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 #18231  by Anchor Nib
 25 Sep 2018, 18:36
  • B A S I C S

    NAME Anchor Nib
    GENDER Male
    AGE 49
    DOB Agust 9th, 1973
    BIRTHPLACE London, England
    CURRENT RESIDENCE London, England
    RACE Wizard
    BLOOD HERITAGE Halfblood
    WAND Black Walnut wood with a unicorn hair core, 12 and hard flexibility
    Era(s) : Legacy, Ministry of Magic Law Enforcement patch : Witch Watcher
    Reformation, Ministry of Magic Law Enforcement patch : Investigation Department

    P E R S O N A L

    A chiseled face occupied by a stern glare while his skin worn with wrinkles caused by scorning. His type of dress is very neat with a scent of cologne. Anchor seldom wore accessories, save for a gold watch. Despite his clothing taste simple, he spends a lot of money on anything he buys.
    (Reformation)Kept up well appearances while his face appears more 'softer' with young age.

    Anchor is a hard worker and does not cater to those who lack or hone disrespectful mannerisms. He also has a tendency to like cleanliness and organization, often taking it upon himself to organize lower associate's workspace. Some might say Anchor is obsessed with his doings, often quick to temper even if in a passive aggressive manner. He does not enjoy being corrected neither interruption. For the most part, he is cooperative but lacks in that of customary communications. Many would call his ideals old-fashioned, and for obvious reason as Anchor isn't keen on change.


    Anchor is well versed in getting a task done. He also keeps his emotional ties separate from work, and doing any given job with no sense of mercy. He is good at directions—or with directions specified. His high standards give him no excuse for less, and sometimes this includes associating those that do.

    Overcome by opportunity that has anything to do with his sense of entitlement. He is willing to sacrifice an innocent life for the sake of his own. This induces him to be very selfish, bitter and judgmental of those underneath his sense of power.

    H I S T O R Y

    Remained placid most of his years. He was a studious student at Hogwarts and often applied his Father's standards to himself. Because of this, he joined the Department of Magical Law Enforcement to feel productive toward those unjustly; whether for a sense of entitlement or integrity seeking, it was hard to say.

    However, he is not fond of present events. Some moments Anchor wishes for a way to restore secrecy to the Wizarding world—other is to eradicate problematic Muggles. Of course, he would never act upon these far-fetched schemes. In his previous position, the Ministry reassigned Anchor to Witch Watcher, when his past claims caused issues with his previous position. It doesn't seem Anchor holds animosity to this, but will always find a way to follow up with his plans.

    Thus, Anchor tasked upon himself to analyze unruly Wizards and Muggles that enable the progression of the Wizarding World to the Muggle World. However, the Ministry could find no fault and denied his claims of severe magic abuse. It was then Anchor went forth to prove his theory without their consent.

    Dobby has come to protect Harry Potter, to warn him...

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    R E L A T I O N S H I P S

    Mother | Lara (Kemp) Nib, 70, muggle, alive
    Lara is proud of him, but doesn't share anything more. More so non-communicative toward neither her husband nor son.

    Father | Dylan Nib, 76, pureblood, alive
    They share a mutual respect for each other. It seems past instances aren't much brought up anymore, but either of their true intentions toward one another often seemed forced.

    - - -

    M I S C E L L A N E O U S

    Has a pair of reading glasses
    Hogwarts house was Ravenclaw