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 #7804  by Darla Bronk

NAME: Darla Maryse Bronk
DATE OF BIRTH: 5 November 1981
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Manchester, England
EMPLOYER: Intern Healer, St Mungo's

PRIMARY ERA: Reformation

Concept: Dealing with the loss of her older brother has pushed Darla into growing up and taking life more seriously. This is a girl who wants to help save lives, and help make sure no one has to suffer the pain of loss... Even though she knows you can't save everyone, Darla is determined to be the best Healer she can be so she can help as many people as possible.

Current Goals: To be the best she can be, with work and herself. Though work is going well, being the best she can be with herself isn't going to well as she still has dark days missing her brother.

Hobbies: Eating. Skateboarding. Listening to Music. Writing Music
Loyalties: Parents & Her patients/Work
Mental Strengths: Cautious. Ambitious. Determined.
Mental Weaknesses: Untrustworthy. Deceiving. Manipulative.

Strongest Childhood Memory: Playing in the tree house at home with her brother, while their father made dinner. The smell of the food would travel out into the garden while she and her brother Damian played, and it always smelt so good. It's her favorite and strongest memory.

Secret They'll Never Tell: She's still suffering with depression.

Pets: 2 black cats
Wand: 12' Willow with Powdered Dragon Scale
Prized Possession: Her brother's leather jacket

Darla has long dark brown, curly hair and large brown eyes. She was a tall girl in school, in her first year she shot up to 5ft5, but has never grown any taller since. She has a rather pale skin tone, so pale it looks quite unhealthy and her skinny figure doesn't help her look much healthier either. Darla is the kind of girl who likes to eat a lot, and I mean a lot, she's never seen without something to eat in her hand, which it's surprising she's so skinny with how much she eats. Fashion wise Darla is probably somewhere between a rock chick, and a scruffy dresser. She doesn't care what she wears, just as long as there's some cool looking logo on the front. Her make up is either dark, or she wears nothing. She likes ripped jeans, dirty converse trainers and also likes to wear over sized t-shirts as dresses.

Manipulation is a fun thing for Darla, whenever she successfully manages to manipulate someone she feels clever about herself, and very proud. Mother would be proud indeed. Getting most of her personality traits from her mother, Darla is rather two-faced, dishonest, and a bit of drama queen, she loves drama and gossiping.Darla is very vain, shallow and a tad bit arrogant at times. She doesn't like to fight, she's a lover not a fighter, though everyone does have their limits. If she is pushed hard enough her wand will come out, failing her wand she'll go 'crying' to someone stronger or with more power. For example back in Hogwarts, if Darla couldn't win or beat someone else she'd go telling a professor.

Darla's brother went missing a few years ago when she was half way through Hogwarts. There was no sign of Damian, he just missing. His ex-girlfriend Michelle Binx didn't know where he was, his friends didn't know... No one knew and it drove Darla into a depressive state. It took about two years, but with the help of her parents and the school counselor, she soon managed to find herself again and got back on her feet. She got her head down and started to focus on her studies.

Darla doesn't know for sure where her brother is, or if she'll ever find out. But it's been a few years now and she's come to terms with he's got to be dead. He wouldn't have gone this long without contacting her, so Darla coming to this has helped her not to mope so much and get on with her education. Darla not wanting anyone else to feel this pain has motivated her to become a doctor, she wants to heal people and try to save as many lives as she can.
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