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Francesca Armstrong
Witch | born March 1972 in London | currently residing in Chicago | Congressional aid for the Cloaking Party
Golden Era - Scribe for the Wizengamot; Reformation Era - Congressional aid for the Cloaking Party; Legacy Era - Philanthropist / Aristocrat

Parents: Ursula and Damon Anderson
Siblings: Sebastien Anderson
Ex-Husband: Liam Armstrong
Children: Maya Armstrong (deceased)
Other: Louis Hadley (nephew); Emily Anderson (former sister-in-law)

School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Hufflepuff
Years Attended: 1983 - 1990

Frankie spends her life organising other people and cleaning up after them to distract from the fact that her own life is falling apart.
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Early Life and Golden Era:
Cesca Anderson was born to Ursula and Damon Anderson 12 years after her older brother. She always knew that she was an accident. Seb was already away at Hogwarts, and she heard enough stories growing up to know that he was their prince, and they had doted upon him. She had a very different upbringing. Each new nanny adored her, but they hated the Andersons, and their love for Cesca wasn't enough to keep them there for long. She was glad to finally arrive at Hogwarts in 1983, where she was sorted into Hufflepuff house.

Right now, Francesca is loving life. Her daughter, Maya, has just turned two, and she's in the process of planning her wedding to Liam. Life is good, for the most part. There are trials that come with being a (relatively new) mother but she feels like she's settled down well and is confident that there's plenty of goodness in store for her and her little family.
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Reformation Era:
It was the year 2000, two years since the war had ended, and Frankie was still struggling to get out of bed. Having lost her only child during the war, she was struggling to make it through every day. On December 2nd, it has been a year to the day that her husband threw her belongings out of the window of their third-storey flat in London and told her to get out. It has been 360 days since she arrived in Chicago, her's father hometown. Since being privy to the political affairs of the Wizengamot at the British Ministry of Magic, Frankie knew she wanted to be more involved in politics. It has been 310 days since she was hired by the Bureau to aid Elyse Nordstrom, a woman with a whole lot of ambition and a whole lot of baggage.

Her short term goals are to make it to the end of every day without throttling someone. She’s not told anyone, but she’s been seeing a therapist recently to help her deal with things. Not that she thinks it’s working. Long term, she’s hoping to start a charity or support group for bereaved parents following the war. It was something she was talking about when she was still living in London, but Liam reckoned it would just make her situation worse.