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 #4752  by Tierney Jones-Griff
 14 Mar 2018, 17:45
NAME: Tierney Jones-Griff
DATE OF BIRTH: March 13th 2007
OCCUPATION: Fourth Year Hogwarts Student

Concept: A modern teenager lost and unsure in a rapidly-changing world.
Other Eras & Jobs: None.

Appearance: Tierney has medium length, straight brown hair. She is slightly above average in height. She’s skinny and slightly gangly. She has very pale skin.
Ethnicity: British.
Personality: Tierney is a social person who feels uncomfortable alone. She likes to be surrounded by friends. She’s good at teamwork. She is very insecure and worries about a lot of things: how she looks, whether her vocabulary is cool, whether she’s up-to-date on trends, whether she’s doing all the “cool” stuff… She isn’t shy and she’s fairly outgoing. She needs a lot of reassurance and advice from her friends.

Tierney has a pretty regular background. She’s from a very modern wizarding family. Both her parents are halfbloods. She grew up through the wizarding world coming into muggle view, as well as the muggle political climate issues. She worries deeply about what that means for her. She is unsure about the wizarding world being exposed. She errs on the side of wishing it was still secret.
Recent History: She has recently been on holiday to the United States and Canada. Since then she has become obsessed with Native American Indian culture and she collects things made by those communities. This has also inspired her to start weaving. Tierney was fascinated with their culture, especially their needlework. She had always been vaguely into needlework, but the fabric and colour choices Native Americans were using really inspired her to get much more into needlework.

Current Goals: She wants to get good OWLs and she has started dreaming of attending Redwood Elemental Institute, or at least being able to teach there one day. She also wants to learn more about Native American Indians, and perhaps live with a community one day.

Hobbies: Fashion and make-up, girlie magazines, music, celebrities, Native American Indian culture, collecting Native American Indian crafts, needlework
Loyalties: That one group of friends she’s always with. Native American communities. Redwood Elemental Institute. Her parents.
Mental Strengths: Concentration.
Mental Weaknesses: She doesn’t cope well with solitude.
Magical Strengths: She’s starting to show an aptitude in needlework charms.
Magical Weaknesses: She’s really bad at Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Strongest Childhood Memory: She was two and her dad was swinging her around. There was something shiny on the ceiling. She grabbed for it and her father grabbed her hand to stop her getting hurt. Tierney just remembers her vision being full of shiny yellow lights, like diamonds. She was dazzled by it.
Secret They'll Never Tell: She once kissed a boy. Her group of friends always tell each other everything like that and she’s never told anyone.

Pets: She has a white cat called Arctic.
Wand: Acacia wood and phoenix feather.
Boggart: Her friends laughing and pointing at her.
Prized Possession: A dreamcatcher that was custom made for her on holiday.