?" He was growing more interested in this girl with every passing moment, especially with her connection with the man he knew as the least likely to know someone in her position. "My family owns a wheat and corn farm, and we board horses."

He took a sip of his drink, growing more comfortable by the minute.
 #28776  by Elliot Flight
Elliot could feel her tensed up muscles from earlier in the evening relaxing as she continued talking. "Dairy, definitely. I think if my parents had had a beef farm, they probably would have had a rebelling child on their hands." She giggled before taking a sip of her drink. "That's so cool. Fresh corn is the best, in my opinion."

A thought dawned on her then. "I don't actually think I ever caught your name. Mine's Elliot."
 #31032  by Bryson Collier
Bryson laughed. "I know my sister would have been the same, so I get it," he replied.

When asked for his name, he smiled. "Bryson," he replied, holding out his hand. "It was very nice to meet you, Elliot. It's good to know there's some normal people around these parts," he added before hearing his name. "Oh dear, that would be my wife... excuse me," he said quickly, shaking her hand and disappearing into the crowd. Elliot. He would have to follow up with her some time.