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 #15252  by Ellen Sage
This is to certify that ELLEN INGRID SAGE was born on 1st May, 1982 in London, England to ELIZABETH AND JACK SAGE
This is to certify that FREDERICK ROBERT HAYES and ELLEN INGRID were married on 9th August, 2019
 #15253  by Ellen Sage
People of importance:

Parents: Rosa and Jack Sage
Siblings: Noah Sage
Paternal grandparents: Ingrid and Albert Sage
Maternal grandparents:
Paternal aunts and uncles: Anna and -- Cresswell, Emily and Sebastien Anderson, Pascale Sage, Emerson Toscano
Paternal cousins: Lilian, Aria and Tobias Cresswell, Andrea Carter (Toscano-Anderson), Leo and Alessio Toscano

Husband: Frederick Hayes
Parents-In-Law: Eliza and Roseanne Hayes
Brother/Sister-In-Law: Max Hayes and Inayah Dawson
 #15255  by Ellen Sage
Golden Era: 2nd Year Slytherin, Hogwarts
Reformation Era: Intern Loan Administrator, Gringotts
Legacy Era: Assistant Manager, Gringotts

Impeccably dressed and always just a little bit intimidating, because she rarely smiles. Ellen always has an expression which looks like she’s trying to solve a puzzle.

Strengths and weaknesses:
Arithmancy is her biggest strength, along with her determination and ambition; she will always see a problem right through to the end, even if it takes weeks of hard work. She’s a little bit of a workaholic, and she’s well aware of this. She’s keen to follow in her father’s footsteps, believing that if she makes a good career for herself, she will never have to rely on anyone ever, but her mother believes she needs to slow down and enjoy her youth a little bit more.

Strongest childhood memory:
Her father bought her one of those little toy tills and some toy galleons and she pestered him for weeks on end until he agreed to play shops with her.