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This is to certify that FREYA LUANA REES was born on 18th March, 1982 to HUGH REES and ACILIA DE FALCO
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Golden Era: 2nd Year Slytherin, Hogwarts
Reformation Era: Drama student, Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts
Legacy Era: Fortune Teller, Bucket Bros. Travelling Carnival

Freya has always been told that she is the spitting image of her mother, a fact she accepts with pride, because she believes her mother is beautiful. Like the rest of her female relatives, she has inherited the dark hair and chestnut eyes. She has a dancer’s height, and before the accident, she always used to hold herself with poise and grace. Now, her movements are clumsy and frustrating for her, even with the aid of the walking stick.

Reformation Era backstory:
Freya is the only daughter of Hugh Rees and Acilia de Falco, a fact that the girl has used to her advantage in the past, and now frustrates her to no end. Although her parents divorced not long enough, the entire family still live under the same roof, taking it upon themselves to partake in Freya’s care. Just over a year ago, Freya was involved in a muggle motorcar accident that changed her life. She was on her way home from celebrating getting a part in a West End show when her boyfriend lost control due to the icy nature of the roads. William lost his life. The bones in both of Freya’s legs were shattered, and whilst they were able to be healed to some extent - through magic, intense rehabilitation and now the use of a walking stick - she will never dance again.

After a grueling eight months, Freya decided that despite her inability to dance, she would still become a star someday. She would still be on stage. This lead her to apply for the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts, focusing on the discipline of singing, rather than dancing. When she starts school in September, it is going to be a test of her patience and resilience but Freya thinks she will cope.

Her current goal is to convince her father to move out. Freya doesn’t know the real reason behind the breakdown of her parents’ marriage, but what she does know is that the only reason her father is living in their spare room is for her sake. Freya can’t decide if it’s because her mother doesn’t know how to deal with her mood swings and magical outbursts and needs the emotional support, or if because some insane part of them both believe having him there is helping her recover. If it’s the latter, she’s hoping to convince him she’s fine enough to move out.

Strongest childhood memory:
Dancing on the stage at the Lyceum Theatre in London. It’s a bittersweet memory now, but one Freya will never forget.

Secret they'll never tell:
Despite her mother’s best efforts to rebuild her confidence, Freya wishes it had been her who had died in the car accident, rather than William. She believes she would rather have lost her life than lost her career and life’s passion.