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 #9321  by George Winterbrook

NAME: George'Georgie' Winterbrook
CHARACTER TYPE: Wizard ( Metamorphmagi)
DATE OF BIRTH: October 15th 1981
EMPLOYER: Dancer at the Blue Lagoon

PRIMARY ERA: Reformation

George was once a confused young man, but thanks to his abilities as a Metamorphmagi he was able to live between two lives: One as a female and the other life as a male. This is a man who prefers to live his life as a beautiful woman dancing, being adored by men and women every night when he works at the Lagoon.

Other Eras & Jobs:
Golden: Hufflepuff Student
Legacy: Dancer at the Blue Lagoon

When in his normal form and not using his abilities, George has dark brown hair, which is always styled to perfection. He has brown eyes, and a milky skin tone. He stands around 6ft, give or take an inch, and has a medium built figure.

When George is using his abilities he tends to go by the name Georgie, and likes to look like a beautiful woman. Georgie has piercing blue eyes, long, brown hair and a petite figure. When appearing as Georgie, George tends to embrace his Russian family side more than his British and talks with a Russian accent.

Half Bristish, half Russian, Caucasian

George is someone who likes to be the life of the party, which is why he was hired as Georgie to dance at the Blue Lagoon. He's beautiful as a man, thanks to his mother's veela genes blessing George, but he's even more beautiful as a woman which not only his looks, but his fun-loving, life of the party energy and great dancing scored him his job .

Even though George is a happy chappy, he still has his dark nights, when he's alone and has no one to talk to he just feels sorry for himself because he can't let anyone get close to him. He's too paranoid and worried if he lets anyone in he'll get stabbed in the back, or heart broken. He worries far too much about what people think of him, which is why he prefers to go out in public as Georgie, he feels more confident and like everyone prefers her over him...

Thanks to George's paranoia, whenever he's appearing as himself he gets less tolerable and less friendly with most people. His temper is short and he's not as fun loving as he is when he's Georgie. Having this short temper tends to affect his abilities as a Metamorphmagi, when he shouts and gets frustrated his eyes tend to turn into Georgie's piercing blue eyes, and his hair goes more of a black shade.

During George's high school years he had a bit of a roller coaster of a ride, but then again what kid doesn't! But for George, he was struggling a lot with his sexuality and letting anyone in to be his friend. He's never been good with trusting people, so he's always been a bit of a loner, but has had plenty of acquaintances, and he had his sister before she graduated. During George's third and fourth year, that was when his life started to get stressful and confusing for him. It was when he first started to wonder if he was into boys, or if he liked both boys and girls. It was when his sister graduated and he was left alone, from here on out life wasn't that fun for George. But he always did keep his head focused on school work as he dreamed of graduating with great exam results, so he could get whatever job he wanted!

By the time George graduated he was no longer aiming high for work. All he wanted to do was dance, and having fully come into his abilities he inherited from his father's side, he was able to change his appearance when he wanted. And so, this was when he first tried out being Georgie... He loved it! He went out to clubs and partied, had the time of his life, and when he seen one of the burlesque type girls dancing at one of the Blue Lagoon's dance nights, George just knew that was what he wanted to do! Just by all the people staring and cheering the girls on, he wanted that attention and love, and so he applied as Georgie when he was eighteen to be a dancer.

After George's first few months as a dancer for the Lagoon, he finally felt happy in his skin and with his life. He was fun, people loved him and he had no care in the world. Until he goes home alone, then he's just George again with no friends and his negative feelings.

Dancing. Modeling (for self not in public,) collecting toy model cars. Writing. Playing wizard chess. Sports, a lot of different sports. He enjoys playing different types and watching them too.


Mental Strengths:
Ambitious. Fun-loving. Outgoing (when he's appearing as Georgie).

Mental Weaknesses: Doesn't trust easily. Disloyal. Paranoid. Struggles accepting who he is, he sometimes forgets even as Georgie he's still George.

Secret They'll Never Tell:
They want a best friend, someone they can trust and look to when they're feeling alone and down.

His father & mother telling him they're aren't proud of him
Prized Possession:
A stuffed teddy his sister won at a fair for him when they were kids